Italian Fine Art
Italian Fine Art

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Today I have been to an exposition in Bergamo and I want to share a few considerations. The exhibition is entitled Italian Fine Art and it offers two different parts. One dedicated to modern art and the other one to antiques. I really like antique artworks and when I can, in Italy or abroad, I go to see. If I can I also buy something. It is a way to invest money but also to have a piece of history that I like in my house.

It was a bit of time that I couldn’t visit one of these exhibitions, last time it was in Milan around springtime. I am really glad for my visit today. I had the chance to see many beautiful things: paintings, furniture, sculptures, ceramics and so on. Italian Fine Art brought to Bergamo antique dealers from all over Italy. That is great because you can see artworks with different styles. Especially furniture and sculptures are showing their origin underlining the differences between the different parts of the country.

Italian Fine Art: likes and dislikes

If you are in Milan and surroundings I suggest you visit it. It is a superb example of the Italian Fine Art, from the past to the modernity. You can find all the types of items and enter in the art history of Italy and of the world. It started today and it will end on 20th January. Bergamo its only 50 kilometers from Milan and connected by the highway, the railway and by buses. You will enjoy it, also if you are not a fan of antiques.

Italian Fine Art


Some of the exhibitors brought their marvelous pieces and they are available to explain the details of each object. It is not necessary to buy, but you can admire what is interesting to you. I like a lot some of the stands, cured in the aspect and in the selection of artworks. They really represent Italian Fine Art. The prices were not too high, but this is also a sign of the time. In fact, in last years antiques, because of the crisis, decrease a lot the value.

In Milan, I had the impression that it was again going up, but today I saw that it is not properly like that. On one side it is a pity, but on the other side, it means that it is still possible to invest in Italian Fine Art. You can buy for good prices and wait for the value to go up. Also, in the exposition, there are some special artworks, from the Mediterranean area. Like pieces from Roman, Greek and Egyptian time. There is one expert dealer that work with the authorization of the archeological superintendency.

Italian Fine Art

Then some dealers are proposing old manufactures, textiles, jewels, and sculptures coming from Africa and Asia. The collections of artworks are growing with the other cultures products. It is very interesting to discover the art of other countries and continents, not only from Italy and Europe. To go to this type of exhibitions is like to have an art lesson and to explore better the history.


Unfortunately, the world of art is made also by people without competences. Ready to propose fake objects or to ask you a lot of money for something damaged and without real value. Some of them were present in Italian Fine Art exhibition. So it should be better to do a refined selection. This is the only big dislike. Then I have also a suggestion for the organizers. I share it here.

Italian Fine Art is a quite big exposition so it could be good to organize inside some seminars about art. That’s an occasion to go deep in some topics and to create a discussion with experts. Also, it would be good to do as in the past: use a central location. Now it is not in the downtown, close to the highway and to the airport. There are space and parking, but the center of Bergamo gives the opportunity for visitors to enjoy the beautiful town. Especially the upper part. With its amazing buildings, the great view and the unique Accademia Carrara, one of the best museums.

If you would like to see great artworks and masterpieces, don’t miss the chance to visit this exhibition next week.

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Italian Fine Art
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