how to earn money online ultimate guide

How to earn money online ultimate guide: best tips

Do you want to make money using the internet? I am here to help you with my “how to earn money online ultimate guide“. This topic is one of the most searched online, not only by bloggers but by all the people who want to increase earnings and take advantage of passive income. After spending time online with my blog I had the chance to explore a huge variety of resources and also some scams. Well, I want to share all that I learned to help you to avoid fake news and to give you proper hints. This is the ultimate guide that will allow you to make money online from home. If you want to create a blog, you will also find interesting my complete guide.

If you follow my steps you will get results. But don’t wait for me a magic formula to become rich. I am not here to set up your income, I am here just to explain what to do, hot to improve your skills to get success. You need the know-how and a strategy to get money from any type of online activity. And remember that all ways will take you to reach the goals that require work and methods. Let’s start to go deep into the topic.

How to earn money online ultimate guide: common mistakes

In the beginning, despite our personal goals, we follow more or less the same ways. We don’t gain any cent, we waste a lot of time, and in the end, we give up losing a high potential. I can define two categories of people who want to make money online from home. The first one is related to any chance to get extra cash from any type of activity, the second one is about blogging and affiliate marketing.

Fast ways and scams

I guess you searched on Google many times the way to earn money online ultimate guide. What are the results? Many links are directed to sites that promise to make you rich in a few steps or guides with a list of legit ways. These two types of results don’t take you to success. Why? Because in the first case they propose systems to make you stay online hours to gain a few cents. Maybe you will never get those cents because the minimum payout is high. So you will waste time. The legit ways require work and not only. If you don’t have proper skills, all those opportunities will remain a dream.

how to earn money online ultimate guide


Just a couple of examples. Among the suggested ways to make money online from home in 2020, there are surveys. Yes, they pay you to answer questions. Easy, maybe even funny. Is it? You gave to them all your data, they learn from you about your habits and they give you points or a few cents per questionnaire. The minimum payout is very high, so you will gain not that much. Also, it is not sure that you are qualified to answer. It’s a time-losing system and the results are almost nothing.

Another example concerns the sites with lists of things to do to earn money online. They give you good ideas and tips, but how they work? They suggest writing books,  use marketplace platforms to be paid to build a website or write articles, and so on. It is true, you can earn, but do you have the skills to do that? Maybe not. You won’t earn or again you will be underpaid compared to the normal rates for those jobs. Just because they make high competition on prices offered to clients. Lower will be your rate and more tasks you will get.

Avoid scams with “how to earn money online ultimate guide”

If you want to learn how to earn money online ultimate guide you should pay attention to scams. Some people are getting smarter to steal money so they easily find different methods to take advantage of your trust. First of all, you should avoid any system that asks for money. Except for investments, the real and reliable ones, there is no reason to pay to earn. Don’t you agree?

Then when you need to present referrals to get the money earned for some tasks otherwise you can’t withdraw, go away. It’s a scam. I can write thousands of posts about the various tricks used by digital thieves, but it doesn’t worth it. Because the tip is one: every time you search for a new profitable option on how to earn money online ultimate guide, switch on your brain. Think about the reasons why they offer profit, how much is the income if you earn something, how much work is required, and how much you earn for that task. Be careful about the personal information you provide and never pay to earn.


Let’s go to the second category, I am part of it. The passion is our engine, we want to share experiences, knowledge, tips, and so on. But if we want to grow with the blog we need to face some expenses. That’s why we want to get some extra money. Then if we have success, I mean we get visitors and followers this activity can become profitable. In some cases, blogging is a job. So how to make money online from home through a blog?

There are mainly two methods: ads and affiliate marketing. To earn money from Google Ads or similar program hosting banners on your site you need tons of traffic. Affiliate marketing is a better way, but to obtain good results to make money online from home we need to apply SEO rules. It is better to proceed step by step. Yes, blogging is fun but it’s a hard job. So follow me in the next steps and you will understand why having a blog is good to earn money online.

How to earn money online ultimate guide: the blog

I suggest you set up a blog. Why? Because it gives you more options to learn from how to earn money online ultimate guide. At least if you don’t want to spend loads of money on advertisements. The only way to increase your income is to work properly on the web, at least if you want tangible results and get paid how much you deserve for your work. It requires time, but then you can grow and see the amount of money getting bigger. How? Before explaining the way it is important to understand why a blog is the best way to earn.

