How to earn money on Clickworker jobs

How to earn money on Clickworker: easy, fast, and reliable

It is hard to search for reliable online opportunities to get extra cash. You have been looking for an activity or a second job to improve your monthly budget but without good results. I have a good solution for you, I personally tried to help you in deciding. Learn how to earn money on Clickworker with easy tasks. The offered program by this German company is quite similar to Amazon mTurk and it proposes to work on various projects in many languages. The amount of money paid for a single task is not that huge, but considering that they are a lot and you can do them quickly, you can erase the earning part. There is a huge potential to get interesting sums of money.

Good earnings on Clickworker

If you like freelance jobs, here you can find exactly what you want. There are a lot of tasks to be done and each of them requires generally a few seconds or minutes, so you can get from a few cents to 2 or 3 dollars. They also require different mother tongue workers to accomplish specific jobs offered by companies who want to reach an audience in certain countries. This is a good chance because you don’t need necessarily English skills. Each task has instruction and it explains also how much you can earn. Upfront you can see also the amount of money you have earned with all tasks done. Generally, Clickworker jobs pay from $3 to $25 per hour, it depends on the single offer and of course on your abilities.

how to earn money on Clickworker

You can work from home and get paid, as much as much time you can spend online with a laptop or mobile. You don’t have to use the site as a unique and primary source of income. It is a good way to start and to get your first money online, or to add it to different activities. This is because there are thousands of workers to compete for the best projects. Even if there are a lot of tasks others can be connected at the right moment or they are faster and they get jobs. Anyway, activate email notifications and stay connected also through the Clickworker app. You need some tips to learn how to earn money on Clickworker, so I am going to guide you with hints to get around $200-$300 per month working in total for 20 hours.

How to start on Clickworker

Before you begin your activity on the platform you must verify requirements. No, it isn’t about skills, but it concerns the equipment. Clickworker jobs are made for different types of devices, but some of them want Internet Explorer browsers. So if you have a Windows computer or laptop you already have it, while if you have a Mac computer you may find trouble to accomplish some tasks, this means fewer opportunities. 

If English is your mother tongue or you have good skills in speaking it, well, it is very good. But don’t worry, there are opportunities also for tasks in other languages. For instance, I did some jobs registering or listening to sentences in Italian. They are worldwide, so you can find chances in many languages, just keep in mind that English is the main one so for more tasks you should know it. But even basic knowledge can be enough for some tasks.

In case you are searching for a way to improve your English skills to earn more on Clickworker, I can suggest an online course. It is an efficient method to get all that you need to accept jobs on the website. Coursera helps you to learn fast and effectively the English language and you can choose the level you need. Comprehension skills will be tested before accessing certain assessments, so a course is a good idea. You will earn more and faster.

Now, let’s see how to start on the platform. Follow all the steps and you will get inside in a while and immediately you will be able to browse projects and get tasks.

Clickworker registration

Visit the Clickworker website and click on the sign-up button (register). Select the part “Earn money online” because the other one is dedicated to employers. Fill the registration form with your data and access to the account. You have to complete the information to set your profile, visible to companies for assessments, and also all the data about your fiscal status for the payments so you can get money.

Basic information

What do you need to provide to register? You have to give your name, email address, mailing address. Then wait for an email for confirmation and click the given link. At that moment you access the platform and you have to provide Iban for bank transfer or PayPal address. Then it is required, for tax duties, to give your fiscal code or any reference needed for the payment papers. Keep in mind that bank transfer is made once per month, while PayPal transfer is made once per week. The minimum payout is €5. Just consider it while you have to decide the method. You will get another email with a click for the confirmation. This happens any time you change data.

How to earn money on Clickworker jobs contacts


If you want to get more money you need to qualify for better jobs. Assessments will be a good opportunity but they need to test your basic skills. On the top of the page with the dashboard, you can see the Assessments column. Click and follow instructions when chances are available.


Once completed the account form to fix all the requirements to work and get paid you have to work on the public profile. Employers can see it and give you tasks to accomplish. It is a window to show your abilities. You can upload your picture, write down a brief description about you, then fill in the parts dedicated to spoken languages, skills, hobbies, and know-how. The more skills you have the more chances to get hired for better-paid jobs you will have. This part will be useful to see what are the best assessments for you or at least if you are eligible for them. 

How to earn money on Clickworker: best-paid opportunities

The site dashboard allows you access to all available tasks and generally, there is no need to qualify, but just to do it. Anyway, those opportunities are less paid. If you want to know how to earn money on Clickworker you need to focus on assessments and UHRS. Don’t worry, I am going to explain what they are and how they work. You need to pass a test if you want to get this chance and make more money.

How to earn money on Clickworker jobs

How to earn money on Clickworker: assessments approach

Once you filled the profile and completed all the forms with data you are ready to get assessments from companies. Click the proper link on the top of the page to open the list. You will see immediately text that says “Available Base Assessments” That means the list of the prerequisite tests you need to pass to qualify for good-paying jobs. Start the exam listed in the area, if there aren’t just wait when they will share them with you, and show your ability. They may concern different competencies, but you need only to follow the instructions. If you have enough skills it won’t be a problem. 


When you complete the test you access to other two exams listed under the Base Assessments Additional Pre-Requisite columns. Go for them. It will be a bit harder to pass them, step after step difficulty increases, but this is the way to earn more. Focus on them, it is not impossible to pass them, so don’t worry, just pay attention to requirements. Don’t expect all tests available at the same moment, you may need to wait for at least 24 hours before seeing them.

