How to get an Airbnb discount for your holidays?

Will you go on holiday? Before answering the question consider that here I will explain how to get an Airbnb discount. Or better I will share with you the opportunity to have 34 EUR to use for your bookings. If you opened this page means that you are interested. It doesn’t matter if you travel for leisure or business. You just need to be new on the platform and open an account for the first time. It is a small help that I am happy to give you to make you saving money for your travels. This good chance is for free, you only need to register on the web portal and choose the place you want to stay. Clicking the link on the page will allow you to get this discount directly at checkout. You won’t need and specific Airbnb discount code. 

How to get an Airbnb discount

Why Airbnb

Let me explain to you why to choose this solution for your trips. Then I will tell you how to get an Airbnb discount. Why choose a private room or apartment for your stay? You know, I travel a lot and when I have to spend out of the home a long period passing from a country to another, I feel like an envelope. Especially while I use hotels. It is good to have someone who takes care of you, meals ready, and so on. But somehow I don’t feel free. That’s why I alternate hotels to private apartments. It is a bit more like to be at home. I am free. If I don’t want to cook, there are always bars and restaurants around. 

That’s why I searched for some private houses to rent during my trips. There was only a problem. Reliability. Maybe you have experience in searching for rooms for holidays. It is no easy to find reliable people and sometimes it is hard also to find information about the accommodation. To avoid any risk I prefer to use the platform. The staff gives guarantees and it helps all the process. In case of problems, they assist the customer. Plus the reviews released by hosts and guests are checked. Only those who stayed at the property can write about it. Hosts can write about clients. This is serious and any opinion is trustable. 

That’s why I am happy to share the Airbnb discount.

How to get an Airbnb discount: a coupon that works

You opened this page in searching for Airbnb discount coupons. You won’t find them. Why? Because I offer you a link that will take you to the website. You will register your new account and you will book. At that moment of the checkout the system, thanks to the code inside the link, will apply directly to the discount. It is enough to click. Easy. But I am not here only to share the link that will give you 34 EUR. Because I will give you more details about the registration procedure, plus some tips to get the maximum benefit from Airbnb. You will found super cool accommodation selecting the best places to stay. 

Then I will explain to you more about the experiences. Yes, Airbnb sells unique options to enjoy more your destination. Special dinners, tailor-made tours, access to hidden places, and so on. Everything that may help you to have a superb holiday is on the platform. This is one more reason for me to tell you how to get an Airbnb discount. Here you can directly access the account registration and claim your discount. But if you have already an account on Airbnb this discount won’t work. 

A small tip. If you are traveling with someone else without Airbnb registration, this person can use it and book for both of you. Sleeping in the same apartment will be easy. Of course, you can’t open a second account. It has to be a different person.

Discount for Airbnb bookings

I told you the main condition to get a discount on Airbnb. You have to be a new customer and register your new account for the first time. Now I tell you exactly how it works and how you will get 34 EUR for your stay in one of the properties listed on the platform.

Here you have the procedure.

  1. Click this link.
  2. Register the account for the first time on Airbnb.
  3. Check out the properties. You will have 25 EUR off for any booking.
  4. Explore the available experiences. You will have 9 EUR off for any of them with a minimum value of 43 EUR.
  5. At the check out the discount of 34 EUR total will be calculated and deducted so you will save money.

Remember that this Airbnb special discount will be only applied when you sign up. Also, the amount is given only for valid bookings.

The link opens in a new window and you will read the following message:

My Anasa gave you up to 34€ toward your first trip

The sign up requires a few minutes. You can use Facebook, Google Email, or the classic registration with your email given by other providers. Once you have it down, you need only to click the button in the confirmation email you get.

This is how to get an Airbnb discount. But it is good to explain some other detail about the conditions. Don’t worry, it is convenient and easy.

How to get an Airbnb discount: conditions

As I wrote, Airbnb adds the discount directly at the checkout of your first booking. But you need to be sure to check the final price and to confirm as the final step. Tho must have a qualifying reservation. What does it mean? 25 EUR will be applied for your stay. But you need to consider only the rate of the room or house, excluding the fees and cleaning costs, if they are applicable. For the other 9 EUR, you have to choose an experience that costs at least 43 EUR.

