How to make money with photography with ClickASnap, the best get paid sites

How to make money with photography with ClickASnap easily

You have a big passion for photography, you take photos of your meals, the landscapes you see while you travel, your friends’ portraits. Then you share all your images on Instagram, Facebook, and so on. Do you know that you can earn money from them? You can get cash just from people’s views. Would you like to do it? I am here to tell you how to make money with photography with ClickASnap, one of the best get paid sites on the web.

How to make money with photography with ClickASnap: earnings on ClickASnap

You only need to post and be active, because you will need a lot of traffic. The platform counts on millions of subscribers and they can follow you and like your pictures, but especially they can view them. So if you post, interact, and send traffic to your profile, as you generally do on other sites, you will earn money. Is that like YouTube that pays for each view? Yes, the principle is the same, but they give you more. This is the comparison that you need to know to make a quick calculation:

  • Youtube is $0.000640 per view (average)
  • Spotify is $0.0001 per play (average)
  • Instagram, Flikr, Facebook, 500px, Viewbug $0.00000000000 per view

Catch the chance

ClickASnap pays $0.0015 per view. It’s not a huge amount of money, but imagine compared to other platforms. And then it is up to you. On my Instagram account 610 posts. I don’t know exactly the number of views, but let’s say at least 3,000 (it is much more but it doesn’t matter) per post. We can easily calculate 610×3,000×0.0015=2,745. Unfortunately, I didn’t know this opportunity, otherwise, I could gain $2,745. It isn’t maybe so easy to get the same results as Instagram, but for every 10,000 views, you get $15 ($15 is the minimum payout of the site). Instead of 0 on Instagram. Let’s see how it works.

There are thousands of opportunities online and offline for photographers, but high quality is always more important. I am not saying that your photos are not high quality, but sometimes we take them for fun and if they are good but not excellent, we can share them on the web on social networks. Here it is the same. On this platform, we can post our pictures and earn money.

If you take nice photos you can share them on one of the best get-paid sites. They earn through ads and you receive a part of their earnings. There are all categories, starting from travel, landscapes, animals, lifestyle. You can share your thoughts and the other’s photos on your profile. It is not so different from Instagram, also if there are fewer functions. Anyway, you can make money to travel or just to pay bills. It is something extra or it can even become profitable if you get a lot of likes.

ClickASnap: what it is

If photography is your passion or you just want a profile to share pictures this is the way you can use it to get extra cash. The site is designed for people interested in work-from-home chances and it offers talented photographers to make money. You can be among them. Also, it is possible to interact with them and observe how they work on the platform to have more success. Would you like to know how it works? How can you be part of it? Well, it is not hard but let me tell you the details.

How the site works

ClickASnap allows you to upload your own photos. It is forbidden to post if you don’t own all the rights on it. In case of someone claims then you get banned. There is no limit to subjects, except for nudes and violence. You can share your family or travel pictures, but also objects. Then you can promote them and even sell them if you want. If you want to know how to make money with photography with ClickASnap, you have to go deep into functions.

I suggest you navigate, it is easy to do it and it is a good way to learn more from it. Follow the others and like their pictures will help you to be more visible and to grow. On the site, interactions will represent a good opportunity to share tips and to collaborate on commercial or social projects. The headquarter of the company is in the United Kingdom, but it is open to people from all around the world.

Personalized system

This income opportunity is tailor-made for amateur photographers who want to grow their audience, experiment and earn a few extra dollars. You can open your horizons because it is full of worldwide artists sharing different images made with a huge variety of methods and features. Even if you are new to photography, there is a way to earn extra income.

Learning how to make money with photography with ClickASnap, consider that the free account allow you to do it. But not that much. Now it is necessary to upgrade to a paid plan to get paid. But the cost is £2 per month, it is not that much and you can repay it with earnings. Every time someone views your photos you will receive a payment, but a view is counted when people look at the picture for at least five seconds. This is the minimum time and it says that they enjoyed it. There is also an upload limit: 7 photos per week and 100 photos in total. If you pay for the Pro account you can benefit from unlimited uploads.

Its cost is £2 per month, otherwise, £1,60 per month if billed annually. If you want to sell the photos you have to pay £10 per month. The upgrade will allow you to have the promotion of your photos plus other tools and bonuses. Anyway, start with a free account to see how it goes with vies, then you can improve it and pay for the fees. More chances to upload are a good way to earn more collecting more views.

How to make money with photography with ClickASnap: how much can you earn?

