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Here you can choose. The guides category is divided into two sections. The first one is dedicated to the articles with some tips and strategies to get the best from booking and travel experiences. The second one contains PDF guides to support you in packing activity, in preparing the holiday and so on. You can download them and take your free copy with you everywhere. It is possible to save on your computer, to print out and to put them in the suitcase.

Are you searching for something particular and you don’t find it here? Ask to me using the comments section or contact form. Why? Easy! I travel a lot, luckily, and I learn and improve my knowledge, then I share. So I am going to add often new posts with guides. Also, I can give you some hints with direct contact. To answer is a pleasure for me. Then there is a third reason to ask to me. I will know better your needs and I can improve my blog with more interesting news. Of course, everything has to start with my direct experience.

Guides to read and to download

Let’s see the two sections of the guides. Here you can start surfing to get support in planning your travels. Lists, step by step instructions, tips, and much more available for you.

Guides to read


In this section, you will mainly find some tips about traveling. There are posts, updated and added often, that support you in preparing your trips. It is all about to guide you in the exploration of tools or to give you step by step instructions to organize travels. The guides include different topics, like hotels booking, flights reservation, budget trips, packing lists, and so on. There are suggests for luxury travelers and also for who wants to save money. Click and find your guides. Follow me and you will know when new articles will appear in the section.

Guides to download


A selection of my guides is prepared in PDF version to help you to have your copy always with you. Also when you are offline. Access to this part of the blog and get for free all the guides you need. All of them have complete lists of all the steps you have to follow to plan your trip. Then there is the packing list that you can personalize according to your personal needs. I am not going to tell you more, you can directly see my downloadable guides.

Open the page with the list of guides, choose the one you prefer or you need. You can have also all of them. I will add more, so don’t forget to come back and check the new ones. If you subscribe to my newsletter you will have all the updates directly in your email. Follow me on my social profiles on InstagramPinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook to see more pictures and get more ideas or tips. 

Guides Omio Many Geos

Get ready to plan your holidays with my guides. All my knowledge is here and you can benefit from my experience. I started some years ago to travel (better don’t say how many) and I had to learn a lot. Now I am more expert, but I am using guides. That’s why I prepared them. Especially, I have always on my desk the checklists, because even after a lot of trips, I risk forgetting something. I can make mistakes in planning and packing.

Maybe it happens because I mostly do it at the last moment, but checklists are a must for me. What about you? Feel free to share your experience, also to add something. It is helpful for me and others. 

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