Why have a blog according to how to earn money online ultimate guide

If you want to make money online from home, I mean good money, you need to reach people, a lot of people. Traffic generates sales for any affiliate link. It doesn’t work so much just posting affiliate links on social profiles. Why? Because readers are searching for stories, for instructions, for tips, they need to solve a problem. So you have to write posts, also using images and videos, but mainly you have to tell something concrete. Help people, inspire them will give you more chances. Then social networks can help you to promote your blog posts.

Affiliate links instead of banners

Banners are working on websites with huge traffic as it happens with Google Ads and similar systems. You don’t earn so much just with impressions and clicks comes when many visitors see your pages. Affiliate links are better because they are not presented like advertisements on the page, but tips to solve a problem, get a better result, or take advantage of a good offer. It all depends on how you treat the topic, what you write.

You can insert them in the text connecting them to a phrase, a word. They are valuable for the argument and they need to be a source, a chance to go deep sending the reader on a page where to buy something that they may need. This is the goal and it works more than other ways to promote products and services as an affiliate. Keep in mind the people are more aware of the internet and advertisements, so they become exigent. You need to offer something useful and unique.

How to write successful posts

You will read everywhere the word “quality”. It is true, the quality of a post is essential and it is one of the keys to attract visitors and keep them on the site. But only these criteria are not enough. You can write the best text ever but if people don’t see it you wasted the time. You have two ways to follow. Obtain traffic organically or through ads, paying the promotion on search engines and social networks. In any case, you will need SEO optimization. Why? Because a good post with keywords, good readability, and optimized images will help you to improve your experience with search engines. 

Even if you want to invest your money in ads you need to work on SEO. In fact, while Google, Facebook, and other platforms will show your featured article you will also rank the position on search engines organically. It means more visitors, more clicks on affiliate links, and more sales. So you will earn commissions. This is the goal. To help you with SEO there are some plugins, like Yoast and Squirrly, but before starting to use them on a blog you need to build it and learn a strategy.

How to find keywords

Search Engine Optimization requires a lot of actions, but the starting point is the keyword. You can choose one or more. It is helpful also to plan paid ads. It is hard to find the proper one, not because of the text, but because of competition. If you want traffic you need to have your page in the first positions on search engines, possibly for more keywords. This guarantees you more success. You can use a lot of tools online, starting from Google Ads and Google Trends to search for keywords, but there is another great site that will help you more.

It is called Jaaxy and it gives a complete analysis for each keyword, suggesting the best ones. In fact, you can digit the word or the phrase and the system will give you a lot of different options. You will see how many searches there are monthly for each keyword, how many sites ranking for it. Then it gives you an indication of how much is easy to rank for it and the number of visits you can get every month if your page will be the first one.

Keyword tips

This platform is the best one I ever used. It is free for 30 searches, but they offer plans to make more or unlimited searches. I suggest you start for free and get the first results to upgrade. The amount of money you will spend worth it, especially because you will get more traffic, more sales, more commissions. It is a good investment. I also underline the importance to use longtail keywords, because it is easier to get the first position on search engines. Keep in mind that around 90% of people stop on the first result. So this is the way to get traffic.

Ads online

A fast way from how to earn money online ultimate guide through your blog is to promote it using paid ads. It can be a good way, but you should keep in mind that it is hard. There are more reasons I am not going to suggest this method. At least at the very beginning. Otherwise, you will waste money without results. Set up good ads is a job for experts, so you can make a lot of mistakes and don’t reach the audience you want. I tried and I had a lot of clicks, but then I saw the website where my ads were positioned by Google. Most of them were just high-traffic pages, easy to get clicks, but maybe not from people interested in a travel blog.

So a lot of visits, high bounce rate, no income. You need to know that people are also skipping the results on search engines when they read “ads”. Then there is a competition so how can you win the match on some keywords if they are used by big brands? They invest a lot of money, so to get results, more views, and more interested people you can’s spend $1 or even $50 per day and expect great results. So before considering ads try with organic traffic. More people will be happy to visit your pages because they match their goals.

How to create a blog to make money online from home 

I am maybe going too fast or I am not going deep into each step. There is a reason. I want to give you some tips to make you aware of the huge potential of a blog but also about the hardest part. This because I made the experience with my travel blog, so now I can share some hints. Well, let me make it simple with some points. Then I will introduce you to a course that helped me a lot. As I wrote at the beginning, it is a matter of strategy about how to earn money online ultimate guide.

Set up your blog

If you want to start blogging you need to follow precise steps to have success. It is important. When I was at the beginning I made a lot of mistakes because I had just the passion but no knowledge. I paid for them, I lost opportunities, and I am still working to fix something on my blog, even if I got very good results and I am growing.

