In Sarajevo following the steps of Morgan Freeman

The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is for sure full of meaning. Because it is still a symbol for the Croat-Bosniak War that happened between 1992 and 1994. On the buildings, it is still possible to see the signs, with mortar shots and some destroyed flats. Despite the bad memories go around Sarajevo, the capital city of the country, there are many attractions and historical buildings restored. Among them, there is the library devasted in 1992 by a fire. And now it is ready for a new life with its marvelous architecture.

Around Sarajevo

The center of the city is showing the old town built during the Ottoman empire. Shops, restaurants, mosques are the main attraction for locals and especially for tourists. This is because of the history, the art and also because of the characteristic products. Go around that part of Sarajevo means to jump in different historical periods. And also to live the cultures of the populations who lived in each era. It is an amazing experience.

Generally, Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are not associated with luxury. But the country and the city are changing. Some glamour places are becoming part of the habits of the inhabitants and they are ready to welcome tourists. A visit to Sarajevo is for sure an educational opportunity and it helps to know a part of Balkans’ history. I decided to stay in a four stars boutique hotel. Even if big luxury five stars accommodations are becoming part of the offer for tourism.

My hotel in Sarajevo

The hotel I have chosen is quite popular, especially because it has a restaurant on the 10th floor with a great view of the center. Among its most famous guests, there is Morgan Freeman. The famous actor was in Sarajevo many times for different reasons and he visited the Hotel Hecco Deluxe, located in the very city center on the main pedestrian street that brings to the old town.

The hotel is inside a historical building, part of the local heritage and protected by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. On the last four floors of the construction was developed the hotel, managed by a family and a kind staff. The rooms are not so big, but guests have more than enough space, even if the important part is the amazing view of the city from the top. Of course, if there is also to be there with the snow it is marvelous the landscape of the houses and the mountains around Sarajevo.

Tips for the reservation

If you book a corner room you will have big windows on two sides and the panorama will bewitch you day and night. Just staying in bed gives you a special view. The modern furnishing looks minimal, but you can find all that you need. Despite the central position, the hotel offers comfort and great quietness. The bar and the restaurant is a good quality place, according to international standards.

The food is very well prepared and the service is impeccable. The minimal and elegant setting is the perfect place where to spend pleasant moments tasting local or international recipes. I had a superb stay in Hotel Hecco Deluxe and I am happy to share it, especially because I fell in love with Sarajevo and I will write more about the city in the next articles.






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