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Luxury hotel in Budapest: in front of Chain Bridge

The review and my tips to reserve a room in the luxury hotel in Budapest. Read here the features and the location to plan your stay in the city.

In Sarajevo following the steps of Morgan Freeman

The country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is for sure full of meaning. Because it is still a symbol for the Croat-Bosniak War that happened between 1992 and 1994. On the buildings, it is still possible to see the signs, with mortar shots and some destroyed flats. Despite the bad memories go around Sarajevo, the capital … Read more In Sarajevo following the steps of Morgan Freeman

A luxury fish as a roommate

Some time ago I had the chance to stay in Skopje in a five stars hotel in the centre, called TCC Plaza. Recently it was completely restored and improved, with some facilities as an high class restaurant, a fitness center, a spa and some meeting rooms. As well the rooms changed quite a lot, but … Read more A luxury fish as a roommate

Sleep in the history

The most attractive part of Skopje for tourist is the old town, built during Ottoman empire and full of bars and restaurants, but also few mosques and a magnificient Orthodox chapel and some public institutions. The small streets paved with stones and the lovely squares are the ideal setting for a relaxing walk in the … Read more Sleep in the history

A luxury and quiet stay in Prague

Prague is one of the European favourites destinatinations for worldwide travellers, it is well known because of Charles Bridge and the Square of the Old City, but for sure it has a lot of attractions to be seen. I have been there and I was surprised by the vivacity of Prague and of the different … Read more A luxury and quiet stay in Prague

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