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My hotel experiences around the world with my reviews prepared for you.

Luxury in Bucharest

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is increasing the number of tourists and it offers high quality and luxury services, starting from the hotels and the restaurants. The country was well know around Europe as one of the main destination of the companies coming from West of EU, but now many visitors are spending their holidays. Many airline companies decided to establish new lines to Bucharest.

There are a lot of attractions in all the country. In the city there are a lot of ancient buidings and monumets, starting from Arcul de Triumf, the Palace of Parliament, the second biggest building in the world, the Village Museum, the different historical and important squares as Piata Universitatii, Piata Romana, Piata Victoriei. Then there are the Cretzulescu Church, the Romanian Atheneum and the Architecture House. Really lovely it is also the old town, full of bars, restaurants and places where to live the night in all seasons.

Outside Bucharest there are a lot of beautiful castles and amazing lakes, it deserve a bit of time to take a good tour of the different regions of Romania, but the tourists will be really satisfied. Stay in the city is comfortable, especially because of the various offer of the hotels. Among the best accomodations of Bucharest, Anasa tried for you Intercontinental Hotel.

It is located in the heart of the city and it is based in a modern and very tall building, close to the famous University Square. The staff is very welcoming and kind, ready to help the guests in all their needs. They are able to provide many services, starting from the private transfer from and to the airport. The concierge gives the advices to visit the city and to find places where to eat or to have fun.

The luxury rooms have a balcony from where to enjoy a marvellous view of the all city from the top. Anasa had the chance to stay in a corner room at the second-last floor and from there the panorama was amazing, especially to see the Palace of the Parliament all enlighted during the evening. The room was so spacious and well equipped, with a very good Wi-Fi connection and a minibar with various beverages and snacks.

Inside the hotel there is a Club Lounge dedicated to the clients of deluxe rooms and suites, where to relax, have meetings, read, work and have breakfast or a light meal during the day. There is also a wellness area with a superb spa. Guests can also live good experiences at the Intermezzo Piano Bar, the Corso Brasserie and the Modigliani Restaurant.

In the restaurant the service is excellent, as the international food prepared and served in a superb way. The various menu can satisfy any needs.  There are also rooms for the event, but also during celebrations there is no noise because there is a very good soundproofing.















Imperial Hotel & Restaurant: a luxury stays in Vilnius

Imperial Hotel & Restaurant is my choice and I am writing this post after different times spend in this accommodation.

Baltic countries became in the last years one of the favorite destinations in Europe for travellers. In the Lithuanian capital, there is a perfect place to stay: Imperial Hotel & Restaurant. It’s a very good structure where I go to sleep every time I go to Vilnius.

In recent time Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia conquested their independence and developed themselves fast, especially in the IT sector. Of course, that is not the reason for tourism to visit those countries, but historic buildings and nature are the real attractions.

The reason is not even a hotel. Anyway, every traveler needs a place where to stay during their tour. Here it is possible to find a combination of elegance, tradition, and luxury. Hospitality starts from a very kind staff.  

Lithuania has beautiful landscapes in the middle of nature, but also many beautiful buildings. If you like castles, Vilnius is the places from where to start your tour. You should consider spending a few nights in the capital before to go to visit the rest of the country. Not far from the city there are magnificent lakes.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania is lovely, starting from the Gate of Dawn built in XVI century. The Church of Saint Anne and the Cathedral Square, with the building dedicated to the President of Lithuania house, are marvelous examples of ancient architecture. In the center, there is Gediminas Castle, built in the XIV century and still in great conditions. Not far from Vilnius tourist can spend time visiting the amazing Trakai lake and go up to the northern part of the country, where the suggestive Crosses Hill is waiting for travellers and faithful.

Imperial Hotel & Restaurant: VIP accommodation

Luxury is certainly part of the offer dedicated to tourists in Vilnius. In the city, I have been at Imperial Hotel & Restaurant, former Ramada. Most of the international VIP who goes to the city prefer this accommodation, because of the spacious and elegant room. And also, there is a  great service offered to all guests. The rooms are furnished with antiques and modern equipment as minibar, flat-screen TV and Wi-Fi.

I have been there several times and I used a room and then a suite. The second type is very big, with the bedroom separated by the lounge. The living room includes a small kitchen. The comfort is part of the very warm welcome that the hotel reservations for all the guests. The staff is available to answer to any needs of the clients.