In case you cancel the reservation you will lose the discount.

Your Airbnb discount first time has a 34 EUR value that can be converted on the platform in other currencies. So the value is confirmed in any currency available on Airbnb. There are no limits to destinations. Anyway, it is valid only for your first confirmed stay.

Verification of the profile

This is not related to Airbnb discount first booking. But it is a tip I give you before to introduce another important topic concerning the platform. Since you will have the chance to review the property where you stayed, it is good to be verified. Also, the hosts will write about their experiences with you. To have more trust and to appear reliable, you should proceed with verification.


You have to connect the online life (social profiles connected to Airbnb, reviews) with the offline life (copy of your ID, or other documents to prove your identity). When you will book a stay or an experience the host will be sure about you. This is an advantage. 

I told you this because it is important to know how to get an Airbnb discount after your first booking.

How to save money with an existing Airbnb profile

If you have already registered an account and used Airbnb for your stay, you can’t use my discount. Anyway, you have the chance to earn credits. Once you have an active profile you can join the referral program. So for each new client, you will introduce you will earn a commission. They won’t pay money to you, but they will recognize some credits that you will use for your bookings. You will get up to 23 EUR for each qualifying booking made by the new customers that will register with your link. 

Once you receive those credits you will use them as money to pay for your bookings. The commission will be valid for one year. Imagine, if you present 10 people, you will earn up to 230 EUR to pay for your stay or some experiences, as you prefer. This will allow you to earn to travel. You will save money or you will stay for free. It depends on the amount you earn. You can’t have more than 5,000 USD per year. But it is good for a holiday.

How to get an Airbnb discount

How to open an account

If you are new to Airbnb and you want to obtain the discount you need to create an account. It’s is simple and fast. If you have a profile on Facebook or if you use Gmail, you don’t have to do anything more than clicking the button and connect. The system will direct you to Facebook or Google and you will digit your credentials. Then you will authorize the access. After that, you have to confirm the agreement with the Community Commitment and Terms of Service. That’s it. 

In the alternative, you can just fill the form on the website and use your email address. After the registration, you will get an email with a link to click for the confirmation. 

This is how to get an Airbnb discount. It is the first step. But do something more.

I suggest you add a picture to your profile. Why? The host prefers to see your real face before confirming the reservation. You get support from Airbnb and the host deserves it too. So help them. You will receive better treatment. It is like social networks. You want to be aware of the people you are chatting with. 

Then add the phone number. This won’t be public, but you will get booking confirmations via SMS. Once you did these steps you can verify your email, phone number, and ID or passport. It is not mandatory, but some hosts prefer to accept reservations only from verified accounts.

How to search for accommodation

You are ready to use the Airbnb discount on the first booking. So you have to find a cool place to stay. The platform offers you a huge variety of options. But you won’t get lost. There is a good internal search engine that works with the criteria you prefer. 

 To start you have to choose among:

  • homes
  • experiences
  • restaurants

The first option allows you to focus on accommodation.

After this, you need to select the destination. Then you specify some more information to refine the research. It will reduce the results according to the structures’ features.

This is the schema:

  • Guests
    • Adults
    • Children (ages 2-12)
    • Infants (under 2 years)
  • Home Type
    • The entire place – have a place for yourself
    • private room – have your room and share common spaces
    • Hotel room – Have a private or shared room in a boutique hotel, hostel, and more
    • Shared room – Stay in a shared place, like a common area
  • Price
    • Slide and chose the price range for your budget – Airbnb gives you as well the information of “The average nightly price is xx€” (it helps a lot)
  • Instant Book
    • Choose only to see listings you can book without waiting for host approval
  • Trip Type
    • For Families (Explore entire homes with 5-star reviews from families and essentials like a kitchen and TV)
    • For Work (Explore top-rated homes with essentials like a workspace, wifi, and self-check-in)
  • More Filters (this support is helpful to have a better selection)
    • Room and bed types
    • Amenities like kitchen, Air conditioning, Washer, etc
    • Facilities like swimming pool or gym
    • Property type – from a boutique hotel to Cottage
    • Unique homes – from houseboat to white islands
    • House Rules – events allowed, pets like cats and dogs allowed, Smoking allowed
    • Even Neighborhoods (depending on the region you are looking for)
    • Host Language – very useful for communication

As you can see in the section “more filters” there is the chance to go deep into the things you are searching for to find the accommodation fitting you. Of course, it depends also on your destination. 

