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Holiday packages: would you love to save up to 80% for an amazing holiday?

Traveling all year long for work reasons, when it comes to booking holiday packages I want something well organized. I mean that I am used to booking flights, hotels, car rentals, and so on step by step by myself. Since it is a holiday, my goal is to buy a ready-made package.

With a few steps, I can everything that I need and benefit from a special price. Luxury is not always synonymous with high costs. Then during my breaks, I search for something that allows me just to choose the destinations and book everything together.

holiday packages

That’s why I need a reliable service provider. It has to conquest my trust and to give me something unique. Because holiday packages are gifts to ourselves. We all deserve a great break to live a superb time in an amazing place. I made a lot of research online and also a bit offline.

Comparing proposals, prices, services, and so on. This was my task because I needed the best for myself. Let me explain what I usually want for a perfect holiday alone or with my partner, who knows. Hahaha, I can invite her from time to time.

Holiday packages: what to search for

I can’t define myself as a tourist, I feel, in fact, a traveler. What I want from my travels is to explore the place, to meet people, and go deep, as much as possible, into the local culture. This doesn’t mean that sometimes I can become a tourist. Why? Because I need to relax with holiday packages. Then I mix tourist and traveler’s goals. I want to be free, independent, but also someone who takes care of me in the most important parts.

holiday packages

My focus is to know the place, I don’t want to spend time organizing my journey. Flights, accommodation, and the main services must be provided by a tour operator or an agency.  This is the difference between my “normal” trips and some relaxing holidays. So luxury and cheap prices have to be combined.

It is not a lack of adventure, but I want to have an organized itinerary where I can have some freedom in the single days for my excursions. The service provider has just to plan the main way. Holidays are a form of stress relief.

My questions

When it comes to going on holiday, I start to ask myself some questions. Where should I go? When should I go there? Where do I find the best deals on flights and accommodation? And many more questions. So I start endless research and organize a holiday to become a job. Since I am used to doing that for almost all years, for my breaks I prefer holiday packages. Of course, not something common.
Online is full of websites and offers that allow you to do an extensive comparison. Also, thanks to virtual reality you can explore the destination or the hotel. I always search for holiday packages that include amazing destinations with some comfort for the accommodation and are not too crowded. Then I need to relax and explore by myself. That’s why I want a very good company to buy from.
holiday packages

The main features I require

Buying holiday packages there is always a risk, or more than one. It can happen to pay and then don’t even find the hotel at the destination. Maybe the tour operator doesn’t manage visa requirements, travel insurance, and extra niggly details like early check-ins and late check-outs. So problems come. These things can happen even if usually the tour agency should solve everything. People buy packages for this reason. Someone takes care of everything.
First of all, I check the presence of the flight plus hotel. Then I focus on the quality of the services provided, like the airline, the type of accommodation, and so on. I compare prices. Generally, travel companies can offer cheaper rates because they work with huge numbers and they have special deals with hotels and airlines. So I can easily save money by booking a package. The tour operator proposes all-inclusive offers and this is a way to reduce prices.
It is not all here. Holiday packages are ATOL and ABTA protected, which means if something goes wrong with the flight or accommodation, or the holiday company goes bust, you’re entitled to compensation. This is not easy to plan when you organize a trip by yourself. I spend a lot of time working on the planning part, but with packages, it’s easier. I feel really on holiday. Sometimes also a traveler can become a tourist.
holiday packages

Avoid the risks

What to check before the purchase

  • travel destination (itinerary, dates, and duration of the stay, details of any transfers, visits, or excursions) and a list of services included;
  • name and contact details of the organizer of the package and, where it is sold through a retailer, of the retailer;
  • total price, inclusive of all taxes and where applicable all additional fees, and the payment arrangements;
  • information on how to terminate the contract before the start of the package on payment of an appropriate termination fee;
  • information on passport and visa requirements;
  • information on complaint-handling procedures, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms, and, where appropriate, the ADR entity, and the online dispute resolution platform.

holiday packages

Contract changes and termination

You have to pay attention to price increase: it is allowed only if specific costs rise (for example, fuel prices). The travel agent can’t erase the rate later than 20 days before the departure. Also, if you can’t travel for serious reasons, you may:

  • Transfer the package to another person: under certain conditions, you can transfer your package to another person, although you can be charged a reasonable fee for this, up to the actual cost incurred by the organizer to transfer your package travel contract.
  • Terminate the contract: the organizer may, however, deduct a reasonable fee from your refund, depending, in particular, on the timing of your cancellation.

In case the travel agent wants to cancel the holiday packages you purchased, you have the right to a refund and compensation. And don’t forget, you have the right to get assistance.

holiday packages

Holiday packages up to 80% off

You are reading this post because of the title. Well, now I am ready to tell you about the discounts. With the tips I gave you, you can easily select the travel agent. But I have a proposal for you. Or better, I want to share something I tried and left me completely satisfied. I bought holiday packages with BookVIP and I am completely satisfied. Before accepting the offer I checked all the elements I wrote. You can be safe with them. is one of the fastest-growing travel companies in the world. In the past 3 years, they’ve generated more than 3.9 million Facebook fans and more than $180,000,000 in sales. They offer hotel vacation packages throughout the U.S., Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Because of our massive growth, they’ve been able to get exclusive agreements with some of the leading resort chains. This allows them to offer their customers the lowest rates in the industry, which makes their packages extremely appealing to people looking to travel.

You can easily imagine that success comes from customers.

Promotions and discounts

Depending on the period, you can find a lot of interesting offers. Just let me give you some examples I found while I was searching for some holiday packages for me: I could get a few days in mountains and in some cities like Orlando and Las Vegas for less than $300. I had fabulous stays in sea resorts for less than $600.

They have a lot of great options and you can book directly on the platform. Anyway, the assistance is always ready to help you via phone or email. If you visit their website you can find something more. These holiday packages are just some of the examples of what you can directly read on the platform.

Imagine purchasing a package saving 80%. You will have a great holiday at cheap prices, surprising your partner, friends, or family. Follow my steps. Check out the website.

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