What to do?

  1. Focus on your passions and knowledge to find the topic and the niche you want to write about. It is important to share knowledge so you need to be prepared and it has to be something that you like.
  2. Decide your audience. To choose the appropriate posts and writing. 

After these two steps, you can start to create your blog.

  1. Prepare a calendar to plan the post-writing. It will help you to organize your time and to take advantage of your audience’s habits. To be consistent and to publish articles according to a precise timetable to make your followers loyal.
  2. Choose a platform to create your blog. Pay attention to the design, it is important.
  3. Then focus on page speed, if it is slow to load you will lose traffic.

In the beginning, you can use the free domain to grow your blog. If everything goes well you should buy one and select a hosting platform to be independent, to install plugins, and to appear more professional. These elements affect the results. Again you can increase followers and sales through affiliate links.

You can post at least two or three times per week or even one per day. It’s up to you. Don’t overdo but also don’t reduce the frequency. Use SEO and then connect your blog to social networks, they will help you to increase the number of readers. It is useful especially Pinterest.

A strategy for bloggers

If you want to learn how to earn money online ultimate guide you need a blog, but it is not enough. All the steps and the tips I gave to you in the previous paragraphs need to be optimized. All of them should be united to work properly and obtain visibility. It is the only way to profit. So what do you need? A step-by-step course. I used and I learned a lot of things. That’s why I want to share it with you and to say something more about it. You will find all the answers you need to create your blog and earn money.

Wealthy Affiliate course

Do you want to make money online from home? Well, you need a blog and affiliate links. This is something I already told you. Also, I explained that you need a strategy to avoid any failure. That’s why I recommend you to follow a course. It is given through a platform called Wealthy Affiliate. I feel to share this information with you because it helped me a lot to have success online. It guides you through each step with texts, videos, and practice. I like a lot not only the training but also the tasks. You can proceed step by step following lessons and completing the checklist. In this way you don’t make mistakes, you learn and try immediately.

Then you become part of a community, so you can share ideas and also get some information from other’s experiences. I know, the question now goes to the cost. Is it for free or do you have to pay? The interesting part is that you can access the training and the platform for free. Then you can upgrade and pay a monthly fee to have more benefits, assistance, and some cool plus to improve your blog creation. You can start without paying anything and then join the premium version, so you do everything step by step and you get the first results only working on it without investing money.

Some tips

When you subscribe to the training you get an offer. For 7 days you can use some premium service, as the assistance. You can directly message the staff and get advice and help. Also, you will receive, if you join the premium version in the first week a discount for the first month. So you will save money and you will have access to the entire lesson. Plus you will get tools and support.

The program worth it, believe me. What I suggest to you, you will understand it reading the description in the next lines, is to use it as a free trial. So you can understand very well how it works for 7 days and then the last day you upgrade saving money and getting more benefits. Well, let me tell you more about Wealthy Affiliate. You will start in a while to make money online from home in 2020 thanks to the courses offered.

how to earn money online ultimate guide

To make money online from home is necessary to work hard

Let me remind you one more thing, especially to the ones who are searching for online reviews of Wealthy Affiliate.  You will find any type of opinion because the ones who write need to compare different services to get money from affiliate links. Or maybe you will read complaints from those who didn’t make any cent because at the end of the course he or she didn’t do anything more. If you think that at the end of the training and the Bootcamp on the platform you will become reach or simply you will start to make good money, stay away. Why?

Because the goal is to give you lessons to make the correct steps. Then the results depend on your work. You need to be consistent in writing posts, using the best affiliate links and SEO and promoting your posts online also through social networks. To earn you have to work and on the site, you will find all that you need to know how to do it. That’s it.

What is a Wealthy Affiliate?

It is a teaching platform, it could be defined as a university. There are video lessons, classrooms, interactive activities, tasks, and also the opportunity to get support from other “students”. You can attend live webinars and use a lot of tools to improve your skills and practice. Experts tell you how to choose the niche to be active with, how to create a website. Then they teach you to drive organic traffic and to monetize the site through the affiliate marketing model.

You will learn exactly how to make money online from home with a model that worked in the last years. And the same method is going to be even more important in the future. Of course, the staff makes updates, so you will always have the chance to be informed about news and opportunities for blogging and affiliate marketing. You will get what you need, then it will be up to you to take advantage of it.

Now it is good to focus on the features of free and premium versions. So you can go deep into the tools and knowledge offered by the platform.

how to earn money online ultimate guide

Wealthy Affiliate free membership

A free subscription means that you won’t pay anything, it is not just something said to convince you. It is true. Free. Why am I underlining this? Because, like you, I had the same problem. I was searching online for free sources and tools and after reading free I was going to enter a “trap”. Someone was asking for money, to buy something.