Booking procedure

After the research, you found the best accommodation for you. Cool, so you can use your Airbnb discount code the first time. Not yet. Why? Just because there are two ways to book, two options to choose from. Everything depends on the host: you can book instantly or you have to send it to the host a request before.

In the first case, it is easy, you access the booking procedure selecting the dates and the room. After that, you have to confirm and the work is done. The host will contact you to keep in touch and maybe to ask you for some detail about your arrival.

How to get an Airbnb discount

In the second case, you choose dates and room, but your choices will be sent to the host. The owner of the property has to decide to accept it or not. There is the option to add a message. I highly recommend you to write something to personalize the request. You can specify your trip purpose, why you want to stay on that property, and so on. This will help your request and maybe the host will also give you some tips about the destination. Ask also if the place is available. The answer arrives not later than 24 hours. This is an Airbnb rule. You have to wait to use the Airbnb discount for the first time.

In any case, be in touch with the host is useful to prepare for your arrival and plan better the stay. In both booking options, you can write messages and exchange information with the host.

The list of accommodations

Explaining to you how to get an Airbnb discount, I think it is good to have a complete overview of the platform.

Accommodations’ list

When you access the platform you can start your search by selecting the type of accommodation. You have a variety of solutions to choose from, but sometimes it can be too much. Don’t see it as a hard choice but as an inspiration. Scrolling the list you can get ideas for your stay.

You can mark the types you want to check, so you can see the availabilities and explore the features. This is what you can see on the platform.

  • House
  • Apartment
  • Bed and breakfast
  • Boutique hotel
  • Bungalow
  • Cabin
  • Chalet
  • Cottage
  • Guest suite
  • Guesthouse
  • Hostel
  • Hotel
  • Loft
  • Townhouse
  • Villa

One more filter is represented by “Unique Homes”. Here you find something more specific:

  • Barn
  • Boat
  • Camper/RV
  • Casa particular
  • Cave
  • Dome house
  • Earth house
  • Farm stay
  • Houseboat
  • Nature lodge
  • Tent
  • Tiny house
  • Yurt

All the solutions you can imagine are part of the Airbnb platform. Even a cave can become your room for the holidays. I see this feature as a huge and unique opportunity.

As you have read there are also hotels and hostels. Because some of these properties are listed on the website and they offer the typical hospitality of the professional structures. Keep in mind that you only find a few of them, so if you search for that type of accommodation it is better to use Booking

How to get an Airbnb discount for your first stay

I used many times Airbnb, especially when I was sick of hotels. It is important sometimes to be more independent and live different experiences. Don’t you agree? Then it is a good way also to save some money. Even meeting the host makes me feel comfortable, like at home. Property owners are friendly and open-minded, kind. There is no need to manage money because you pay for everything via the platform. Well, I am sure now you are ready to find accommodation on the platform, so I have to tell you more about the procedure on how to get an Airbnb discount for your first stay.

There are simple steps to follow:

  1. Make your research using filters to find the best accommodation
  2. Read the reviews and ratings to know the impressions of previous companies. They are written by people who stayed in the property for real. It is useful to get some tips for your choice.
  3. Use the opportunity to send questions to the hosts or the platform’s staff when you have some doubts. They usually answer fast and you can do it before deciding if the book or not the accommodation.
  4. Check the pictures and the list of the features of the place you want to book.
  5. Select and add some of the special experiences proposed in the place you will visit.
  6. Book and pay directly through the platform to confirm your booking. The procedure is easy and safe. If you go to the site through this link, the discount will be applied and you will save money. Using my Airbnb discount coupon code you will save 25€ for the stay and 9€ on the experience.
  7. Write to the host to define the details of your arrival and chat a bit. To know each other before your stay is useful for a better welcome. The host can suggest something to see and to do during your visit to the destination. Plus she or he can organize something special for you, like a dinner or a tour. You will live great experiences in personalized accommodations.
How to get an Airbnb discount

Deal with issues

I have never had problems with my stays at Airbin properties, anyway even in the best place something wrong can happen. Don’t worry. Talk with the owner and if you don’t have the proper assistance, the staff of Airbnb will give you all the necessary support. But not only for issues. You may forget something in the house when you leave or something is missing in the house. Talk and fix the problem.