The standards of the structure and the service provided are very high. The room rates are not expensive and very well related to luxury features. Staff is used to serve VIP and this means that employees are discrete and ready to answer to any request. This is important when you want to organize a perfect break in the city. Toiletries and slippers are part of the room equipment. The same for a furnished minibar with a bottle of champaign.


A particular mention must be dedicated to the sumptuous breakfast. Lithuanian and international habits can be easily satisfied in the superb dining room. Fresh salmon never miss from the table. The restaurant offers a very good gourmet experience. The elegant setting of the dining room is cool, but also the courtyard is amazing, at least to drink something during the warm season. You are in the city center but quiet is one of the features. 

It is easy to eat and drink inside the Imperial Hotel & Restaurant. Because the Bar California and the Imperial Restaurant are open to welcome the guests for a break, lunch, and dinner. The five stars accommodation is located behind one of the main squares in Vilnius. It is a few minutes walking distances from the opera and the city hall. In the area is full of shops, restaurants, bar, and entertainment.

Plan the trip

If you want to visit Vilnius I suggest you search for a flight on Infobus. The platform offers the best deals for planes, buses, and trains. To book a room at the Imperial Hotel & Restaurant you can use Booking, the best rates are there. In summer it’s not too hot, meanwhile, in winter it’s common to see the snow. So you can go there all year, in each season the landscapes offer beautiful shows.

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Finest boutique hotel in Prague

My break in Prague with my friend took me in the end in the finest boutique hotel. The decision was taken after a discussion between the hotel and the apartment. For a few days of relaxing stay in a luxury place with a familiar stay and all the services won on the independence of the apartment. I am satisfied with the accommodation because it is really a marvelous place that I suggest to go.

In past I used Sheraton and it is a great hotel, not so big and located in a quiet area 15 minutes walking distance from Charles Bridge.  The finest boutique hotel offers anyway a friendly space in a unique setting, not comparable with any other structure. It is called Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa. The furniture, the details, and the staff are surely the strength of this hotel.

The finest boutique hotel and its features

I had really a pleasant stay. What did my opinion very high? There are many elements that I evaluated. This finest boutique hotel is located quite close to Charles Bridge, so to the river. It is like five minutes walking distance. There is a very small square in the middle of small streets whit the hotel entrance. It is almost in front of US Embassy. It appears like a very quiet place. The building is a former-bourgeoise house. The structure perfectly restored and kept became hotel, open to the travelers in 2006.

The setting is in baroque style, reminding the past of the palace. The furniture is very well selected to create a refined ambiance. These aspects are easily visible getting into the finest boutique hotel, but there is something more. The staff, starting from the reception, is very welcoming and they are giving tailor-made assistance. The support to every request looks like to be part of a long relation, also if you booked a room for the first time. Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa offers particular rooms.

The rooms

About the room I had I have to say that it is beautiful, clean with a very comfortable bed. Space is above the usual standards among the hotels and each detail is kept in high consideration. Also, the bathroom was large with a powerful shower. Lovely decor is spread everywhere and to sleep in the finest boutique hotel was an incomparable experience.

The room of the finest hotel boutique in Prague has a baroque style, but it is fully equipped with all the modern amenities and with luxury toiletries. Among the features of each room, there are safe, air conditioner, plasma TV, DVD and CD player, WiFi, Mini-bar. Thanks to the location of the hotel guests can sleep easily because there is no noise from outside.


Included in the rate of the room there is breakfast. Therefore you should enjoy the first meal of the day offered by Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa. It is not only a matter of money but especially it is because of the food. There is a great variety of salty and sweet dishes, prepared according to high-quality standards. You will be delighted, I am sure of it. Do you like to taste local food? If yes try the finest boutique hotel restaurant.

We went to the restaurant one evening and we had delicious traditional dishes. Traditional meal and very good service provided by the professional staff. Aquarius Restaurant is not so big and decorated in perfect baroque style. They offer also Italian cuisine, but as Italian, I want to taste something different. The finest boutique hotel has also the Café Barocco Veneziano, where to taste some hot drink like chocolate with superb sweets during the day.


One of the amenities of Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa is the spa area, modern and very relaxing. It is in the historical cellars of this finest boutique hotel in Prague. They offer different amenities and also a good variety of treatments for body and face. You can also ask for manicure or pedicure. If you just search for some relax, as it was for us after some parties for the New Year’s Eve, the Health Club is the proper place where to spend some hours. Steam bath, swimming pool with waterfall and the sauna are ready to help you to recover energy.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful city of Prague, the finest boutique hotel Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa is the right place, especially to start your exploration of the capital. There are many attractions to visit, but also cool bars and restaurants where entertainment is an art. Stay tuned to read my next posts about the capital of the Czech Republic.



