Inland Beach Cottage Rentals

Inland Beach Cottage Rentals: A Well-Kept Summer Vacation Destination

Every year a big number of individuals and families decide to have a summer vacation. Maybe you and your family are part of those people too. It is normal and you are starting to schedule your holidays. Do you already know the destination? Maybe yes, but even if you are still not sure and you are going to surf the internet to search for some ideas, you may end up picking a popular place, or a well-known destination full of tourists. That’s why I am going to tell you about inland beach cottage rentals.

You will just select a place because of its features and, of course, it is not hard to make the same choice as many other people. A beautiful place attracts a lot, especially if it has a lot of attractions, facilities, and discounts. A lot of beaches are hotspots for summer vacations. Sad, sun and waves are surely something that almost all people love. There are many advantages to go there, but unfortunately also some disadvantages. Popular beaches are first of all crowded.  Imagine the beautiful  South Beach, Daytona Beach, or Virginia Beach, you could be one of the thousands vacationing in the sun.

Inland Beach Cottage Rentals

Why consider inland beach cottage rentals

Most of the tourist believe that only coastal locations can be home to a beach. This is totally false, there are many other beaches in amazing landscapes without being at the seaside. The shoreline of a large river or lake can easily be turned into a beach. You can swim, stay under the sun using inland beaches. Not all these locations have hotels and traditional accommodations, but there are some other opportunities to spend a great vacation over there and you can also find cool places where to sleep and to have your privacy.

Those locations are not popular, yes and for that reason, they reserve a lot of peace and nature is still the main feature. This is good news for your privacy. But even do it can be hard to find a hotel, there is something better to use. You can take advantage of private inland beach cottage rentals. Cottage or cabins are along the banks of many popular lakes in the United States and Europe. The same along the shoreline of a river. They are like traditional homes because most come fully furnished with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and a kitchen. If you want you can prepare meals by yourself and manage is as you prefer.

Cottages’ features and facilities

Many of the inland beach cottages are popular due to their proximity to the water and this includes a marvelous view and maybe even the chance to have a little private pier with a boat. There are budget and luxury structures, but the ones close to the water are perfect to go out and swim in any moment. You can have relaxed beside the shoreline and if it is private, your intimacy is totally guaranteed. In other cases, the cottages are grouped, almost like a community, but they are a few, so you will never experience the disadvantages of too crowded seaside beaches.

They are separated by an appropriate distance away from each other, then they are not all filled, so you can enjoy relaxing without even notice other people’s presence. It is possible to have some facilities and services in common nearby. But this depends on the destination and the type of cabin you will choose.

Inland Beach Cottage Rentals

What are the facilities and the services available? Each cottage has its own features, so it’s hard to have a general overview, not only for the attractions all around but also for the included amenities and rooms. According to external facilities and activities, you can find public boating, fishing, and swimming beaches. Inside it can be big or small, with more rooms plus a washer, dryer, kitchen, and so on. You need to check the photos and even ask for more, to be sure.

Ask even for more pictures to have a complete description of all the present services. In case something is missing, examine the surroundings, even searching with maps. You should have a general store, a laundromat, a gas station, maybe some other facility and attractions. You need to match your requirements and goals with the offer.

The location

Inland beach cottage rentals are a great solution for your privacy and you won’t miss anything of the coastal beaches. You have only to choose the right cabin according to what you want to spend your dream summer vacation. If you are searching for the best cottages, fully equipped, and a lot of facilities within a short distance, it is better to pick the most popular destinations around lakes and rivers. Do you want to live in a more spartan house? You can go to the less-known places.

If you go to the United States inland destinations, you will have a lot of beaches to visit across the countries. Where? For example in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State and along Lake Michigan and Lake Huron; these beaches are often found in Wisconsin or Michigan. Then inland beach cottage rentals can be found also in Canada, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and many other countries. You can easily choose the best one for you by surfing the various solutions on VRBO. The platform list all the available cottages. Choose the criteria to filter the offers and get the best deal to save money and live a unique summer vacation.

Inland Beach Cottage Rentals


Does an inland beach cottage rental sound like an exciting vacation for your and your family? Whether you are vacationing with the whole family or just your partner, you can enjoy a fun, romantic, or relaxing vacation with your own private, inland cottage rental. I am sure you will like it, also because a summer vacation requires many things, but one of the most important is peace to enjoy a better time with the people you are traveling with. So this option will give it to you. For any other thing, you are searching for, you can have it, just pick the best cottage according to your needs. 

Enjoy your holidays and share this post!

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