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How to make money blogging: 3 essential resources

When I started this blog I was thinking to share my travel experiences, but I didn’t have any experience. I am not that young, but I wasn’t so social, and neither I could write posts. It was important to search the ways to have a successful blog. Then a question came to my mind: how to make money blogging? I didn’t require a job, but I wanted to cover the cost of the domain and other expenses related to my website. During my first months, my activity was more focused on exploring this new field. So reading now the first articles I see all my ignorance. My goal was almost to prepare a public diary, but then I mixed with the news style.

My mistakes were many but in particular, I have never focused on my readers. A successful blog needs to establish a relationship between the author and the audience. Now I am still learning, but I can get a lot from the reader’s feedback. Most of the time they are bloggers and they write to me with their opinion. This is helping me to improve and also to know what you like. To the though and tips of followers, I added some courses and now I am getting ready to become a better blogger. Step by step I improve and I can do blogging to make money.

How to make money blogging: starting point

Some time ago I decided to make a new plan to change my blog. Review the contents, reorganize them through pages and menu, and then use a new graphic. The work is in progress, but I want to share my new experience. My Anasa is a travel blog, but as you know there is the blogging section. Because I think that a beginner can share some real tips learning step by step. Some of you started a blog after me, so answering to you, I can give some new hints. Well, it is better to say a way to learn how to make money blogging.

how to make money blogging

Recently I discovered and started to use Skillshare, a platform full of video classes about different topics. There are many resources to learn about lifestyle, photography, business, affiliate marketing, blogging, and a lot of other topics. I am following some courses to improve my skills and also to learn hacks to become more able to use social networks and online tools. This will be the way for a successful blog. Why do I want it?

No, I don’t have any objection to becoming famous, but I aspire to be your inspiration. It isn’t easy. Growing I can reach a bigger number of people and help them with my travel tips and experiences. They can befit and get new ideas for their trips. That’s why I am online. Then, thanks to the first lesson I attended on Skillshare, I rediscovered my passion and my enthusiasm. Two good teachers convinced me about the platform. They are great teachers, but this is just a part of their life. Yes, because they are experts. It is what I like about these courses. Experts lead them. They teach what they successfully do. I also learned how to use the best resources to promote my posts, so how to make money blogging.


Since the first lesson, I got the answer I was waiting for. Also, I understood to be in the right place to learn all that I need. A clear idea, step by step instructions, and deep explanations about what to do to write a successful blog. After the class, I was curious about the teacher, Theresa Christine. She is a freelance travel writer and blogger. First I had a lesson with the way to follow and then I saw how she is doing the activity. It is an example to follow for my successful blog. Ok, for my future successful blog, now it’s just a blog. 

blogging to make money

Skillshare offers me a great chance because while I am in front of my computer I can see the video and listen to the lesson. It is possible to stop writing down some concepts, to save the lesson, and see it later. Everything is on-demand. The video class prepared by Theresa Christine gave me doubts about what I was doing and at the same time the way to get out, to change. Thanks to her advice I can review the posts and write new ones with a better focus. Maybe I will have a successful blog too and I will realize my goal. Also blogging to make money. Give to my readers the support from my traveling and blogging experience.


How can a blog exist without social networks? If you follow me, you already noticed that I like a lot of Instagram. It is my favorite one. Well, I dedicated more time to it than on other social pages. My goal wasn’t to build a successful blog, but an insane passion. In the last period, focusing more on these pages I didn’t follow so much how IG was developing. I found a great video class on Skillshare about Instagram stories. It is useful to use all the potential, to grow, and to be more visible.

On the platform, there is a video class made by an expert, a very good teacher. Her name is Luna Vega, she does consult for companies. Attending the lesson I had the chance to get the best tips and tricks to use efficiently Instagram stories. The class has different stages and she guides students to understand the potential, then she gives examples, tools, and explanations. I immediately start to follow the suggestions and the first results are already visible. I have the double of views. Instagram is a huge resource for who wants blogging to make money.

how to make money blogging

More people from Instagram are visiting my successful blog. Ok, sorry again, my blog. But I am attending more lessons and she is sharing a lot of useful hints to improve my experience on Instagram. So it will be successful. 


A successful blog needs traffic and this comes the most from Pinterest. This is a must for people who want to earn money from blogging. It is a platform that allows bloggers to obtain great results in promoting articles but also the products with affiliate links. Using Pinterest properly is a huge opportunity to make money. If you are not aware of the methods and strategy to be visible on the site you will fail. That’s why you can benefit from the video courses made by experts on Skillshare.

What can you learn? How to set up a Pinterest business account to have more tools and visibility. Ho to create viral pins, how to manage boards, and increase the number of followers (it helps to improve your boards). Influencers, creators, and marketing experts will teach you the secrets yo need to reach a huge audience and make money on Pinterest. If you are a blogger you will use these tips to have a successful blog.


You are smart and you noticed that I didn’t mention any of the things I learned. I tell you a secret. The teachers don’t know me, but they can kill me if I reveal the contents of the lessons. While I write I have the TV on close to me and there is “The November Man” that is going on. It’s a spy story with Pierce Brosnan. So nobody kills me, but there is no reason to tell you the lessons. You can attend them directly on Skillshare. You can also choose other ones you are interested in. Blogging to make money will be easier for you.

You will have a successful blog too or you will just be successful in the field you want. Am I going to have commissions? Yes, but you won’t have any extra fees. Then, do you know what I am proposing to you? No, you can’t even imagine. There is nothing to pay now. Since when I started to use it I fell in love with the site and the classes. Maybe it will happen the same to you. Anyway, if you click here, you will get two free months. No costs and thousands of lessons available for you. 

blogging to make money

Conclusions about blogging to make money

Why am I offering you this opportunity? Because you are my readers. But not only. I want a successful blog, so your questions are very important to me. This is an answer to the ones who asked me for some blogging tips. Now access to Skillshare and take advantage of the two free months. For other tips from me keep your eyes open on the right page.

Once you learned all basics and all that you need, you can subscribe to some affiliate marketing platform. I tried some of them and I had a very good experience with Admitad. They give you assistance for any need, plus they are fast in payments and they have a huge platform with a lot of merchants.

If you didn’t do it already, subscribe to my newsletter. I am preparing some updates and also some free ebook travel guides. You will get them through my newsletter.

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