History and luxury in a café

As you now I am not used to drink coffee, but to have some breaks in a café it is always a good chance to relax and to enoy the life. Italians are used to have a coffee in a bar standing and for a very short time, but despite this habit, Italy counts on some of the best café in the world. In Turin Caffè San Carlo is one of them. It is classified as one of the more chic of all the country.

It is located in Piazza San Carlo, close to Caffè Torino ( A coffee with style in Turin ), and it shows its history and the luxury typical of the city. Entering in the place it is visible the elegant setting made by a multicoloured marble with a geometric design on the floor, round marble tables and chaires in scarlet velvet. Murano glass chandelier at the centre of the ceiling is illuminates the paintures around the ceiling and the walls.

The room at the entrance is really amazing, but event more interesting is the dining room where generally is active the restaurant. Sometimes they rent that room for some events. The precious forniture is not the only reason to enter. On the list, among the different beverages there are good quality brioches, cakes, pastries, sandwiches and snacks for breakfast, lunch or just for a pleasant break during the day. Amazing is also the ice cream, one of the bests in Turin.

If you are searching for an elegant and high quality lunch Caffè San Carlo is a good choice. The menu is not huge, but there are different dishes that combine tradition and innovation, taking into consideration the seasonal ingredients. The prices are related to the offer and to spend time inside is like to jump into the history, feeling as the guest of XIX century, when the café was opened.



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