First time booking Airbnb coupon code

If you are new to the platform, you can get the Airbnb discount first stay. As I mentioned you can benefit from 25€ off for your stay plus 9€ for an experience of at least 43€ cost. To reduce the price of 34€ you don’t need any code, you don’t have to digit something. It is enough to click here and proceeds with signup and booking.

Your referral credit will be applied automatically at the order confirmation and it will be mentioned in the calculation. So you can easily see it and have proof. Why should you use the referral link? Because it has no cost for you and you can spend 34€ less on your bookings. It is a small amount, but better than nothing. Don’t you agree? I am offering for free to save on your holidays. 

Also, you can share this link with your friends and they can save it as well, always for free. Imagine if you are going to visit different places with friends. Each of you can signup and book the accommodation for one of the places you will see. It means to get 34€ for each stay. An example. You are going to have a tour of a country and you will be in three different cities. You can split the booking. You reserve in one city, your friend another and one more friend the third one. More money saved.

It is easy and convenient to claim the bonus I offer to you.

Safe payments on Airbnb

Some people express their doubts about the safety of payments on the platform. I have always had a good experience also on this site. Maybe most of the initial issues were related to the costs for hosts, but this is nothing to do with clients. You can easily pay using PayPal or credit cards. You can also use a prepaid card, read more here to keep your money safe while you pay through the internet.

Pay online directly to Airbnb, according to my opinion, is easier than manage money at the place with the owner. The host is guaranteed, you avoid any change or trouble. Plus there is no currency exchange. But it is not only a matter of payment.

Safety is part of the Airbnb policy. Maybe you don’t know it, but the company gives for free to hosts a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. This makes the structure safer because this item finds immediately the danger and acts to send the alarm.

More tips about Airbnb

You know how to get an Airbnb discount, but maybe you want to go a bit more deeply into the system before becoming a client. We know that there are always positive and negative sides. Maybe you have read about some issues between the company and local communities. In a few big cities prices increased and there are disputes about tax payment by hosts.

Airbnb is working to make travel affordable for people. This was the goal at the beginning and still is. Most of the time the price rising is due to a lack of tourists. That’s why rates, in some cases, go up. Anyway, this is not a rule and you have the chance to compare prices on the website. 

I listed some plus and minus about Airbnb to help you to understand and judge.


  • The platform is settled to heòp customers to live a personalized travel experience
  • Any transaction and the booking process is safe
  • Thanks to the system you can easily keep in touch with hosts and get notifications via SMS about your reservations


  • The disputes among Airbnb and local communities can have consequences as an increase in rates
  • Some of the hosts work without a regular license according to local laws
  • There are extra fees to pay, listed in the final calculation
  • Hosts have the rights to cancel your reservation without giving a prior warning

Airbin is constantly working to find solutions to the issues.

Some pleasant experiences

You can start your experience using the new Airbnb discount. Maybe you want to know a couple of examples of my stays in properties listed on Airbnb.

Once I was in Riga, Latvia and I booked an apartment through the platform. I kept in touch with the host. She organized for me the transfer from the airport and added some tea bags and biscuits for my breakfast.

In Tirana, Albania, I reserved a nice apartment in the center. Since my computer was not working the host gave me the chance to use the one in the flat. Then he took me personally and for free to the airport the day of my departure.

How to get an Airbnb discount

In Skopje, North Macedonia, I wanted to reserve an apartment, but the host wrote to me saying that on the selected days it was necessary to do some repairs. So she told me that she had another apartment not so far from that one. I saw the pictures and I accepted the change. She organized for me the transfer from the airport, plus she introduced me to the owner of the shop located in the same building. I got a special treatment going to buy food during my stay.