I wrote some numbers, but then you want to know how to earn money through photography using ClickASnap. There are more ways to gain cash. The easiest, but less profitable is to post photos and get views. So you have the chance to sell prints of your photos or allow clients to download the digital copy of the picture. The price is up to you, but the site gives you some directions to be competitive. If you sell printed photographs, customers will pay for the shipping costs and you are not in charge of it.

The first step is to post your photos and get views, then you can work on the other ways. But remember to not send bot traffic to your photos, otherwise, you will be banned. It is obviously not allowed. How to make money with photography on the platform? They will give you $0.0015 per view. It seems not much, but it’s the best offer among the get-paid sites and it all depends on traffic. Do you remember the calculation I made at the beginning of the post about my Instagram photos?

If you want to know more about traffic, you can get inspired by my post about how to make money online from home. Then the platform for photographers pays fast. In fact, when you reach $15 you get a notification and you need only to click on the button to request the payment. Not later than 24 hours money will be on your Paypal account.

How to make money with photography with ClickASnap, the best get paid sites

What users say

Clickasnap members are satisfied with the site, also because they can share their photos that are displayed in high quality for all viewers. The ratings of the platform are high and users underline how it is useful to be part of it to get new opportunities. Also, it is possible to add the links to your social profiles and blog, so you can send traffic to gain but even get traffic to your other pages.

Why use one of the best get paid sites

Let me tell you the reasons why you should subscribe. Don’t worry, I won’t have any commission, but I will appreciate it if you will take a look at my pictures. I have other elements to list:

  • ClickASnap staff is efficient and available to answer any question, fast.
  • The website is updated and improved often to give more tools to users, so it is possible to sell easily.
  • All the rights of your photos remain to you.
  • The platform includes the protection for the photographer’s work, no one will download or copy and use them without permission. You can also put a mark.
  • On the site there is a marketplace with a search function, it is easy to surf for potential buyers to find the work you will upload.
  • All the photos, also the ones on sale, are organized into categories to help users to find what they are searching for.

These elements can make understanding how to make money with photography on the platform. But there are also some other things to consider.

How to make money with photography with ClickASnap: the cons of the platform

It appears like a competitor for the major social networks, but it is still young. So there are fewer features and the site is not so popular as Instagram yet. But their support is much better than the other ones.

Click a snap: pros and cons

I can write a positive review of the platform. It is a good way, as I mentioned, to make some extra money and to measure your value as a photographer. I am sure you are great, but surely it’s more about how and how much your photos attract people online. Click a snap and you will know it. Well, Clickasnap is the right place for that. But, you need to have a complete overview before subscribing. It is better than the various platform that offers the opportunity to show your work, you can directly get money from views. The others can share money with you ming from donations made by visitors. Here if someone sees your photo, you get money. Then you can decide to sell.

Investing to earn with ClickASnap

All these features together are surely great. But if you are going to click a snap and use this site, you have to invest money to earn. Yes, the free plan, that before allowed people to get money, is limited. Some people were cheating and the owner decided to cut the option. So the free account isn’t any more useful for the earning part. The investment isn’t huge, and I think people can try to cheat anyway even on paying system, especially because they need to recover the fee.

So, all that you learned in the article is part of the pros. But the big cons, as the limit, is this one. Especially because competitors offer maybe less, but for free. Anyway, the choice is yours. I think it’s still a good opportunity. The monthly investment isn’t so huge, you need a bit of time to create and attract your audience.

Another pro is given by the social features. The platform is more like a social network, you can easily comment, like, and make friends interacting with them. If you want to test your photographer’s potential, the platform is the right place.

How to make money with photography with ClickASnap: last considerations

You can easily earn money with your photos using the platform. But this is not the main goal of the platform. It was designed to be a window for photographers and it helps to build connections. Together with traffic, money, and likes you get motivation and this is an excellent support to grow and improve your skills.

Imagine, if you are not professional, to find your first client who buys a photo made by you. This boosts your confidence.

ClickASnap earnings become important when you grow and you get many views. This will have a more important meaning. People will love your work. Maybe you won’t become rich on the platform, but surely you will have a great chance to become popular. Plus you will get extra money. Give the site a try.

Make money online with photography

You learned one more opportunity about how to make money in photography online. But this is not unique. If you want to develop your passion and make people aware of your photos, you should create a blog. Then it is good to promote your activity through more social platforms. I wrote a guide that can help you. In 5 steps you will have a successful website to share and sell your art.

You can make money while you travel, so you take pictures of amazing places and you sell them through the internet. Money and world exploration is a good combination for a cool life. It is just an example, it doesn’t matter the subject of the images, you just need an online marketing strategy. To improve the income at the beginning you can also use affiliate marketing.

