a gift for me

A gift for me

This time I want to buy a gift for me. I am quite curious about an item that I saw and I would like to know about your experience. It is something that I wish because it’s like to have an assistant. At least for small things. I want to get an object that I like a lot.

It is the Echo by Amazon. As a gift for me, I am searching for an assistant. Not a person to hire, but an object that can help me in simple tasks when I work or when I am just relaxing at home. Technologies are part of my passions and this item looks like something advanced and perfect for me and my daily life. Why not also to purchase it as a gift for someone. Amazon offers it for a good price, I think, and I want to catch the opportunity. It is doing a lot of advertisements on it and they are really convincing me.

A gift for me: Echo

The object connects to Alexa to play music, make calls, set music alarms, and timers. It asks questions (like the weather forecast), control smart home devices, and more. Everything can be done instantly. It looks the ideal gift for me. What do you think? I am not asking you an opinion about my interests, but just if you have some experience with it. If you bought or just used it, can you help me with your review? Give me some hints about Echo.

You know, I am quite convinced, but before to trust an advertisement I would love to be sure. Your direct experience and tips are really useful. Also if you are going to buy it for yourself and you want to share some impressions, please do it. I will be grateful to you!

Maybe it can travel with me also, so I can have an assistant while I go around the world. A gift for me has always a chance to follow me during my trips.

Feel free to comment or also to send me an email. Thank you! Explore my shop.

See you!

4 thoughts on “A gift for me”

  1. You are a brave man, sir! I will not purchase an echo or anything like it. The last thing I need is Alex butting in on us. It’s bad enough that Siri is always lurking in the background on our iPhones, and decides she has to comment on our conversations when neither one of us asks her to. We also have a parrot who is verbose, and he has a large vocabulary. Who knows what kind of trouble he could get us into interacting with an Echo all day when we are not at home. When the parrot was living with my daughter, he had her Xbox doing all kinds of things with his voice commands. He and Alexa would be a recipe for disaster.

  2. Thank you Timothy for your opinion. That reminds me that each thing has always to be used carefully. Our brain is important, so we have always to know the limits, also in using the technology. I am not going to buy something that will be switched on all the time, but yes when I need it. Why not to put some music in the room just asking to Echo to do it. Or why not to search some news just using the voice and listen the reply. I think it can be interesting for me. You mentioned a parrot. I remember many years ago when I was guest in a privat house. There was an Indian Blackbird. It was talking a lot and in the morning, around 5 he was starting to sing. It was not the best experience, also it it had some funny moments. The difference between Echo and the bird is that the first one can be switched of, the second one is out of human control. But I can try to imagine whit your daughter and the parrot. Thanks again.

  3. I have four Echo dots around my house and I love them. They do not talk unless you mention the say “Alexa.” We play our Christian Radio station throughout the house, and other stations or Amazon Music library. When you need the weather, just ask her for it. Not just in our town, but even yours, if I wanted to.
    Saves turning on the computer to find some facts from Wikipedia, etc. We love ours and even have lights turned on and off by asking her to do it. Need to by the plugs to do that. Well worth it when you are handicapped and do not want to trip in the dark at night. Had them over a year already. Enjoy them.
    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. That is great. Your experience with Echo is really useful for me because it is quite complete and regarding different functions. That was my scope, to just be seated and relaxing while asking simple things to the system. It looks like well equipped in therms of functions and options and this convince me about the purchase. Many thanks. I liked your blog and I will follow you with pleasure. Thanks for your comment and for your visit too.

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