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Luxury amenities in the hotels

What did you find in your room during your last trip? Was the minibar well furnished? Did you have all the toileteries that you expected? In last years the demanding customers in luxury hotels increased their number and the answer came, with some innovation as well. Starting from the menu dedicated to pet to fireworks, … Read more Luxury amenities in the hotels

Book a five-star hotel now

five-star hotel

Five-star hotel: tips and tricks of the rating. Get suggests to choose the best one and to avoid the swindle. Read the post.

Boutique hotel: why choose it

boutique hotel

Boutique hotel: get tips to know why and how to make a book and make your stay unforgettable. Read why you should prefer a boutique hotel.

Hotels or apartments?


Now it is your turn. I need to decide between hotels and apartments. What is the best? For the New Year’s Eve destination I and my friends decided to go to Prague, but we are discussing the accommodation. I suggested to rent an apartment, but one of my friends insisted that hotels are better. He suggests … Read more Hotels or apartments?

Booking.com: how to book an accomodation

booking.com: how to use it

Booking.com is one of the most known hotel search engines of the world. It is not the only one, but one of the most complete that you can find. Most of the people, me too, don’t use it to reserve a room, but tho get inspiration. How? Thanks to the filters and to many options … Read more Booking.com: how to book an accomodation

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