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A presidential stay in Sofia

Bulgaria is one of the new destinations for the worldwide tourists and especially Sofia, the capital city, is attracting tourists interested in history, religion and archeology. The down town is a real jewel, because among the tipical communists buildings, done during the regime, there are Roman constructions and as well Orthodox churches. It is a … Read more A presidential stay in Sofia

Asolo: luxury in the history

In Italy, at around 90 km. from Venice there is a village called Asolo, less than 10.000 inhabitants. It is a pearl in the middle of a green landscape, founded in Paleolithic era and passed then under Romans, it offers a lot of ancient buildings. It is on a hill and from the castle you … Read more Asolo: luxury in the history

A luxury stay in Vienna

five-star hotel

Vienna, the capital city of Austria, is for sure one of the more appreciated destinations in Europe by the travellers. Full of history because it was the seat of vast empires, it offers an amazing architecture coming from various periods and a lot of great monuments. Vienna is elegant and it is a superb window … Read more A luxury stay in Vienna

Luxury on Maggiore Lake

Who visits Italy has to spend a day or two on Maggiore Lake, one of the most important and beautiful lakes of the country. There are a lot of towns and villages faced on the blue water, but on Piedmont side travellers can find one of the most famous: Stresa. Since the very past this … Read more Luxury on Maggiore Lake

Luxury B&B in Naples

Naples deserve always a visit, not only for its beautiful attractions, but also for the magical atmosphere and for the friendly people who lives there. The great location of the city between the sea and the volcano helps to create a romantic ambience and the historical architecture gives great chances to jump in the local … Read more Luxury B&B in Naples

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