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Italian blog: 5 amazing ideas for a restyling for you

An Italian blog should contain some posts in the country’s language. From now there will be. Maybe you already noticed my post in Italian. After one year and a half, to be precise 19 months, online, I want to make some other changes. I am still a beginner so I have a lot of things to learn. I do it step by step.

Since I transformed my passion to tell about my travel experiences in a blog, now I want to go forward. I have to thank who suggested me to do this, the same person who encouraged me to use double language, but also to do some other changes. Right advice, that I like and I want to apply. Maybe my Italian is better than my English and you will learn Italian to follow me.

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There won’t be double language posts, but double articles, one in English and one in Italian. It’s my language and it is good to use it together with the English one. This is the news about the website, but my Italian blog will continue to post also in English and there are many other changes on the way. In October 2018 I bought the domain and gave a new design to the blog. Now I am thinking of a new restyling. In reality, I am going to renew the articles and all the design. I already modified something: the logo. If you remember the previous one, you notice more color. That’s why my traveler’s life is colored.

A new Italian blog

From now I will use two languages to communicate. Till now I had the chance, thanks to English to virtually meet very nice people and I just hope to meet more interesting Italians. This is one of the reasons why I make this change. Anyway, don’t worry, I will write both versions of my posts by myself, I won’t use any online translator. Because I like to write thinking of my readers. What am I going to change on my blog?

I already mentioned the first change I applied for. The logo is essential for my Italian blog, as it is for any website. What was missing was the color. Now it is present, plus I added something else. Design of a guy walking with a tie and a bag. Why? Because my travels are for business reasons. So, somehow, that small man inside the head that thinks about the world represents me. I feel like an explorer more than a tourist. My “work in progress” is started and this is the first result. A new colored logo.


The double language is maybe the biggest news in terms of contents, but there is something more. As you noticed, if you didn’t visit my blog, there are many old posts, not updated and related to a specific moment. I am going to update them. I delete what is not necessary and I am also preparing new articles.

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Not only, but the updates will also concern as well the data of my travel guides. It happens to me often to visit some countries where I have already been. So I can add something and modify what is not anymore working (for example closed restaurants, hotel names changed…). I will improve also the style of the posts to make them more interesting. I wish that my Italian blog can be useful for travelers.

Who already follows my English version saw that the word “luxury” disappeared from the website excerpt. I will continue to write about luxury structures and travels, but not only about that. This why my Italian blog will be a way to share experiences and tips about traveling in general. So I will give you suggestions on how to save money organizing a journey. In this direction will go also the offers that I will select for you.


One of the main aspects of my work on the blog concerns the categories. I already added the “Italiano” section where at the moment will be stored the articles in the Italian language. Then I will divide better the versions into the two languages. And I will study pages that will contain the sections to facilitate your visit. The goal is to make more easy and clear. Since I am working and testing it I won’t go deep into the topic now. The Italian blog will not be only mine but also yours. So I want to make your experience here excellent. There will be hard work on many technical aspects.

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I already told you about the Italian language version, but I have to add something. I will write my newsletter in Italian, or better it will be in the double language. Some extra contents are inside it, news, tips, and something else that I don’t post on the blog. Subscribe and you will be allowed to follow my activity from a position closer to me. You will get updates directly in your email inbox weekly. Don’t worry, it arrives once per week and there won’t be any spam. I hate it and I don’t like those emails sent daily with thousands of ads.

Facebook connection

The Italian blog is also social. In addition to my profiles on InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest, you will see soon a Facebook page. I am preparing to launch it in the next weeks. Then I will renew my YouTube channel, left behind in the last months with new sliding shows and videos about my travel experiences. There will be also tips and news. It will be a way to know better about my activities and my explorations. I will share advice and ideas for your next trips.

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Share and visit

Waiting for the restyling, I ask you to share this page and also to visit my sections, maybe you missed something. There are my travel experiences, the ones with the blog and some tips to organize better your trips and to buy the items you need to travel. According to this, I invite you to check out my selection on Amazon. If you have comments, ideas and tips do not hesitate to write them down in the form or write me a message. I will be happy to receive them. I am also ready for questions, only not too hard. I have a question for you: what do you think of my Italian blog? 

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2 thoughts on “Italian blog: 5 amazing ideas for a restyling for you”

  1. Writing in 2 language is no problem today. I use Chrome that translates some sites. I my self write in both Swedish and English because the translators is not yet ultimate. I like you SEO post but I think It´s to much work when you have a ordinary blog as I have. Before I adjust everything to shine green, nowadays it´s enough with orange color.???
    I really like your post.? They are very interesting but many times same post shows up in the wordpress reader.

  2. Dear John, I get a lot of inspiration from your blog and some other Swedish bloggers for the double language. They helped me a lot in making a decision. I think it can be useful especially in my country where people are not so much skilled in foreign languages. Anyway, I am working on it and that’s why I want to change the design of the site, to not mix the posts in different languages. About blogging and SEO, I am still a beginner, but I didn’t care a lot before, now checking the traffic sources I saw that from search engines are increasing the access to my blog, so it works. Then I agree with you that is hard to get all the green lights and time to time I left some of them to be orange. 😀 😀 Many thanks for your appreciation, I have to check out many things, even with refresh plugin. I hope in some week to fix everything and especially to launch my renewed blog. I have a lot of ideas and things to do, but not that much free time.

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