Subscribe to a platform like Admitad to find the best companies, join programs, and promote them on your pages. For example, you can write about cameras and accessories, so you receive commissions from brands while you promote yourself.

how to make money with photography with ClickASnap

How to realize amazing pictures

Now you know how to make money with photography with ClickASnap. The challenge concerns the ability to win the competition with other photographers. So it is important to work on quality. You need to be creative and try to change your point of view. Most of the time we take center-stage pictures, but that is so common and not the best way to be noticed. A photo has to tell a story, so move the subject away from the middle of the picture. Start by playing tick-tack-toe with the position of the item or the person. For a great result, you need to imagine a tick-tack-toe grid in your viewfinder. The intersection of the line is the point where to place the subject. Lock the focus if you have an auto-focus camera because most of them focus on whatever is in the center of the viewfinder.

Realize great photo to get paid

This is only the beginning to realize a better photo. Of course, you need to be active on the platform to get views and earn money, but it is not enough. I suggest you use ClickASnap to test the results of your photos. If people like them, you can improve your activity and share them on more sites and social networks and especially sell them. In that way, you will earn more money. I suggest you follow some lessons made by experts. You can attend online video courses realized by professional photographers. Go on Skillshare and explore them. You will find different types of videos from theory to practical tips, and also step-by-step guides. Clicking here you can access taking advantage of two weeks free trial to the premium version. It means unlimited courses for free. You just need to digit your name and your email address.

Then I also suggest you explore the best tools on Amazon. You can invest a small amount of money buying a camera and lights to make better photos. Work on quality will give you results. You can start to earn while you post even your experiments on ClickASnap, so you will easily and quickly repay any investment.

Photo success: tips and trick

ClickASnap represents a good way to test your photos and understand what is going to work better, while you earn some money. This is a starting point to catch the chance to experiment. You can do it using Instagram, but they don’t pay you. Anyway, you should observe results, “spy” the others, and identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can improve your pictures and go direct to success.

There are some resources I use or I used to make better photos. I list them here and you can check them out and pick the ones you may be interested in. There are manuals and courses.

Photography Masterclass

Video tutorials for beginner and hobbyist photographers. Anyone with a DSLR camera will learn all the secrets to make the most beautiful pictures that will be appreciated by online and offline audiences.

Trick Photography And Special Effects E-book

Become unique, creative, and artistic by taking breathtaking photographs that blow people’s minds away. Dozens of rare trick photography ideas are included in the 295 pages e-Book, along with 9 hours of how-to photography video tutorials.

Phone Photography Tricks – Trick Photography With Your iPhone

Discover the simple secrets to taking jaw-dropping pictures on your camera phone and receiving thousands of likes on Instagram, Facebook, and more, ClickASnap included.

The Bszphoto Editing Tutorial

It is a video guide to make the best editing of a photo. Find the secrets used by the most important photographers to create their images. Learn from tutorials how to realize the best effects.

Landscape Legend Lightroom Presets For Awesome Nature Photography

If you like landscape photography and you want to take the best pictures with your mobile, this video course and tool is exactly what you are searching for. Learn all the secrets and start to surprise your followers. I got a lot of benefits, especially because often I take pictures of the landscapes I see with my mobile.

Consider, as well, to get the right camera for better results.

How to make money with photography with ClickASnap: more profit

Your photos can be useful also to work on product and service promotion. Yes, affiliate marketing requires abilities to find customers for the brands to get a commission on their purchases. So if you want to make more money, more profit, you can set a strategy for a business online. You will be happier and your income will be huge, believe me. It is actually my activity and I could set a successful strategy following one of the main experts on the market. His tips and then his course made me able to earn through cooperation with brands. Well, click here to attend the free webinar. Then I suggest you also invest some money, as I did, for the course with him to go deep. You will be successful and it will be easy to repay the fee.

After the course, subscribe for free to the Admitad platform and start to work with main brands promoting their products. It is a reliable company that manages the most popular companies around the world. You can make huge money every month and their payment system is fast.

How to make money with photography with ClickASnap: conclusions

What else? Register and go to ClickASnap login to start your adventure. Get views and money, become famous online. Once you have done it, copy the link to your profile and share it. Put it on your social profiles, in your emails, send it to your friends through WhatsApp. Make promotions, so they can follow you and view the photos. Be active on the platform and you will grow!

Do you have more questions about how to make money with photography? Share them and your thoughts in the comment space. I will be glad to answer and to give you more tips.

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