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House sitter: a solution for homeowners and job seekers

I love to travel, but I am worried all the time to leave the house. My solution is called “house sitter“. Everyone accepted the fact that the days of leaving your door unlocked are over. The rise of crime is affecting everyone, not just those who live in larger cities. Homes in rural areas are being targeted like never before. Due to the opportunity, a secluded area provides to the burglar. Statistics tell us that theft of property is among the highest of all personal crimes committed in the United States. The situation is not much different in other countries.

While many families do install some type of house alarm, this alone does not bring complete peace of mind. Home alarm devices can be disabled by a crafty intruder. These facts alone would explain why many people are turning to house sitting directories. To help them find a house sitter when they need to be away from home for an extended time. Hiring a house sitter is a way to fight against those risks. The presence of a human is the main deterrent to a burglar. When you have a house sitter come into your home to live while you are away, you can almost be guaranteed your home will not be targeted by a thief or vandals.

House sitter gives you benefits

Safety is the number one reason people are seeking out a house sitter. But there are many other reasons why I and many others considered this type of service. Among the benefits, the first one concerns pets. They are saved the cost and worry of boarding their pets while they are away. Pets are happier when they are left in their environment and kept on their usual routines. Also, many pet owners find they are not able to enjoy their vacation when they are forced to leave their pets at a kennel.


For the individual or family who has to relocate for months at a time, having a house sitter greatly reduces the stress upon a family pet. And the money that is saved from boarding fees can be astounding. A house sitter can see the many diverse needs of your pet. Fox example feeding, walking, grooming, playing, and health monitoring. People that do have to be away from home for an extended time are finding it is much easier to have a house sitter come and live in their home. Rather than renting out their house or imposing on family or friends to come by to tend to the day-to-day issues.

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House management

A house sitter can do tasks such as checking mail, routine lawn maintenance, home repair, and more. Having a house sitter can bring assurance that when you return from your travels you will still find healthy house plants or gardens. And also that your goldfish is still alive! Your house sitter saves you the expense of arranging for pool and lawn maintenance while you are away, as well. A house sitter is also invaluable if a major problem arises within your homes, such as a leaking water heater or storm damage.

So, how does one go about finding a house sitter? The safest way to locate a house sitter is to go through a house sitting directory. Here you can find a house sitter which can meet your needs. Standard guidelines for a house sitter generally include them taking responsibility for your home, pets, and property in exchange for rent-free accommodations. Other individual needs can also be added to your house sitter guidelines such as arranging for them to supervise a major home repair while you are away.

Who is the house sitter?

You may be wondering who does house-sitting? You may be surprised to learn many individuals become house sitters because it allows them to save money on their living expenses. This enables them to save money for their own homes. Other house sitters may be retirees who are looking for a change of environment after years of work, or they wish to relocate to your area to be near relatives. A few individuals who are temporarily relocated due to their employment may also look into house sitting. House sitters are everyday people just like you and me.

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It is usually standard that the house sitter will be responsible for paying the utility bills while you are away. This takes the worry off a homeowner who is concerned about coming home to a large phone or electric bill. All other bills, such as taxes, mortgage, and home insurance is still the responsibility of the owner. When you contact a house-sitting directory you will have access to their database of registered house sitters. Registration for homeowners is usually free with most directories. Your privacy is assured, and your personal information will not be given out to any prospective house sitter. You alone decide when you are comfortable with a house sitter and are open to having him or her know your personal information.

The selection

When selecting your house sitter, you should only choose one that can meet all of your criteria. Once you have narrowed down your choices, you will be given references for the candidates. This is an important part of the process when selecting a house sitter. Many times you will be able to talk with other homeowners who may have used this individual as a house sitter in the past.

Once you have decided upon a possible candidate, you will want to interview them. During the interview, you will want to let them know what you desire from them when they are living at your home. This is when you can tell them about your pets, home maintenance such as a pool, mowing, or shoveling snow. This is also when you can get to know the personality and character of your prospective sitter.

Animal Lover

You need to be assured you are having an animal lover come into your home if you have pets. It would be unreasonable to have someone come into your home who is allergic to cats if you have one for a pet. Also, if someone is fearful of animals, your dog may not get as much interaction as they need.

The contract for a house sitter and homeowner

When you have chosen the house sitter you are comfortable with, you should have a contract drawn up. This contract can be obtained through most house sitting matching services, or you may prefer to have your family attorney draw it up. This contract needs to be as detailed as possible. It should thoroughly contact information, etc. If you would like to have a major home project completed, such as having someone come in to clean your gutters or replace your windows while you are away, you should have all the details included in your contract.

It is advised that you have a face-to-face interview with your house sitter. Or at least have them arrive a few days early so you can show them particular things about your home. While they are there, you can familiarize him or her with aspects of your home. Such as window that likes to stick, or how to program the alarm system. This is also a great time for your house sitter to interact and make friends with your pets. They can see the routine of your pet throughout the day. This will help them tremendously.

An example for you

For instance, if you have a dog that does nothing but sleeps all day behind the recliner, your house sitter will know this is normal and not a sign of illness. However, if you have a dog that bounces off the ceiling and he or she is laying around in a stupor all day, your house sitter will know this is out of character for that particular pet.

Mutual help

The peace of mind a house sitter can bring to you when you are away from home is priceless. Using a house sitting matching service is also the safest and speediest route to take when looking for someone who takes care of the place where you live. Both the homeowner and house sitter benefit from these matching services. The sitters can enjoy being in a new area while saving money for school or home. A retiree is particularly pleased to be chosen for this role. Becoming a house sitter allows them an opportunity to travel to a place where their fixed income may not have afforded them to visit otherwise.

Homeowners can be assured they are not imposing on a family, friend, or neighbor to watch over their home. The comfort level that a house sitter can bring to a pet is also a major plus. This type of worker not only helps deter your home from being the target of a burglary, but they step into your shoes and take care of the small things on a day-to-day basis.

The platform of the house sitter

Since I don’t have someone that can take care of my house meanwhile I travel, I searched for a solution. I found House Carers, a platform that offers more than a directory. They give a proper service to support homeowners and house sitters in meeting each other. They list people and needs. You only need to register and then make your search. The House Sitting Directory gives also a lot of advice, so you can easily find the right person. Then you can get suggestions for the contract. 

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Some experts select a house sitter before putting her or him on the list. It won’t be necessary anymore for you to call a cousin to check your house or to move into your home. You will travel safe and when you’ll return, everything will be as you left. The Directory is full of details to help you to choose the best person for your house according to your needs. The geographical coverage is really big.

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Membership for a house sitter

All the homeowners can join the platform for free and search for their new house sitter. There is a free membership also for workers, but with some limits. If you want to work properly and get more contracts it’s better to upgrade to Paid (Full) membership for US$50.00. This will allow you to read secure messages sent by Homeowner members. 

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