Imperial Hotel & Restaurant

Imperial Hotel & Restaurant: a luxury stays in Vilnius

Imperial Hotel & Restaurant is my choice and I am writing this post after different times spend in this accommodation.

Baltic countries became in the last years one of the favorite destinations in Europe for travellers. In the Lithuanian capital, there is a perfect place to stay: Imperial Hotel & Restaurant. It’s a very good structure where I go to sleep every time I go to Vilnius.

In recent times Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia conquested their independence and developed themselves fast, especially in the IT sector. Of course, that is not the reason for tourism to visit those countries, but historic buildings and nature are the real attractions.

Imperial Hotel & Restaurant

The reason is not even a hotel. Anyway, every traveler needs a place where to stay during their tour. Here it is possible to find a combination of elegance, tradition, and luxury. Hospitality starts from a very kind staff.  

Lithuania has beautiful landscapes in the middle of nature, but also many beautiful buildings. If you like castles, Vilnius is the place from where to start your tour. You should consider spending a few nights in the capital before going to visit the rest of the country. Not far from the city there are magnificent lakes.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is lovely, starting from the Gate of Dawn built in the XVI century. The Church of Saint Anne and the Cathedral Square, with the building dedicated to the President of Lithuania house, are marvelous examples of ancient architecture. In the center, there is Gediminas Castle, built in the XIV century and still in great condition. Not far from Vilnius tourists can spend time visiting the amazing Trakai lake and go up to the northern part of the country, where the suggestive Crosses Hill is waiting for travellers and faithful.

Imperial Hotel & Restaurant: VIP accommodation

Luxury is certainly part of the offer dedicated to tourists in Vilnius. In the city, I have been at Imperial Hotel & Restaurant, former Ramada. Most of the international VIP who goes to the city prefer this accommodation, because of the spacious and elegant room. And also, there is a  great service offered to all guests. The rooms are furnished with antiques and modern equipment as a minibar, flat-screen TV, and Wi-Fi.

Imperial Hotel & Restaurant

I have been there several times and I used a room and then a suite. The second type is very big, with the bedroom separated by the lounge. The living room includes a small kitchen. The comfort is part of the very warm welcome that the hotel reservations for all the guests. The staff is available to answer any needs of the clients.

The standards of the structure and the service provided are very high. The room rates are not expensive and very well related to luxury features. Staff is used to serve VIPs and this means that employees are discrete and ready to answer any request. This is important when you want to organize a perfect break in the city. Toiletries and slippers are part of the room equipment. The same for a furnished minibar with a bottle of champagne.


A particular mention must be dedicated to the sumptuous breakfast. Lithuanian and international habits can be easily satisfied in the superb dining room. Fresh salmon never miss from the table. The restaurant offers a very good gourmet experience. The elegant setting of the dining room is cool, but also the courtyard is amazing, at least to drink something during the warm season. You are in the city center but quiet is one of the features. 

It is easy to eat and drink inside the Imperial Hotel & Restaurant. Because the Bar California and the Imperial Restaurant are open to welcome the guests for a break, lunch, and dinner. The five stars accommodation is located behind one of the main squares in Vilnius. It is a few minutes walking distance from the opera and the city hall. The area is full of shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainment.

Imperial Hotel & Restaurant

Plan the trip

If you want to visit Vilnius I suggest you search for a flight on Infobus. The platform offers the best deals for planes, buses, and trains. To book a room at the Imperial Hotel & Restaurant you can use Booking, the best rates are there. In summer it’s not too hot, meanwhile, in winter it’s common to see the snow. So you can go there all year, in each season the landscapes offer beautiful shows.


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