how to take a virtual vacation

How to take a virtual vacation in 5 steps

Embarking on a journey of digital exploration piquing your curiosity? Unveil the secrets of orchestrating a virtual journey through the aid of these 5 uncomplicated phases. Unearth a trove of paramount cyber sanctuaries. As we usher you toward direct pathways leading to premier immersive realms. Learn how to take a virtual vacation and get benefit from it.

I had great experiences and, I can confirm that kids have a lot of fun. So, especially if you can’t move and children are at home, this activity will improve the quality of your time together.

But how does one traverse the virtual realm?

With the employment of cutting-edge virtual touring software or the remarkable vistas of Google Street View, we dive into tour videos and panoramic 360° vistas of iconic landmarks, captivating rides, and enthralling spectacles. Complementing our journey are engaging in-home activities themed around the destinations we virtually explore.

Infusing a touch of ingenuity, transforming virtual expeditions into interactive marvels becomes an effortless feat, embellishing the experience with a dash of merriment.

Be it orchestrating a personal virtual vacation day or seeking inspiration for family-friendly virtual sojourns, these insights will metamorphose a mere virtual tour into an enriching day of cyber travel. For instance, you can select a destination you like. Maybe Rome, Vienna or Houston… and so on.

How to take a virtual vacation: what is it?

A virtual vacation is like a staycation, but you explore places through your computer or device. Use virtual tour software or Google Street View. Watch attraction and tour videos or use VR vacation software on a headset, or do a mix.

What’s a virtual tour?

It’s a sequence of 360° pictures. You navigate them as if you’re walking.

How’s it work?

Click on arrows or spots in the image or use keyboard arrows. Look around, zoom in as you move virtually. Sequenced pictures create a walking feel.

What’s a video tour?

A filmed walk through a place. Usually from one angle, but now 360° videos too. Some guide you, some have just sound.

Virtual reality vacations are a step up. Use a VR headset for a 3D tour. Check out Kayak’s virtual vacation software.

National Virtual Vacation Day started in 2016, March 30th annually.

Virtual tours aren’t only for fun. Plan your real vacation with them. Choose destinations, prep for trips.

Why take a virtual vacation?

It’s fun and relaxing, even if not for real. Explore new places, see new things. Great family time with added activities.

how to take a virtual vacation

How to take a virtual vacation easily

Taking a virtual vacation goes beyond strolling through a destination digitally.

Would you visit Disney World just to walk without rides?

To craft a virtual vacation from a tour, blend in ride and show videos, live animal feeds, and online resources, alongside planning related at-home activities.

Here’s a 5-step plan for a complete virtual vacation day.

1. Discover a virtual tour

Numerous tourist spots offer virtual tours, often via Google Street View.

Find your destination on Google Maps. Drop the Pegman icon onto it. Streets and walkways turn blue for Street View mode.

If Street View isn’t an option, explore other virtual tour software or search for video tours on YouTube.

2. Plot your tour route

Since you’ll add resources, map out your route. Use Google Docs or Word.

For Street View, start at the entrance, copy the link to your plan. Refer to the destination’s map for navigation.

List areas/attractions in order. For video tours, note attraction sequence.

3. Embed attraction videos

Find rides and shows on amusement park websites. Search ride name + “POV” on YouTube. Add URLs to your plan.

For museums and zoos, look for educational pages, live animal cameras, and YouTube videos.

4. Enrich with at-home activities

Include interactive at-home activities. Check the destination’s site, Pinterest, or articles for ideas.

5. Plan your virtual feast

Don’t forget food. Check online menus, recreate a dish, or order similar cuisine.

Crafting a memorable virtual vacation entails more than visuals. It’s an immersion in experiences, a concoction of entertainment, and a dash of culinary indulgence.

How to take a virtual vacation: the best complete tours

Want a complete virtual vacation without prep? Use these tour guides below. They’ve got it all planned.

Guides include interactive resources for kids, Google Street View links, and walking route directions.

Boston Children’s Museum Monterey Bay Aquarium Canada’s Wonderland.

Explore virtual destinations

Family-friendly free virtual vacations await. Try these Google Street View trips.

Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Epcot Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Universal Studios Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Legoland Resort

SeaWorld Sesame Place

Educational virtual adventures

Educational options abound for students.

United States National Parks (via Google Earth)

The White House Mount Rushmore

The Liberty Bell

The International Space Station

The Adler Planetarium

San Diego Zoo

Dive into museums

Over 3000 museums offer virtual tours on Google’s Museum Views webpage.

Guggenheim Museum

Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum

Cincinnati Museum Center

Royal Tyrrell Museum

Henry Ford Museum

Hope these tips help plan your virtual journey.

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