How to Write a Killer Sales Page to Move PLR Products

How to Write a Killer Sales Page to Move PLR Products

Once you’ve chosen a PLR product and you have the right to start editing it and selling it, the next thing you need to do is to consider how you’re going to promote it and convince people to part with their cash. It’s all about how to write a killer sales page to move PLR products.

There are many potential answers to this but one of the most important things to consider is the sales page. The sales page is the page on which you’ll be trying to convince visitors to part with their cash and with the right design and phrasing, you can get people who were maybe on the fence to change their minds. Here are some tips to help you do that with the perfect sales script…

How to write a killer sales page to move PLR products and increase sales

The page is the way to explain the product and also to convince to buy the potential client, that’s why so important. With the following elements and tips, you can sell successfully all digital items easily.

Grab Attention

The first thing to realize is that people are in a hurry most of the time. Chances are that they landed on your site by accident and probably want to leave quickly so they can get on with their daily activities. Your job is to convince them to stick around just a bit longer and the best way to do that is to grab their attention with a strong opening.

One of the best options here is to use a narrative structure. Make it a story because people naturally want to listen to stories through to the end and because stories are great for inspiring emotion.

Make it Skimmable

People are intimidated by large blocks of text and especially because – as we just saw – they tend to be in a hurry. It’s your job then to make sure your content is easily skimmable with lots of headings and lots of nicely spaced-out paragraphs.

Focus on the Value Proposition

Most important of all is to ensure that you are focussing on the ‘value proposition’. This is how your product can provide value and this should involve some kind of tangible improvement to the customer’s life. For example, maybe your product is going to make them more confident, help them to feel better in the morning when they wake up, and potentially have more success with the ladies/men. If you’re selling an ebook on fitness, then that is what you want to focus your text on, not the number of pages you’re offering!

Make Them Buy

Finally, make sure that your customers aren’t going to leave to ‘think on’. Chances are that they’re not going to come back. Instead, introduce a limited-time offer or make up something about a limited stock. Doing this will add ‘time pressure’ and that will make them want to act quickly.


You got the essential knowledge to know how to write a killer sales page to move PLR products. It is so important to sell, but before starting your adventure and make money, you should go deep into sales page creation

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