The room

Atlantis The Palm Dubai: your huge holiday in Dubai starts from the number 1

Is Dubai on your wish list? Well, I really suggest to visit it. Because this destination is really amazing. I have also some tips for you regarding the accommodation. Atlantis The Palm Dubai is the perfect hotel to spend a special time in the city. Yes, I know it, because I did the same. When you go to Dubai you can choose different options. But the main feature is luxury. Anywhere. So you dream in one hand. But on the other hand, you are really worried about the room rates. I have a solution for you.

First of all, I have to explain to you my online research. And then my direct experience. Planning my trip I was searching for a luxury hotel. And of course, I got immediately a huge list. So I decided to focus on rooms (judging by images), services offered, location and prices. Those four criteria were my pathway to find the best solution for my stay. They were useful to select Atlantis The Palm Dubai.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai: features online

I used some search engines dedicated to hotels, then I visited directly the websites. It was easy to find luxury and also big hotels. Even if this one was not my preference. A list of features given by this hotel on its website hit me. What? On the main page of Atlantis The Palm Dubai I have read:

  • 1,539 guest rooms with spectacular views of the Arabian Sea or The Palm and Dubai Skyline
  • Added value benefits worth over AED 3,000 per day inclusive
  • The Lost Chambers Aquarium is home to over 65,000 marine animals
  • Aquaventure Waterpark, the number one water park in the Middle East and Europe
  • Preferential rates to swim with dolphins at Dolphin Bay
  • World-class cuisine in over 20 restaurants and bars
  • The Zone for teens and Atlantis Kids Club for children of 3 – 12 years
  • Over 25 luxury retail boutiques and jewelers
  • 14 meeting rooms totaling 5,600 sqm of the convention facility
  • Atlantis is a true culinary destination with some of the best restaurants in Dubai
  • Over 90% of interconnecting rooms
  • Over a kilometer of pristine beach, Atlantis boasts the most pristine beachfront in all of Dubai, with unrivaled views of The Palm and the Dubai skyline

Some of these elements were really cool for me. Like the view from the rooms, the aquarium, the restaurants, and the beach. That’s why I explored more the website of the hotel to know more.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai: rooms

The five-star hotel, as you have read, has a big number of rooms. I immediately noticed a couple of good offers. The Signature suite offered with an interesting discount and the Imperial Club, related to suites use. There are different types of rooms, also dedicated to families. A family with kids find in Atlantis The Palm Dubai real heaven. But my visit was not family related. So among the various proposals, I focused on suites, to have more comforts. Obviously, the price is a bit higher than the other rooms. But thanks to discounts and added service or credit it is more convenient to choose a suite.

I felt like a kid when I saw the Underwater suite. You can see fishes swim in the sea, like in an aquarium. Everything is in front of the bed. And also in front of the bathtub. This is really a great experience. On the Atlantis The Palm Dubai website you can not only see the pictures but also explore the rooms moving around. You see all the details. Let me explain a bit of the room and my impression.

My choice

I want some comfort and luxury, so this suite is perfect. Big and located on two floors. The living room is on the sea level. Meanwhile, the bathroom and the bedroom offers windows from where to admire the underwater world with its inhabitants. The best setting for a sea lover as I am. Environment and big space were really influencing my choice.

The suite

The spacious and full of the light living room gives the chance to relax, to eat or to work. Then you can find a small boudoir, a big corridor, a bedroom, and a bathroom. The last two with the fishes outside the window. It is well equipped and modern furniture is made by design items. The setting can be defined as stylish and elegant. I let the pictures talk and also the official video made by Atlantis The Palm Dubai.

The benefits

This fabulous room was too big for me, but I couldn’t resist. It is 165 square meters (more or less) suite. Surely it is useful if you are going to have a break before dinner. And maybe the ideal place where to spend some other moments to relax after visits. Not only to sleep. To convince me to book the Underwater suite there were other elements proposed by Atlantis The Palm Dubai. Like the free transfer from and to the airport. Let’s see what I obtained with my reservation.

