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Italian fine art: 1 cool way to discover Italy. Make your trip more amazing

I have a passion: fine art. Often I go around Italian fine art exhibitions. From time to time, if I have the chance, I do the same abroad. Around the area where I live there are many antique galleries and also expositions. For instance, I visit yearly the ones of Bergamo, Milan, Modena. This one is surely the best one I can see. Don’t worry, I don’t want to write about my passion. So, why am I sharing with you this post? Because if you come to Italy it will be a good idea to explore some fine art. This is useful to explore the essence of art and the history of Italy.

Certainly, you can learn a lot, but if you want to buy something be careful. In the exhibitions of Italian fine art, not all the proposed artworks are exactly what sellers say. Unfortunately, sometimes happens that someone is proposing something fake. To avoid risks compare prices and features. Also, ask, ask for all the information. Anyway, there are a lot of honest sellers who will offer you original artwork. If you like this type of object, Italy is where to find great things. Paintings, sculptures, furniture, decorations, and much more. It can be also an investment. That’s why you should consider fine arts as a goal of your tour around Italy.

Italian fine art: from the past to the present

In many exhibitions, you can see two parts. One dedicated to modern art and the other one to antiques. I like antique artworks. Italian fine art is my favorite, but many objects or paintings made in other countries are cool. For me, it’s like to jump into history and get something fo special. It is possible to know better the artist and the society at his time. When I can I also buy something. It is a pleasure, but also a way to invest money. My house becomes more precious.

My eyes are delighted in front of so many artworks as I can see in exhibitions. It is nice also to talk with sellers because they are always ready to tell you the story of the object. The most prepared and talkative love to explain to you about the artist, what he represented, and so on. Try to check if there are some expositions around you during your stay in Italy. Spend there a bit of time and discover the marvelous artworks that Italy has to offer. Not only museums can show you art and history. The ticket can be around 10 or 15 EUR, but it worths it.

Italian fine arts: galleries

In every city, there are some art galleries where you can find and buy some precious and prestigious objects. There is no entrance and you are not obliged to buy something. You can look around and ask for information. Italian fine art in shops, or better in art galleries, are generally passing from private hands to other private hands. So it is the only chance to see those items. You can discover something coming from important and well-known families and historical villas or palaces. I am not telling you to substitute the museum visits. But just to enter in some art galleries or antique exposition.

Italian Fine Art


Online you can easily find a list of the art expositions organized in Italy, year per year. So it will be easy to plan for a visit. You can buy the tickets directly at the entrance. It will be a tour around artworks, but if you want to invest, do it. Why? Now the market decreases the prices, so it costs less to buy a painting or a sculpture. The market will improve again and you will easily gain money. Of course, you need to choose something valuable. 

What I like about exhibitions

Some of the exhibitors bring their marvelous pieces and they are available to explain the details of each object. It is not necessary to buy, but you can admire what is interesting to you. I like a lot some of the stands, cured in the aspect and the selection of artworks. They represent Italian fine art. The prices are maybe a bit higher than usual, but you can treat. In last years antiques, because of the crisis, decrease a lot the value. So you can easily find affordable prices.

In the last exhibitions in Lombardy and Emilia Romagna, starting from Milan, I had the impression that the sector is again going up. It means that it is still possible to invest in Italian fine art. You can buy for good prices and wait for the value to go up. Also, at the expositions, there are some special artworks. Ancient art from the Mediterranean area and Africa or Asia is becoming more present. Like pieces from Roman, Greek, and Egyptian time. There are a few expert dealers that work with the authorization of the archeological superintendency.

Italian Fine Art

Then some dealers are proposing old manufactures, textiles, jewels, and sculptures coming from Africa and Asia.  There are more collectors of these manufacturers. It is not so easy to understand the value and sometimes the meaning of the objects. But for this reason, there are experts ready to tell you more. The collections of artworks are growing with other cultures’ products. It is very interesting to discover the art of other countries and continents, not only from Italy and Europe. To go to this type of exhibition is like to have an art lesson and to explore better history.

What I don’t like about exhibitions

Unfortunately, the world of art is made also by people without competencies. Ready to propose fake objects or to ask you a lot of money for something damaged and without real value. Some of them are present in Italian fine art exhibitions. So it should be better to do a refined selection. This is the only big dislike. 


Italian fine art is significant, and there are huge and popular expositions. In some of these events, they organize inside some seminars about art. You need to know the Italian language. That’s an occasion to go deep into some topics and to create a discussion with experts. Also, the location is most of the time downtown, so you can easily enjoy the main attractions of the cities. 

Would you like to see great artworks and masterpieces? Get the chance to visit fine art exhibitions around Italy.

Italian Fine Art

Discovering Italian art and antiques

Do you love art and antiques? Italy has a lot to offer not only because of its attractions. Private galleries and shops are ready to show you beautiful masterpieces. You can buy some of them and have a precious souvenir, a good investment. Plan your trip and search for a flight using the best deals on the Infobus platform. 


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