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How to get a visa: all the information you need to know about

What do you like about travel experience? You can do a long list of thinks, but I bet a visa is not part of it. I completely agree with you. It is the hardest and boring part of the trip planning. Then it may happen that you can’t leave. Just for a small mistake in papers. Let me share the basics of how to get a visa. There are different policies according to each country’s rules, but there are also some common things between procedures. That’s why having some general information is useful to save time and money.

How get a visa” is one of the sentences that are becoming popular on the search engines. So this means that many people, before to explore the requirements of the nation where they want to go, they need to know something more. This paper is so essential and complicated. So, let’s start to go deep step by step from the basics.

What is it?

A travel visa is a document that allows you to enter a specific state for a certain period and a declared reason. You can go for business, to study, or for vacation. Each country decides how to regulate people’s access, this also depends on agreements between them. For example the U.S.A.  you need it to enter, while in the EU countries the paper is needed only for citizens of certain countries. Then you can apply for it in a European Union nation and then go around all of them thanks to the Schengen agreement. There is a huge variety of different situations around the world.

So the first thing that counts to have permission to visit a country is your citizenship. For example, American tourists, as it happens for Europeans, can go to many places without asking for a visa. But this is valid if the period is short. If you plan to stay in another nation for a few months you may need it.

Do you need it?

The first question you should ask is this one. Do I need to ask for permission to go there? To answer is quite simple. You only need to visit the website of your country’s foreign affairs ministry. Over there you find the list of the states that require your application. To visit some of them you have do demonstrate to respect their criteria. This, most of the time concerns a check about a criminal record. They want also to be sure that you are not searching to remain in their country for life or you want to work illegally. 

how get a visa

Entering Schengen Area is easier and they don’t ask many questions. I have never tried, but some international friends did it. Then you ask one paper and you visit almost 30 countries. This is quite good. EU states have a lot of agreements, so for many people, it’s enough the passport and nothing more. They can enter for tourism reasons and stay up to 90 days. 

Then some nations require a visa in any case, even if you pass by. Among them, there are China, Brazil, Vietnam. Also in the Middle East is far complicated.

How to get a visa: procedure

If you want to apply for a visa you need to know that you can do the procedure online. Before I suggest you, as the first step, check out the requirements at the embassy or the consulate of the country you want to visit. On their website, there are all the specifics. You will also find the application form. You need to print it out, to fill it, to scan it, and to send it via email. In some cases, they ask for hand deliver and you need also to pay the fee.

The staff of the consulate processes your documents and then send you the visa attached to your passport. They might call you and also invite you for a meeting to go deep into the request. According to a load of work and the country rules, the process can take from a couple of weeks to two months. The costis different, it depends on the consulate. Generally, a visa costs between 50 to 200 USD. If you want to go to Brazil you will spend around 160 USD, while in India 76 USD. 

To know how to get a visa and how much it costs, you should always check on the embassy page. Keep in mind that, if you are in a hurry for some reason, you can ask for urgency. They are prepared for this type of request. But the fee becomes double. They reduce the time and you can even get the paper in around one week

How get a visa: from Google to paper

People digit on search engines these precise words: “how get a visa”. They access to a list of pages that are mainly sending them to the sites of the embassies. If you do it, you can see as a result the links to the main consulates that explain to you how to get a visa to visit their nation. It is useful if you find the institution of the country you want to visit. But you will need time. Surely, to check the updated rules on official websites is the first step. 

I wrote here about the basics, but you need something specific and you maybe want some support. You can go directly to the website of the embassy, but then you have doubts about the procedure. If you make mistakes the application may be denied. You reserve all tickets online and there is no way or reason to go to a travel agency and pay them just to have support for the request. I have a solution for you.

Where to apply online

Would you like to make the process easy and fast without effort? It is possible. There is a platform that allows you to get your visa for any nation in the world. It is a service provider that takes care of your papers. You can easily do everything online without moving from home. You can search for the destination and fill the online form. You will have support from the staff and they will work on all processes on behalf of you. 

iVisa, this is the name of the service, helps you to get the result in three steps:

  1.  fill out the application, the easy form online, and pay with a credit card. You can use Viabuy;
  2.  receive the document via e-mail;
  3.  enter the destination with the passport and the paper sent from iVisa.

Why iVisa

Do you want to write on Google “how get a visa” and start to read tons of documents and rules or do you want to save money and take advantage of experts’ support? If you prefer the second option, you have to visit the iVisa platform. I want to give you more reasons.

  1. It is fast and simple: the application process is easy and traveler-friendly. Usually 100% online and with clear instructions – much less complicated than dealing with foreign governments.
  2. There is minimum chance of rejection: all documents are reviewed by a team of immigration experts before submission to respective governments. The staff is well-trained and offers years of experience.
  3. It is safe: world-class data centers and state-of-the-art methods for securing user accounts and information. Safety is guaranteed also for credit card data.
  4. Dedicated customer support: the call centers are ready to help you 24/7. 

Before discovering iVisa I was dealing with consulates. Once I was in Vienna on a business trip. Before to leave I send the application form for a visa to Belarus embassy in Rome. They called me because they wanted to see me there. I needed to travel there just to say again why I asked to go to their country. It was written in the form. After a while, they gave me the paper. They were kind, everything was fine, like my trip to Minsk. But imagine the time, the money for transfers, and the stress.

Now I do all the processes online and the staff of the platform works for me. Why don’t you try iVisa right now?

how to get a visa

Picture for documents

You are still worried about an element. You want to know what to do if the visa requires a picture or if you need to renew the passport. Don’t worry, the service provides all that you need. You can take the picture of your face online and they print it out for you. The experience of iVisa concerns all the steps to prepare documents to get official papers. So they help you with the picture for passport, they know very well what is the correct format. 

Imagine, no queue, no stress, no time-consuming researches. You can stay at home and complete everything with just a few clicks. Also, you will pay a very cheap price for that. The picture is a need as well for visa.


Now you learned the basics and also the solution to get your visa fast and easily. If you need some other tips to plan your journey, check out my posts, you will be guided step by step in any step of the travel preparation.

Share this article, you will help your friends with their application process. And share also your thoughts and experience using the comment form below. I will be happy to read more about your travel stories and to know if my tips solved your needs. 

What is your next destination?

Happy travels!

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