What will you obtain from the Wealthy Affiliate free membership?

  • Beginner training course
  • 2 websites to build for free following the step-by-step training
  • Phase 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp training (10 lessons)
  • Website backup
  • Videos walk-throughs
  • Affiliate program to use immediately to earn money and also access to lists and reviews of many affiliate programs divided by category
  • Keywords research tool – 30 searches

Plus for the first 7 days, you will get for free:

  • Live help 
  • 1-1 coaching 

Do you think this source to learn how to earn money online ultimate guide is cool? It’s free and useful! Anyway, check out what the premium version offers.

Wealthy Affiliate premium membership

Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate you will receive more than a basic course on how to make money online from home. You will be guided through each step to practice what you will learn. There are no limits to keep the free version. But why should you upgrade to the premium membership?

You will obtain, upgrade during your first week of free membership a special discount, so the first premium month will cost only $19. Before exploring the features let me focus a bit on the cost. There are more solutions. The fee for the first month is discounted, then you will pay according to this scheme.

  • Monthly – $49
  • 6 Months – $234 = $39/month = 20% off
  • 12 Months – $359 = $29.92/month = 39% off

Now you want to know what you will get in exchange for your money. Well, let’s go to Wealthy Affiliate features.

Premium tools

It is a better way to learn successfully how to make money online from home in 2020.

1. 50 websites

You will have the chance to build up to 50 sites to promote your affiliate links writing posts and publishing videos or images. They give you a server on the SiteRubix platform. 

2. Free hosting

When you have a blog with your own domain you need a hosting platform. Usually, the cost can be high, but thanks to Wealthy Affiliate Premium you won’t pay any fee. The feature you will obtain concerns the chance to build 25 websites with your own domain plus 25 free websites, all hosted on a platform with no cost for you. Everything is included in your monthly subscription rate.

I am sure you want to know exactly how will be the sites. You will have a huge chance to customize them and you will get:

  1. 30 GB website space
  2. Hosting speed – at Amazon c.3 large
  3. Instant DNS setup
  4. Unlimited domain email + unlimited data transfer
  5. A bandwidth of 500,000 visitors per month
  6. SSL, Spam protection features, and site speed

All are included in the fee you will pay monthly as a Wealthy Affiliate subscription.

3. All the training with full access

On the platform, you can attend two training courses with a lot of lessons. There are Online Entrepreneur Certification and Affiliate Bootcamp. Both of them are valid for any niche you want to work with. You will get also the 1 hour weekly webinars about various arguments. It is a good way to cover all your needs on how to earn money online ultimate guide. If you miss them, you can always watch replays in the database.

Then you have classrooms about Social Media use, content marketing, SEO, and so on. It is also included in your subscriptions the full and unlimited access to Jaaxy to search for the best keywords. Don’t forget that you will have full support 24/7 for any technical need. Not only the experts of Wealthy Affiliate plus the founders Kyle and Carson are available for you. In fact, there are more than 4 million users part of the WA community ready to share and help. It is a good way to build your online business.

As you can see, your investment worth it. To earn money is up to you, but you will be ready at the end of the course to develop successfully any business.

My experience and consideration of Wealthy Affiliate

As I wrote in the beginning, I was searching for a way to earn some money to cover the costs of the blog. But why don’t to earn more from my activity? Why don’t take the maximum benefit from affiliate links? Well, thanks to Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate I can do it.

After following different pieces of training I was skeptical about WA. I thought it was one more site ready to get money from bloggers. Like a scam. It was well presented and the features look more serious. But who knows, those guys are just more smart than others. Now, I can say that Wealthy Affiliate is serious and it works very well.

That’s why I am happy to invest my money. Plus I can also earn using the platform. Promoting their affiliate program (it is an opportunity but not mandatory) I get commissions and this means to easily pay the subscription plus get more cash for me. You can do the same so you start to earn money while you learn. Not bad!

Keep in mind that free members can earn commissions for referrals. But they can’t earn recurring commissions. Also, the paid amount for each new user is higher for premium members. This is another reason that convinced me to upgrade.

Affiliate program commissions

Actually, the program doesn’t pay you for each person you introduce to the platform. You earn if they upgrade their membership. So if you keep your free membership you will only earn in case your referral access to the premium version. Otherwise, you won’t get anything. I am telling you this just to make you aware, but you can make money online from home by just using the knowledge to work with other affiliate programs. If you want to try also WA affiliation, but focus on training. It is the way to reach the goal to earn online.

