How to Use PLR Products With a Squeeze Page

How to Use PLR Products With a Squeeze Page

If you are trying to sell a PLR product, then you will need to create a high-quality sales page that will help you to demonstrate all the good qualities of that product while encouraging your audience to make a quick impulse purchase. Learn how to use PLR products with a squeeze page.

But this is only one type of ‘page’ you’ll be using to sell your items and to build your leads. Just as important is a ‘squeeze’ page. This is a page that you’ll use to convince people to sign up to a mailing list and it’s highly important because from there, you will then be able to get them to buy from you over the course of several emails.

And to create a successful squeeze page, chances are you’ll be using another type of PLR product – called a ‘free report’ or an ‘incentive’.

How to use PLR products with a squeeze page and convince buyers

It’s not hard to sell PLR products and you can make a profit, get financial satisfaction, but you need to find and convince buyers. So follow these tips.

How it Works

The general idea is simple: by giving away a free PDF that contains information that your audience wants, you will encourage people to sign up for your mailing list. They sign up, you send the report and hopefully, they then enjoy what they’ve read and made a note that they will want to read more of what you have to say in the future.

From there, you then provide more value through messages, and eventually, you offer your real paid product that they can buy off you for full price.

How to Get it Right

What’s important though is that you word your squeeze page correctly and use the right kind of incentive. The big risk here is that you encourage people to sign up only because they want something free. From there, they then might unsubscribe or just never read another email from you.

One way to get around this is to make the incentive something relatively small and to emphasize how much better the full product is. Another tip is to make the freebie in some way incomplete so that if they enjoy that offer, they’ll then be keen to get the full thing. A good way of doing this is to make your incentive the first chapter of a larger book, or perhaps one tip of 27. Always leave them wanting more.

And finally, make sure that the emails themselves are also providing value. This way, your audience will be keen to keep opening them even after they’ve collected their free offer.


It is easy to use PLR products and you can have a huge income from them, but you need always to be careful to find the right audience and to convince it to buy. Well, now you know how to use PLR products with a squeeze page, but there are other aspects you need to learn and consider, like how to check the quality of the digital items

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