Take time to face the tests because you will need 2 or 3 hours to finish all of them. It will be important also to check your internet connection, If something goes wrong you can’t go back. There is only one chance to complete the work, so you can’t stop or do it again later. It will need also for the UHRS System, but keep in mind that you need to set up a Hotmail email using your Clickworker ID as name (example: It is important to complete all the assessments and also it will be useful to use Internet Explorer as the browser. The others may not work properly.

This part is optional, you can just use the Clickworker jobs, but it is an opportunity to make more money, that’s why you should consider and at least try with tests.

How to earn money on Clickworker: UHRS System on Clickworker

Exams are required also to access the UHRS System that gives you more opportunities and especially more money. It depends on the tasks, but most are asking simple web search and they pay a few cents for each hit. You can earn fast and easy jobs. It is necessary to follow the steps already described. So you will have to use Internet Explorer as a browser because everything is designed for that. Chrome doesn’t work very well and Safari doesn’t work at all with it.

From your Clickworker dashboard, you can access directly UHRS by clicking the button. Login with your Live ID created with the Hotmail address. You can use it if you pass the basic English tests. Once logged in you will see the list of all jobs and you can choose. To learn instructions, you need to make an exercise like a small test to do the task correctly. It is also possible to stop and to continue progress are automatically registered. By completing a single task you earn money.

Exercises are like qualification tests, so pay attention to requirements and do them correctly. Only passing the majority of them you will be allowed to work on the join. But if you qualify, that will be valid for all similar jobs in the future and you won’t need to do it again. If you have difficulties you can do it again, but there are limits to the number of times, so be careful. When you finish and you are qualified, just click the button “Start Judging” and you will immediately go to the work.

How to earn money on Clickworker: steps to do selecting HitApps to work and qualify

1. Qualification is important to have the chance to earn more money on Clickworker. This means that you need to pay attention and if you are not sure about the answer, skip the question. Why? Because if correctness is important, be fast is essential.

2. Use the Preview link provided to check out the answers to the qualification, they are sometimes given.

3. Rates for HitApps jobs start from $0.03 per hit but there are higher rates according to different tasks. Pass the qualifications and you will have good chances.

4. The system can make mistakes and a correct answer can be registered as wrong. Skip to the next question and don’t lose time. Don’t worry, it happens rarely and you need to pass the majority of questions not all of them.

Be careful

5. Never give random answers because the system will detect it and you will be excluded. So if you want to earn money on Clickworker take it seriously.

6. Be fast because that it counts and there are other people around the world taking the same tasks, but never compromise the accuracy, otherwise, you will lose money. Complete the jobs correctly and more chances will be available for you at increasing rates.

7. At the beginning don’t limit yourself to a certain type of task, try all of them to take confidence with all the jobs required and with the platform. Maybe you will see some lower-paying jobs, do them, you will improve your skills and your abilities in terms of accuracy and speed.

8. Keep in mind that rates recognized are related to the difficulty of the task. So you may earn easily with low rates and faster. In the beginning, it can be better to choose them to get money, then you can focus on harder jobs and increase earnings.

Clickworker App

The platform is usable online but also via App, so you can have it on all your devices and do jobs from everywhere. This is true, but you should keep in mind that there are different types of tasks. So some of them require even to try authentication systems for apps and websites. They require to work with desktop computers, laptops, or mobile app for iOS or Android systems. It is always specified and you need to fulfill requirements if you want to accomplish the task. So check out the minimum requirements of your devices and install the App. You can log in with your Clickworker credentials.  Then verify what the jobs ask and use the proper device.

How to earn money on Clickworker: payment

Now there is an important part you want to know, especially if you want to learn how to earn money on Clickworker. How will you get paid? As I mentioned in the beginning you have to give them all your data, including fiscal code or VAT. Well, there are specific rules. Let’s go step by step.

Once you have earned € 5 (minimum payout) you get money to your account. If you choose PayPal they transfer money each week between Wednesday and Friday, otherwise, if you choose the bank transfer they will pay you one per month between the 7th and 8th of the following month. In this case, the minimum payout is €10. You have to verify the specific requirements also for methods related to different countries.

The listed Clickworker jobs have always a page with requirements and instructions, included the payment details. In fact, generally, the amount earned for the accomplished task is payable after 7 days, but it may need more time and it is specified. For UHRS jobs earnings are payable after 28 days. So keep it in mind when you accept a job.

At the end of the year, you receive the tax form from Clickworker, but you need to earn at least $600 or the equivalent in your currency, otherwise, you don’t have to claim the income on your taxes. I invite you to verify the updated rules for your country because laws are different and the platform follows them.


I have to mention the support service. Due to some problems I had accessing the application, I contacted the assistance to ask for help. They answered me after a few hours and they wanted to have some more information. We had an exchange of messages in the following days and their tips were useful to solve the issue. The answer in a few hours or a few days according to the number of requests they have. I can tell that they are supportive and ready to investigate any problem suggesting or searching for the best solution. This is not so common among make-money platforms and neither on marketplaces. Try it!

Conclusions about Clickworker jobs

You are ready to earn money on Clickworker, you know all that you need to start and to get your first payment. It is easy and quite fast, you won’t become reach, but you can earn up to a few hundreds of euros or dollars per month working just 5 or 6 hours per week. It depends on you. I suggest you explore the better by yourself the platform to know how it works and what are the jobs you prefer to do.

More profit

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If you are looking for another way to earn some money, take a look at my tips about online profit (serious and legal way) or go to all my make money guides. Read also the list of free ways to get extra cash on the internet. Don’t forget to share this post!

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