I do it like a premium member but I don’t limit my activity to this program. I can apply the knowledge to any other product or service to promote online. Not only. I select valuable products for my audience. Yes, I work with brands and companies I trust. It doesn’t make sense for me to promote something I don’t know or I don’t like. 

Is WA worthy?

This website is going to become better also thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. Lessons taught me how to work and how to be effective on the site. Then it is cool to have more websites to divide the topics. This remains the main one, but I can have other sites to practice more and to get success with specific arguments and affiliate links. 

I know you still have doubts. That’s why I invite you to try the free membership. You only need to give your name and email then you access the training plus for seven days to some premium services. Let me give you some data about the value of what you will receive from Wealthy Affiliate.

WA features value

For a better understanding, we can make a comparison with the most famous services. 

You will get 50 websites included in the $49 monthly fee. If you use Pressable the cost is $90 while with WP Engine you will pay $250. You can easily understand the value of the money you will save.

Included in the price you can count on bandwidth for 500k visitors per month, while on Pressable is about 100k and on WP Engine is about 400k monthly visitors. Then on WA, you can use the site builder, not present on the other two platforms. The same happens for Instant DNS Setup and Site Health that are two essential features for the website performances. Also on WA, you can count on unlimited email accounts. 

I guess it is quite easy now to understand the convenience of a Wealthy Affiliate. You can spend a small fee and get a lot of tools plus step-by-step training that will make you able to make money online from home.


Don’t forget that you will get great help to search for the best keywords for SEO. It is a professional tool that supports marketers in obtaining a high ranking on Google. Jaaxy is the feature that you need to drive traffic to the website to optimize your posts. It is included in the monthly subscription. If you use SEMrush you will spend $99,95 for the Pro version, $199,95 for the Guru version, and $399,95 for the Business version. This cost is per month. 

I save more money. Why? Because I pay the yearly subscription and this means that I spend $0,82 per day. I obtain good results, I don’t have to pay for ads to grow and I gain from my affiliate links. I easily pay Wealthy Affiliate costs and I earn some more money. The classes of Wealthy Affiliate made me able to reach important goals to make money online from home in 2020.

Reviews and experience

In this article, I want just to recommend a service that works well and was useful to me. I completely believe in the freedom to choose so you can try it or search for some online reviews. Just one thing about it. It is a tip that I want to give you because I had the same experience before.

When you want to try a new product or service you try to get all the information. So you will also find some negative reviews written by people who are not satisfied because instead of following the training they wanted to earn immediate money. Pay attention to the important thing and remember that you will learn how to do it, but you have to work.

What I get

Why do I say that Wealthy Affiliate work? Because following the training I started to apply the methods learned and my wallet was smiling. I earned more commissions. It is not immediate growth, but step by step I am getting a lot of positive results and I do not do other mistakes. My presence online is getting better.

Here you can see some of my results.

On Clickbank:

how to earn money online ultimate guide

On Admitad:

Then I am not the only one. There are a lot of people who share their great experiences with Wealthy Affiliate.

how to earn money online ultimate guide

how to earn money online ultimate guide

Final considerations: how to earn money online the ultimate guide

I hope now you have some more information to decide what to do. If you want to make money online from home you have to consider that people are becoming smarter in surfing the web. This means that an affiliate link in a simple post on social networks doesn’t work so well. Maybe less than 1% will click on your link and even fewer people will buy something. To sell something you need to catch the attention and convince them. That’s why you need a blog and a mailing list to send emails periodically.

To do that you need to work hard, but you also need a strategy. Wealthy Affiliate is the training that gives you all the knowledge you need. It is not the only one, maybe even not the best one. But among all the courses I attended this one is for me the best. It works, if you follow correctly the steps you can really apply the proper actions and monetize your activity on the web. This is the only way how to earn money online ultimate guide. Then millions of people are using it, so I am not the only one to think great things about this program. You can try it for free and then upgrade. Also if starting with the premium version makes it faster. And the affiliate program will allow you to earn money.

If you are searching for some more tips about my blogging experience, check out my posts.

Join Wealthy Affiliate here.

Get Your Free Account On WA Today

Extra tip

Do you want more advice from an expert affiliate marketer? It is a good and fast way to get the basics to set up your strategy. A clear plan with a proper method is the only tool that can help you making money online. Attend the free webinar by clicking here and then consider investing a bit of money in courses. You will repay them with your first commission on sold products or services. You won’t regret it and you will count huge money.

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