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Istanbul club: the ideal location for businessmen, meetings, and relaxation

Most of the time I visit Turkey for business reasons and that’s why I always search for the ideal place to plan meetings, but also to have a break. It doesn’t matter if you are on vacation or you are working, an Istanbul club is the perfect location. You can have great food, enjoy the time, have relaxation, and stay with colleagues, clients, or friends. The city offers all that you need, but you should try the place I describe here. You will be delighted, and it is less common among travelers, so you can feel more the local atmosphere.

You can just have a meal for lunch or dinner or plan to stay during other hours to drink something and chat with other people. Even a break between meetings and tours deserves the right place. A cool setting, superb food, and drinks, and impeccable service make you feel comfortable and give you energy.

Instanbul club: where and why

Istanbul is always ready to meet the needs of businessmen, especially the ones who are searching for luxury. The gentlemen’s club Le Baron is the perfect location for a work meeting. It has a bar, a restaurant, and a very comfortable lounge where to taste a glass of wine or whiskey and smoke a cigar. They have a great selection of French wines and liquors, the best brands in the world. But don’t worry, travelers on vacation can find a cool ambiance to relax a bit and recover the energy for tours.

The ideal situation is to spend some hours there, maybe fixing more meetings or just a long one, so it is possible to try all the services provided by a discrete and professional staff. You can start drinking in the lounge and then have dinner with some international dishes like the Parmesan risotto and the Le Baron steak. Really superb in the presentation of the plate and the taste.

At the end of the week in the evening, there is a jazz concert and meanwhile, guests are drinking something, a professional band plays. The restaurant has a terrace overlooking the mall, but of course, it is mainly for the warm season. The setting is quite modern with some classical touch for a complete elegant style, as it is in the most famous and old clubs around Europe.

Where it is? …and how it is?

To be there is a privilege. But how can you reach it? The address is European Side, Levazım, 34340 Beşiktaş, a lovely and peaceful neighborhood of the city. You can easily go there by taxi or public transports too. The place count on a secret entrance in the concept of Gentleman’s Club. That’s why it is also the most ideal place for business meetings.

Luxury, high-quality setting, quality, calm, and well equipped. Not only to meet colleagues or clients, but this Istanbul club is also good for community life. Among the best features, some can be unique. I would especially recommend it to cigar-whiskey lovers. There is a personal locker/safe where you can store your remaining special whiskey or Cuban pron. The sushi group has average flavors. Their main dishes are more successful. I recommend them to try Peking duck roll, Chicken Lollipop, and Shrimp. Their presentations are very successful, the waiters are attentive and fast. They practically serve your meeting without interrupting your chat. 

Le Baron offers everything from sushi to French cuisine, so it is a good idea at least to reserve a table for a dinner. Then walk around the neighborhood and enjoy the real local atmosphere. They have also a luxury watch store, if you like them, well, you will be delighted. If you want to have a romantic dinner, not necessarily with local food, but maybe with Sushi, this is the right place. Your evening will be unforgettable and you will surprise your partner.


Many times I go to Le Baron Istanbul club to treat myself well myself, that’s why I highly recommend it. I have pleasant experiences that can be the same also for the traveler who visits the city for the first time. Try it and share your opinion in the comments space. If you like this post, share it, it will be useful to your friends too. If you want to know where to stay in Istanbul, check out this hotel.

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