  • A 20% discount for the online reservation (it can be different according to the period)
  • Complimentary free transfer with private car from and to the airport
  • Discount for a Spa treatment and 30 minutes lesson with a personal trainer
  • Private butler service 24/7
  • Online access through PressReader to more than 2000 newspapers and magazines
  • Free WiFi
  • Priority reservation service for the hotel’s restaurants
  • Private cabin at the pool, at the beach and at Aquaventure
  • Free use of laptop and iPad in the main room of the hotel
  • Priority delivery service for the luggage
  • Ensuite check-in

Plus they offer also other services that I didn’t use:

  • Daily access to Atlantis Kids Club and to The Zone for Teens
  • One free communicating room

Certain offers give a bigger discount. And also some credit to be spent in the hotel‘s shops.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai: services and facilities

What does Atlantis The Palm Dubai offers to the guests? Despite the room you will choose, you have the chance to find a lot of useful services and facilities. Let’s list them:

  • A huge number of restaurants. Where to eat something light and fast or where to taste a high-quality menu
  • Aquapark, where to meet dolphins and sea lions. The place is also full of water funny activities
  • A big spa
  • Pools and beaches
  • Shops
  • Excursions organization
  • Imperial Club

This huge five-star hotel is like a city, inside you can find all that you need. Even more. I didn’t have the chance to use all services and facilities. But I tried just some of them. Also because I was visiting Dubai and not the accommodation. Certainly to have some breaks and to relax after going around it’s perfect. You can do whatever you want.

The Imperial Club, for example, is a lounge where you can have breakfast in the morning, a snack in the afternoon, and a drink before dinner. The access is reserved to the guests that booked certain suites. It is open all day and you can use just to seat, read, watch TV, and so on. Plus, there is a concierge at your disposal to help you to reserve a table at the restaurant or to organize some trips. I suggest you go out with the boat, it is really cool. It is amazing to go a bit far from the coast and to swim in the middle of the sea.

Then use the private beach to lay down and tan. They offer private check-in, so you can save time at your arrival.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai: location

Atlantis The Palm Dubai is not in the center of the city. It is located on the crescent of the largest man-made island. There is a long bridge that takes you to the city. Using a car of the hotel or a taxi you will need around ten minutes to get in downtown. You have to cross The Palm Jumeirah. It’s really marvelous.
Maybe you are thinking that is a bit far from the main attractions. Well, I opted for this location for some reasons. And I want to share them with you. At the place, there are a lot of shops, restaurants, bars, and entertainments. You can walk around, it is a bit less crowdy and noisy than downtown. Then you can enjoy a superb view. In one side the sea and in the other one Dubai’s skyline. You will like it.

Atlantis The Palm Dubai: prices

I can’t give you precise information on the room rates. Because, as you know, the prices depend on periods, offers, and customization of the request. So I explain to you only my experience. Atlantis The Palm Dubai is a five-star hotel of a famous destination. So it can’t be a budget accommodation. But if you are searching for a luxury holiday and you want a well proportioned and reasonable price, this is made for you. The rates are on average, but they add some discounts and benefits.

If you consider the room it’s convenient compared to many other hotels of the same ranking. But it’s even more convenient thanks to the benefits you have in terms of added services. Also, Atlantis The Palm Dubai give you many facilities to use during your stay. I made a calculation of all amount I spent on my holiday there. The suite rate included the access to Imperial Club. I saved a lot of money on food. I did it thanks to the snacks and beverage always available in that lounge. Thanks to the discounts and some free gifts from the hotel I used beaches, pools, and spa for very cheap prices.

My last considerations and tips

This post doesn’t want to tell you “choose this hotel”. But I think that you can benefit from my experience. Of course, if you are going to spend some days in Dubai. The place is full of five-star hotels and all of them are quite big. Atlantis The Palm Dubai offers the best location and many facilities. This is an added value to live deeply your luxury holiday in the United Arab Emirates. In my opinion, this accommodation is the best among the various options proposed. But let me give you some tips.

  • Surfing the internet, go to the official webpages of hotels. All the ones you want to consider. Then choose one according to the following tips.
  • Check the prices calculating discounts and services. Because maybe you can find more convenient to book a suite.
  • Focus on the services and the facilities you need. It is helpful to make a proper calculation of the rate and of the convenience.
  • Compare the prices of a room and of a suite checking the services given. For example, with some suites, you have access to the Imperial Club of Atlantis The Palm Dubai. Thanks to all the snack and beverages included for free you save money on meals. Or with the free airport transfer, you don’t spend money on a taxi.
  • Check out the offers of the moment. There are always interesting promotions on the official page of the hotel.
  • Think to enjoy the holiday, it’s Dubai. Live your luxury experience!

