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Hotel vs motel: what about Bed & Breakfast? Tips and discounts to choose

You are tired to spend your vacations in the same old cookie-cutter hotels.  It is time to change, to do something new. Hard to find different accommodation. Hotel vs motel, maybe you can try an apartment. It is important to start to consider any type of solution. For your trips, you need to spice up with new and unique ideas. It is not about the match to decide hotel or motel but to focus more on your taste and goals. To make your travel memorable there is only one thing to do. Go to a structure where you feel good. It can be a place full of services and attention to the guests. Or maybe a place to be more independent.

It is up to you. Surely, you should avoid the standard hotels. If you are reading this post is because you are sick of the same big structures, all equal, all with the same setting and features. You know, going around the world for business I have been in many places with those elements. It was nice, good service provided by a professional staff, spacious rooms, cool amenities. But I felt a bit like a package, send from a place to another. Especially changing the country on the same trip. Then I started to search for boutique hotels and also apartments.

hotel vs motel

Hotel vs motel: what’s the best

Maybe the choice is sometimes concerning more the price. So you are limited to select a hotel or motel, but why don’t you consider other options? For example some small, cozy hotel or a Bed and Breakfast. It is more like to be in a family. They can support you in your needs, but they know your name, they give you a tailor-made service. In huge places, it is more about standards, luxury is guaranteed, but you are more a number than a person. At least this is my opinion. 

Then, if you like to save money while you improve your stay, there is no problem. There are a lot of deals and secrets to get special prices. Also luxury is affordable thanks to some simple steps you should do. Is it better a hotel, a motel, or something else? What is the cheapest accommodation? There is no answer. Why? Because it is up to you. You don’t need to focus on a specific place but on what you are searching for. Then there are low prices everywhere. Yes, it is full of chances to find cool rates.

hotel or motel

How to find a hotel or motel or something else

Not all hotels are the same and neither the motels. That’s why you should always check all the features, pay attention to the most important ones for you. In most of the destinations, you can have a huge variety of solutions. So, the first thing you can do is to make note of any interesting structure you come across. It is not necessary to explore the place before. You can surf the web, watch the TV, or grab brochures around when you travel. Maybe in airports or hotel lobby, you see some of them. These are the ways. Surely, the first one is the easiest, especially because it allows you to find the more complete list of hotel or motel sites. 

You can check them one by one. It is valid for any type of accommodation. This is good to understand who wins the hotel vs motel match. Or maybe to choose a B&B. There are a lot of websites, but not all of them worth it. Well, first of all, you should choose a platform that allows you to access all lists of all types of structures. So you will have more chances to compare them, to go deep into the features, and to get the best deals. Big platforms have a huge number of clients and they can offer better rates.

What about a B&B?

Hotel vs motel looks like a fight between two types of accommodations. But on the market, there are many other solutions, like apartments, villas, a good variety of hotels, and B&B. You can find the budget or luxury ones. They became very popular in the last years because they can provide a unique experience to guests, more than standard hotel or motel chain. Among the most important benefits, I can underline charming rooms, homemade food, and cheap rates.

Imagine sleeping in a beautiful countryside villa and having an elegant room. Or maybe you can stay in a house in front of the sea. Maybe you want to try a convent of a monastery to experience something uncommon. Some great places are even better than hotels, but they cost less. They welcome you with warm and they propose traditional amenities. Quiet is guaranteed. 

hotel vs motel

Inns and boutique hotels

If your criteria are more about the price, you can still consider inns. They have decent rooms for a cheap rate. There are fewer services and amenities, but the setting is properly like a hotel. They are generally located a bit out of city centers or main attractions, but this can guarantee more peace for your stay. You can find, inside or around, all that you need, even some bars and restaurants for your meals. Some international travelers go there. Some of them have an in-room kitchen.

In case the rate is not the main point, boutique hotels should be on your list. You can still save money, but the price is higher than other solutions. You are in a hotel, a good one, with all amenities and services you need. But the setting is unique and the staff is more like your team. They learn what you like, your name, and they are dedicated to you when you ask something. The ambiance is more familiar. They have a spa and Jacuzzi as well.

Then there are budget or luxury apartments and villas. You are like at home, without a person who takes care of your needs and requests. But you are completely independent. During the stay, you are the owner. Time to time I use this solution because I feel like at home. Even in this case, the types are a lot and everywhere. You can save money or spend a lot and you will get even some royal structure.

hotel or motel

Where to search for the accommodation

Imagine going on a vacation with your family. You can rent a condo or a home, have all comforts and save money also cooking your meals. So, as you understood, out there are all the options you want to make your stay great. You will be happy and you won’t spend more than the budget you decide. How can you also save time in doing the research? Using one of the best platforms on the web. has a lot of accommodations, features to allow you to compare structures and rates, plus special deals. But one of the aspects I like the most every time I use it for my reservations is that I can select each criterion. I select the amenities, the services, and even the location. So I can reduce the results and get the most suitable for me. You can have a list of more types. For example, you can compare hotels, motels, and B&B. There are hostels as well. Plus reviews and pictures taken by guests are available together with official material.

It is convenient to try this platform. Click and explore it. It is the best way to check how valid is this solution. Don’t you agree? But there is something more.

Coupons and discounts

I want to share with you some opportunities to save even more money. Some coupons to reserve a hotel, motel, and more.
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hotel vs motel


There are a lot of options for travelers on the platform, as there are around the world for travelers. It doesn’t matter what you are searching for. You only need to focus on your goal, keep eyes, and mind open to new opportunities. You will be rewarded with rich memories for years to come. Now you know what to do and what is important about the differences between hotels and motels. It is up to you to make your vacation the best one.

What is your favorite destination and place to stay? Share it using the comments below. 

If you are searching for some inspirations, check out my reviews about the accommodations I tried around the world.

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