I told you about a few of my experiences because when you book you get more than what you expect. Many times it is like finding a family or friends. Hosts are kind and always ready to help the guest with their needs. This is one of the best reasons why you should sign up for an Airbnb discount and try it for your holidays.

How to become an Airbnb host

The platform is a good chance to find the best accommodations for your stay. But if you have a room, an apartment, or a house free you can monetize it. Why don’t you get some money from tourists? It can be an extra income for you. I met a girl in Rome that lives in the city, a bit out of the center. She has a small apartment and she rent it through Airbnb. Every time someone books it, she goes to sleep at her friend’s house. It is a good way for her the have a bit more money for her expenses. 

You can easily become a host on the website. Airbnb offers any type of accommodation and the staff makes every step easy to help you to monetize. The full control is in your hands, but they support you with your management needs. Do you like the idea? I wrote a brief guide to give you more info. Access to the platform here and follow the steps. In a while, you will be an Airbnb host.

If you decide to follow this way, you should know a few things more. They propose the night rate according to the market. It can be a bit low and you are free to adjust it. Before doing it, make a check on the platform and compare the prices of similar accommodations in your area.

Never forget to learn and respect the law. Not only to correctly pay taxes but also to set your house as required by the local authorities to guarantee safety. Laws tell how space has to be and what are the minimum features to host tourists. You can ask the municipality where you live, they will explain to you more. Maybe also their website has this information.

How to get an Airbnb discount for experiences

You have the chance to Airbnb experience discount code, as I mentioned. What are the experiences offered by the platform? Part of the bonus I offer you is valid to get a reduction in the rate to purchase an experience.

How to get an Airbnb discount

You can have original tours, attend concerts, taste special wines, and so on. There is a long list of things to do around the place chosen as a destination. Here you can see the main categories to understand better the type of proposed activities:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Concerts
  • Social impact
  • Surfing
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Nightlife
  • Music
  • Arts
  • History
  • Nature
  • Food & Drink
  • Classes & Workshops

Usually, they are dedicated to small groups or even only for those who stay at the accommodation (1 or 2 people). Each activity is described in detail so you can easily select the ones you like the most. Anyway, I suggest you write to the organizer for any doubt so you won’t have bad surprises during the experience and you will deeply enjoy it.

You know how to get an Airbnb discount and how the experiences work. You only need to access the platform

Claim now your Airbnb discount new user

I already gave you a lot of information. So it may help you to resume the features Airbnb discount link. There is no coupon or code. It is enough to use this link. You do the registration with your name and email. Then you surf the platform searching for accommodation. Once you found the right one you can focus on the experience. At the check out you will see the calculation. 

There will be:

  • the room rate multiplied for the nights;
  • the cleaning fees;
  • the website fees;
  • minus 25€ of discount (in your currency);
  • plus the experience cost (at least43€ in your currency);
  • minus 9€ of discount (in your currency).

In total, you will save 34€ (converted in your currency). 

You can’t cash out the bonus but only use it to reduce the cost of your booking. It is credit.

Once you registered you can get a referral link to send to your friends and to share on social. This will allow you to earn credits each time a new user will subscribe to Airbnb booking a stay. You will get 23€ (in your currency). There won’t be a chance to cash out the amount, but you will use the credits for your reservations. According to the total, you will get discounts or free stays. The credit is valid for one year and it can’t exceed 5,000€ per year.

Questions about Airbnb discount offers

If you have any questions about the Airbnb discount or you want to ask me something more about my experience, don’t be shy. Use the comments below and I will be happy to answer you and to share more. I also ask you to share this post. It will be helpful for your friends and relatives to make their bookings and save money.

I prepared for you a couple of images, perfect for Pinterest.

Pin now and read later


You learned how to get an Airbnb discount, so claim it now by clicking here! My link will direct you to the registration page and if you are a first-time user you will save 34€ (in your currency) for your reservations on the platform. Regardless of the reason for your trip you can reduce the total cost just using my link and automatically the discount will be applied. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you need some idea to choose the destination for your travel or get some tips to organize I invite you to explore my posts. When you come back use the comments to share your experience, I will be happy to read it and to make it popular among my readers and followers.

Enjoy your holiday!

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