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House Sitters trusted: earn huge money to travel

You are reading this post because you are searching for a way to get an extra income to travel. I have a proposal for you. House sitters trusted are becoming popular among travelers, you should be one of them. Why? Because a lot of homeowners need someone who can take care of their home while they are away. It’s a good and profitable job. Who goes on holiday or travel often for work reasons has a problem: who can check the habitation and keep it safe from thieves?

The answer is easy! A sitter for the domicile. To avoid any risk, to collect mail, to keep the place cleaned, and also to take care of pets. These are some of the tasks given to this person. The homeowners can travel safely and know that when they will be back, the place will be as they left it before the trip. Of course, they pay for this service. For job seekers, it is also a way to travel for free. It is not required to live in the area.

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How does house sitting work?

Now it’s time to go deep into the features of this job. It is a good way to earn extra income to travel, but you need to be prepared. Not all of us are ready to work in this field. It’s not hard, but you must be patient, and also you need to be able to adapt yourself. Then if you think to be the right person for this type of activity register to a platform.

Online is full of websites that offer house sitters trusted directories. Subscribe to one of them is surely the best way to start. Because the homeowners are going to search there. You can be visible and you will be selected by the ones interested in your profile. Among the various platforms, I recommend House Carers. I had the chance to use it as a homeowner and I got a very good service.

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House Sitters trusted and House Carers

This directory is, first of all, a list of people ready to take care of the habitations of clients. Not only. The platform offers the chance for homeowners and sitters to meet each other. The first ones host the second ones so they can take care of the place when the owners are away. Not only who has a house can travel because the sitters can give the service in another country. They only need to know English or some other languages and be qualified to keep well the house and the pets. That’s why it is important to find trusted people.

I always need to organize myself to travel. Because I have a quite big house and no relatives close to me. Who can check my house while I travel? The people listed on the platform are the best solution. That’s why I use Home Carers. Now for me to be far from home it’s not anymore a problem. I feel safe because someone is present in my house. Who is coming to me taking care of my home?

Workers or travelers?

If I let another person entering my house, I need to be sure about the integrity of that person. House Carers help me in this direction. They do the main selection, then I have the chance to go deeper to know better the “candidates”. Who are they? People who want to do this job are most of the time travelers. They have the chance to stay in a place without paying for it.

No rent in exchange for the service given to homeowners. A person can go around the world, meet locals, go deep into the local culture. In the meantime, he or she has to work a bit keeping the house, collecting the mail, and so on. Naturally, the relationship between the owner and the sitter is based on trust. That’s why it is important for the job done by the platform that gives the service. Let’s see how it works.

How house-sitting works

Before checking how the service is useful for the workers, it is useful to analyze the part for homeowners.

The service and the homeowners

Can I trust a house sitter? This is the main question for homeowners. I asked for my first time. Of course, you let a stranger enter your house. The world is full of people who are living in doing it. The owner has the task to select the person. It is possible to interview the candidate and to do all the checks through the platform. Certainly, it is necessary to be careful, because in the house you let a worthy computer, maybe some cash, and so on. House Carers take care of each detail for this reason.

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They are working on a worldwide base helping homeowners to find the proper person. And also to help who is searching for a job like this to find a good opportunity. Who wants to get this service doesn’t have to pay anything to subscribe to the platform. They get access to the website and search for the house sitter in the directory. Many criteria can be used to make the first selection of candidates. Alternatively, they can post an announcement and wait to be contacted by interested people who will take care of the habitation.

I started writing what I needed, giving also some details about the tasks and the type of person wanted. Mainly I was searching for experienced people. Around ten persons answered my announcement. Then I started to go deep to find the best one. In the end, the platform was also useful to prepare the contract. They have forms and guides to support homeowners and who will take care of their homes in finding a deal.

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The service for workers/travelers

What does the house sitter do? This is the question made by all who want to work in this field. Well, the answer is complex. Why? Because it depends on the homeowner’s requests. That’s why it is important to be clear from the beginning and go for details during the first contact between the employer and the employee. The work for who is available to keep clean and safe the place is based on different activities, decided by the owner of the house. They can water plants and flowers, pay the bills, cut the grass, feed pets, and do minor maintenance and surveillance work.

For example in Italy, especially in Tuscany, many people are searching for someone who takes care of B&B when owners have a bit of rest. They close the activity for a few weeks and someone is going to take care of the structure. Or they want some help to manage the guests in the low season. The tasks are to work at the reception, to take care of guests, and so on.

The platform is available for those who want a job in this field. They have to fill the profile to be present in the directory. It is possible to get in touch with some homeowners, but the free subscription has some limits in terms of contracts and contacts. The cost is 50 USD per year, so not that much to have the chance to sign more contracts and to visit more places. This amount of money is small, but it is useful to show seriousness and real interest by aspirant house sitters trusted.

The way to make money

Among the various websites of this sector, House Carers is the one that takes care also of animal lovers. Special attention is dedicated to the homeowners who need to leave at home their pets. So people who want to work also with animals can find great opportunities on the platform. But I know that you have one more question. Because you are reading this post for your interest to get an extra income to travel. So how much can you earn in doing this activity?

Before answering, I want to remind you that it is included the stay in the house. So this means that you can travel and save money. Plus you receive an average amount of money: 25-45 USD per day. It depends on the country, the tasks, and some other factors. You don’t spend, you have some time for tourism and you get paid. What do you think? Is this work suitable for you and your travel passion? If you want to go deep, I suggest you visit House Carers now.


If you are searching for a good way to earn cash and travel this is your chance. At least, it is a way to start and get extras for your trips or your bill. The platform is helpful, especially because it works verifying people and helping them with contracts. So trust is essential. Both parts will be guaranteed. 

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