How to make a bed in your car

How to make a bed in your car fastly with ready-made material

When it comes to vacation time, many people take their cars and start to explore their countries or neighboring countries. It is really cool and it gives a pleasant sensation of freedom, but it can happen to be in a place without accommodations, fully booked hotels, or too expensive rooms. So, what to do? It is possible to sleep in the car. This is a solution, but it can be very uncomfortable. Well, with a few efforts you can easily learn how to make a bed in your car and transform it into a perfect ambiance to spend a night or even all holidays. 

You don’t need an RV or a van, but it is important to know exactly what to do and especially check out the model of your car. It will be almost like a camper and you will save a lot of money. Don’t worry, instructions are ready and tested for any type of car. With the instructions and a bit of material, you will have a fabulous room. Learn how to make a bed in a car represents a good opportunity for a cheap vacation or just to be equipped in case there is no hotel availability. Do it, also if you want just to have some adventure around and for any need.

Why and how to make a bed in your car

I have already listed some reasons why you may sleep in your cars, but they can be many more. I remember when I was in South Africa and Australia I had the chance to stop the rented car in superb and unique places and sleep on it to enjoy better stars, and wonderful views. Of course, I didn’t have a bed and nothing to do it, also because the car wasn’t mine. But I discovered a good opportunity and it is fabulous. With some wood, I can create a real bed to insert in the car without having a van and realize a better accommodation. It is perfect even if you want to go camping with a car. Experts already realized step-by-step instructions you can use. Now it is easy to transform car into bed.

So you have only to follow the tips and in a while, your bed will be ready for the car. You can take it with you everywhere without difficulties. The job can be done at home before you leave and then using during your trips. It’s not only a car mattress but a comfortable and safe structure to add inside. You won’t need any hotel, believe me. But let’s go deep into the topic to know how to make bed in car.

From a car to camper

Would you love to transform your car into a camper? It is even better than car into bed. Learn how to make a bed in a car in a few steps. You can do it in less than 3 hours realizing your own tailor-made car bed. What do you need? Wood, angles, and screws. As you know, the cost is cheap. The instructions will guide you with precision in every stage of the construction, you won’t have any difficulty.

Your car will be ready for a weekend trip or camping in a very short time and once is done you will be ready forever. It is not a permanent installation, so you can remove it and add it whenever you want, the vehicle remains suitable for everyday use. What are the features of the bed? It helps you to save space, it is light, environmentally friendly, stable, and cheap. Isn’t it convenient? You will need only 15 minutes to add the already built bed kit to the car.

Type of bed

You can build a single or double bed leaving space for suitcases under it. With the single bed, there will be even more space for any sports equipment. Do you need more space? For singles and couples the best solution, in this case, is a combo bed that lets you all the space you need without reducing your comfort. Yes, you can easily do car double bed with the same efforts than single bed.

Construction manual

Verify the model of your car and find online the proper manual to realize the travel car bed. All the materials are listed inside and they are divided according to the dimensions of the bed. Manuals are available together, if you want, with pieces of wood cut to size in the store of the company that prepared the manuals. You can create easily a kit for your car and have directly at home all that you need just to fix into the vehicle. Sleep on a mattress will be better than just staying on seats. You will easily and fastly learn how to make a bed in your car.

In order to help you, I list here a list of the main available manuals, but if you don’t find the brand of the model of your car, don’t worry, click here to see more and ask the company that provides them.

All the available manuals

How to make a bed in your car

Let’s see what material you need and how to proceed.


If you want to realize a complete camper bed you will need square timber, chipboard, angles, screws, and a folding mattress. In the online store, everything is already done for you, you just need to add quantities and dimensions to find the proper ones. Don’t worry about doubts. It is normal, so check out the instructions and inside there will be complete indications to choose the proper materials for your car and the bed type you want. You will save time and money learning how to make bed in car by your own.


To guarantee your and your partner comfort, you should use folding mattresses on the car bed. Everything can be transported folded and in a few minutes, you can unfold it and prepare the bed in a few minutes. All the mattress models are available online in the store.


Once you bought the manual and the material you will only need the tools to fix everything according to the instruction. It will be necessary to assemble the bed frame. Since you will work in your car far from the electrical energy, it will be better to have a cordless screwdriver with a wood drill and screwdriver, a wood saw a folding rule and a pen. Even if you are not an expert you won’t have any difficulty to learn how to make bed in car and do it. You will see, believe me. I am not passionate and neither so able to work with tools, but I did it on my car and everything was done quickly and it is working.

How to make a bed in your car luggage

How to make a bed in your car: conclusions

Now you learned how to make a bed in your car and especially where to find all that you need. This online store will be your best source to set your vehicle for camping, trips, and any need to transform it into a camper without making any real permanent change. Add a comfortable travel bed car when you need it and use just the automobile as it is during daily life. What are you waiting for? Get the kit, build the bed, and leave. You still don’t know where to go? Get inspired from my destinations.

Before going, share this post! And check out following FAQ.


Can I turn my car into a bed?

Turning your car into a bed, or creating a sleeping area in your car, is possible, but it depends on the type of car you have and your DIY skills. Many people convert their cars into makeshift beds for camping or road trips.

How do I make sleeping space in my car?

Creating sleeping space in your car can be a practical solution for road trips and camping adventures. You should make a plan and measure the space, then remove seats or rear seats, build a sleeping platform or bed frame, and add a comfortable mattress or sleeping surface, maximizing space by adding storage compartments.
Don’t forget ventilation and insulation, privacy and safety.

Is it safe to sleep in a car with the engine off?

Sleeping in a car with the engine off can be safe, but create an adequate ventilation to prevent the buildup of carbon dioxide (CO2) and ensure a fresh air supply. Crack windows or use ventilation fans to maintain airflow. Never sleep in a car with the engine running, especially in an enclosed space like a garage. Ensure your car is parked in a safe location where you won’t be disturbed or at risk of accidents. Lock your car doors and keep windows mostly closed to enhance security and reduce the risk of unwanted intrusions. It’s important to have appropriate clothing and bedding to stay warm or cool. Create a comfortable sleeping setup with adequate padding and support to prevent discomfort and back issues.

Where is the safest place to sleep in your car?

Finding the safest place to sleep in your car depends on various factors, including your location, personal comfort level, and the type of car you have.

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