ice cream in Milan / migliore gelato a milano

Ice cream in Milan: where to find the best one

In summer ice cream in Milan is the best solution to fight the hot temperature. What about winter? Even if it is cold I can’t renounce to good ice cream. Never! Well, since I am often in the capital of Lombardy, I made a personal map to find it. It is easy to have it in the city, but I am telling you where to have the best ice cream in the area. Imagine when you need to walk in a big city and you need something fresh with you.

There are different options: to have a small portable cooling fan, to have a fresh bottle with a drink, or to eat ice cream. I am Italian so it is obvious what I prefer. When I go to Milan in the hot season, and in winter as well, I always try to have a break. Why? To visit the best shops to buy one. It is a need and of course a pleasure. Then you can’t be in Italy and don’t eat ice cream while you are in Milan. It is a pity, a big one.

ice cream in Milan

Ice cream in Milan: where to taste it

I like to change and of course, it depends on the exact place where I am in the city center. In the neighborhood ”Isola” there is a lovely shop with walls of bricks. It is called Artico and it offers a good variety of flavors, most of them very new and creative. Among them, you should taste Araguani chocolate. But for summer the fruit flavors are more popular. They always work on seasonal ingredients and selecting the best quality products to realize a delicious ice cream in Milan.

ice cream in Milan

A few steps from Piazza Duomo there is also Cioccolatitaliani, with a lot of different flavors, especially a variety of chocolate. The ice cream you can find in Milan is tasty. But the place is very popular so you need to be patient. Because it is all the time crowdy. Not only locals are going there, but also many tourists. You need to wait. But I can say that it is worth it. You will be delighted by the taste.

In the area of Navigli, where the restructured water channel is passing and where many nightlife places are located there is Rinomata Gelateria. It is a small shop well known and positioned on the Darsena. They propose Nutella flavor, but also a great variety of fruit flavors perfect for the summertime. It is quite crowded because in the area there are a lot of tourists and events. but you will never regret waiting. You will get one of the best ice creams in Milan.

As usual, my day in Milan is good thanks to the ice cream. With it also hot weather becomes more pleasant.

ice cream in Milan

More advice

Now you know where to go to have ice cream in Milan. If you want to know more about Italy or other destinations check out my posts. There are also many restaurants and bars reviews. Because in each travel the food has a big importance. Not because we need energy, but because it is part of the local culture. To eat helps a lot to know better the country we visit. 

If you are searching for a hotel where to stay in Milan, I suggest Petit Palais Hotel de Charme. Read about my experience. The last advice if you are not only searching for ice cream in Milan, but you are visiting Italy. Read the bookThey Say, Mamma Mia! – Discovering Italian Family Roots“. It costs a few dollars, but it guides you to the Italian habits. You will get support to interact with people in Italy. It’s a great one.

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  1. Well as ice cream lover I have to say that it is hard to be disappointed in Italy, but it can happens. I am really glad to read that you had a good experience with the gelato 🙂

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