Hotels Tips

All my suggests to choose a hotel, to book it, and to save money.

boutique hotel

Boutique hotel: why choose it

Boutique hotel: get tips to know why and how to make a book and make your stay unforgettable. Read why you should prefer a boutique hotel.

five-star hotel

Book a five-star hotel now: why and how to reserve it

Five-star hotel: tips and tricks to select the best one using the rating. Get suggestions to choose the luxury structure for your next vacation around the world.


Hotels or apartments?

Now it is your turn. I need to decide between hotels and apartments. What is the best? For the New Year’s Eve destination I and my friends decided to go to Prague, but we are discussing the accommodation. I suggested to rent an apartment, but one of my friends insisted that hotels are better. He suggests …

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Hotels: how to choose the best one

Hotels: the guide to find the best one for you. Easy and immediate tips to choose the hotel you really want to. Read the post and save time!

Booking flight and hotels

The number of platforms dedicated to travels are increasing, especially the ones that offers the way to find and buy plane tickets, holidays and hotel reservations. I have to say that they are useful, but are the deals convenient? Generally there are good rates offered, but if you compare them with the proposals present on …

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