If you want to know more about the Atlantis hotel, click here.

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Book a hotel in Asolo

Asolo is a quite popular destination for tourists and that is why to book a hotel can be a bit hard. The museums, the ancient buildings, and archeological finds are important attractions for travellers. But also the events can attract many people during the year. Then the place is quite close to Treviso and Venice, two marvelous Italian towns. This means that sometimes it can be fully booked. I want to share my experience, made twice in Asolo. I went there for some meetings and I wanted good accommodation, so I started to search among the offers.

The rates depend of course on the period. Because during some particular events and spring and summer generally, the prices are higher. In Asolo to book a hotel means to choose among different types of accommodations, included B&B, apartments, and farms. What to do? Before to go into the topic I think it is necessary to explain why this beautiful village is the perfect location for a holiday.

Asolo and the region

The area is full of history, monuments, and museums where to discover the region. Asolo it is close to the main cities and towns of Veneto. The place is far a few kilometers from the most popular mountains and it is full of amazing landscapes all around. Not only history but also art, architecture, and nature are the ingredients of the village and the surroundings. You can find a quiet place to walk in nature. The village offers you the accommodation you are searching for with the typical kindness dedicated to the tourists.

If you want to visit Venice you can easily go there. You only need half an hour by car. It is possible to use buses and trains to move, but I suggest to do it by car, it is faster. You are free to transfer when you want and you need less time than public transport. To sleep in Asolo costs less than Venice and it is quieter. These are the reasons why you can consider to stay in the village and to book a hotel there.

How to book a hotel

Asolo offers, as a tourism destination, a good variety of accommodations. There are five stars hotels to guest houses. I have been again in the same hotel, but how did I choose it? Well, I was searching for a comfortable room, close to the main square and at a good price. I like a luxury, so this influence my evaluation. When you travel for work reasons you want to sleep well and to receive the proper attention. That is why I check always luxury structures. My second criteria were related to the position. To sleep not far from Piazza Garibaldi it is a great opportunity to go to all the attractions on foot.

As I already mentioned the rates are lower than Venice, plus I add the quiet, almost impossible to be found in the city. I noticed that a five stars hotel can be quite cheap compared to other places in Veneto, but it offers a great experience. Also, I wanted a structure with a restaurant, because without a plan to out, when you are tired in the evening you can eat a few steps far from the room. I tried to check also other solutions, but most of them were not in the best position, except Hotel Duse, three stars and historical structure. I decided to book a hotel called Albergo al Sole.

Albergo al Sole

The five stars hotel is not the only one in Asolo, but it is 300 meters far from the main square. It offers a great view and it combines tradition and modernity. An old and historical building shows the tradition, also in room settings. Meanwhile, some furniture element and impeccable service are given a good experience. According to modern high standards. I already wrote in the past about this accommodation, but I want to add something more after my second visit.

The staff is friendly, they welcome the guest as people do in private houses. You feel at home, maybe also because the structure is quite small. The rooms are spacious, with a stylish setting that reminds the traditions of the past. But the equipment is modern and complete. You are in history with all the contemporary comforts. They also have a shop inside with exclusive products, as food and home design objects.

A shuttle service is available for guests. I suggest you to use the car also to explore the area. In case they provide you the permission to enter the traffic limited streets to reach the hotel and the car parking. Guests can also benefit from the luxury bikes of the hotel.

I took these pictures in September 2016.

The restaurant

Food is important in Italy and Asolo has great products. To taste the local cuisine you have to enjoy the restaurant La Terrazza. It is inside the Albergo al Sole. When you book a hotel, especially this one, you have the chance to find special offers including other services. I suggest you consider the dinner at La Terrazza. Recipes from Veneto and Mediterranean dishes are proposed according to the availability of seasonal ingredients. You can choose between fish and meat, both of them cooked with some innovation by the chef. In summer it is possible to use the terrace with a superb view of the village. They serve there also breakfast.

The food

The Emporio of the hotel has a very good oil, made a few kilometers out of Asolo. When you book a hotel in the village and you want to taste the local products Albergo al Sole can help you. I have one more tip for you about the local food. If you like to bring home some products or just to taste something while you are doing your tour, buy it from the shop.

In Via Browning, a few hundred meters from Piazza Garibaldi, there is Gastronomia Sgarbossa. A big shop with local products like oil, wines, cheese, and salami. There is a huge variety and it is an opportunity to taste the specialties. Book a hotel in Asolo will be your delicious idea.

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