It is time to go, It is time to go

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Sweden is waiting for me. It is time to go to Malmö. Tomorrow I will leave and now my last task: prepare my suitcase. What to put inside for a short business trip with low temperatures? My experience can help you in the luggage preparation.

It is time to go, It is time to go

Now I have to prepare the suitcase. It is time to go. My new trip has to start. Destination? Malmö is waiting for me. Everything is done. I have the flight ticket, the reservation in the hotel and so on. Only one thing is missing: the luggage. Luckily I have my list to follow…useuful to not forget the essential. Of course the checklist includes the general items, but I need to choose the clothes.

I have often doubts about the weather forecast, because when I check it in Italy most of the times it happens the opposite. Also checking different websites I always found many different options about the incoming hours or about the day after. Anyway I need some hints. This is what I found searching on internet:

It is time to go, It is time to go

I know, it is autumn and the temperatures are quite low. So I am not sure if it will be only cloudy, but surely I need something to keep me warm and also to be ready for the rain. Who knows, it can happen. Fashion, or better to be elegant, it is as well important. I am an Italian and it is my task to keep the flag flying. Perople expect me to be fashionable. What to put in my suitcase?

My clothes

The reason of my trip is business, so I won’t have many casual clothes and also for few days I can’t carry so much. That means to take with me an overcoat, to be elegant. Of course I need one not so light to prevent the cold weather, with a good insulation. A suite with warm wool flannel trousers. Under the shirt I have to wear a singlet. To keep my feet safe I have to put in the suitcase long socks, I don’t like the short ones in any case.

Better to have ready to use gloves and scarf, maybe not to put them in the luggage because maybe I will need them at my arrival in the city. My plane will land in Copenhagen, then I have the train trip to Malmö. I don’t like so much hats, but it could be good to have one. Especially because in my spare time I will walk around the city to explore it.

It is time to go, It is time to go

The pajama has to be the one for winter time and inside my suitcase there will be a a wool sweater. In the night I will remove my tie. Of course the ties are important for my meetings, but they have to be used only during the meetings. I love to remove the tie, most than wear it 🙂

In my trolley I have to fill all the spaces, trying to keep safe the clothes. There is always the risk to crumple them. For this reason I roll and fold them loosely. It is necessary to put the clothes on the top of the bag to avoid pressure. Then I have to unpack as soon as possible at my arrival.

It is time to go, It is time to go

Now it is time to go. I will write posts about my trip, sharing tips and pictures. I am already exctied.

See you!

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It is time to go, It is time to go
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