I Portici Hotel Bologna

I Portici Hotel Bologna: a stylish stay in the city

In this days I needed to go to Bologna, another Italian city that I really love. Maybe it is because of the art and the history, maybe it is because of the great food prepared in Emilia Romagna or maybe because of a combination of all elements included the typical arcades that are present in almost every street. Staying at I Portici Hotel Bologna is perfect to enjoy them.

Oh, keep in mind that you will never find ”spaghetti bolognese”. I also suggest you to not ask them to waiters or locals. Do you know why? “Bolognese” is a sauce prepared with meat, tomato and some other ingredients, but it is used in Bologna for lasagne or tagliatelle. So if you ask spaghetti with bolognese sauce it is like to insult them, but be sure that you will appreciate a lot the big variety of local dishes. Food is anyway just one of the reasons to visit the city, charming a elegant and known as an intellectual place.

Going to I Portici Hotel Bologna

I started my journey in Turin and I was in Bologna after a bit more than two hours because I decided to travel by train. My choice was to reserve a seat on a fast train, using the Executive class of Freccia Rossa, runned by Trenitalia, as I did other times (A luxury train to Naples). In the city I walked from the train station to my hotel, because it is few minutes far, on the way to the main square of the city: Piazza Maggiore.

My accomodation is, as I mentioned, I Portici Hotel Bologna, located on the main shopping street: Via dell’Indipendenza. The setting is a good combination with modern architecture and design well combine with the ancient palace that hosts the hotel. The elegance is the key word that tie all the elements. Of course every guest can also benefit of the great comfort in the room and with the services and the facilities provided.


Entering in the hall the guest can see the design and an incredible light and meet a kind and a professional staff ready to welcome the traveller. The rooms are generally well equipped, but the settings looks like minimal, not too crowdy of furniture, but with all what is needed by the guests. Some frescoes and decorations on the walls and on the ceilings are visible in some rooms and in some common spaces.

The real jewel of the hotel is the Imperial Wellness Suite, a 200 square metres apartment with a spa inside. From the last floor of the building it offers a nice view on Parco del Pincio, the green area of the city centre. Thanks to the balcony the guests can have a quiet brakfast in front of the city, of course in the warm season. In the room there are the bedroom, a studio, a lounge area and a room with two single beds for massages. There are also two bathrooms and a very big shower. All the details are well cared for.

An amazing dinner

I Portici Hotel Bologna offers an elegant bistrot where to find the perfect setting and good quality food for a lovely lunch or dinner, but the main restaurant, called I Portici, is the best. It has a Michelin star and an exclusive setting, because it finds space inside the former Eden Theatre, used in past as cafè chantant. The menu offers innovative recipes and a great selection of wines, that combined together gives a unique experience.

I Portici Hotel Bologna offers the comfort and the luxury united to the quiet, you can stay in the centre without noise and use all the type of services you want. Check out all the offers and the rooms.

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