get upgraded to first class - ottenere un upgrade alla prima classe

7 ways to multiply your chances to get upgraded to first class

How to get upgraded to the first class: my 7 tips

Now you will discover how to approach to get upgraded to first class. The 7 ways won’t guarantee the result, but you will improve your chances, a lot! It is just a matter of style because this is the method that airlines’ staff appreciate. Consider that it is not hard. You have to focus on them and you will be in the proper way. It is like getting the key to open a door. Behind that door, there is your first-class ticket.


If you are loyal to an airline, you are in an excellent position to get upgraded to first class. And you need to take advantage of it. The company takes into better consideration of their frequent flyer. If you have their card it will be even easier for them to check how loyal you are. They add air miles to your card every time you fly, but even if you haven’t enough air miles, they can give you an upgrade. They are more likely to award you. It is a complimentary upgrade offered by them. They do it when they have empty seats. If you join more loyalty programs you can have a higher ranking on the list to get potential upgrades. This is a good method that gives you more opportunities to get a better seat.
get upgraded to first class

Nice request

Sometimes to obtain what you want it is enough to ask. Try. You have to do it nicely. When you have to go to the travel agent ask for a first-class ticket. If they deny the opportunity, seat in their office where they can see you. Then if you travel alone and they have too many empty seats they will change the idea. Follow another way, if this doesn’t work. Wait at the ticket counter. Check out the passenger and wait until they finish their operation. After that check out the seats that remained available. In this case, the airline company will need you.


Do you know on what element the airline’s staff pay attention to? Your style. That’s why elegance is among the 7 ways to multiply your chances to get upgraded to first-class. You need to dress up, don’t go in shorts or not well dressed. This doesn’t mean to have a suit, but a professional dress catches more attention. They will likely pick you instead of others if they decide to five an upgrade. Appearance is important.
get upgraded to first class

Solo travelers

Families have a few chances to get upgraded to first class. Why? Because they require more seats, while a solo traveler needs only a seat. It’s easier to find one empty. So if you are alone you have more chances. So keep it in mind and observe the other passengers. In case you are used to traveling with co-workers, it is better to split your bookings. So the airline will see each of you as a solo traveler. Maybe not all of you will get an upgrade, but you can try. Anyway, this tip is important. Only in this way, there are good chances.


It happens sometimes to have a ticket for an overbooked flight. Airlines companies use this system for many reasons. Anyway, when this case comes they search for volunteers to give up for their seats. If you do this and accept to depart with the next flight, they will give you some extra benefits. One of them can be exactly an upgrade to the first class. So you will take off later, but you will have a better journey.
get upgraded to first class overbooking

Early bird

Go to the airport early. And ask the customer service agent. What? If they give you the chance to get upgraded to first class. This will give you the advantages over late-arriving passengers. So if they have empty seats they will be willing to give you the chance to change the class. It works in many cases.

Special occasions

Among the 7 ways to multiply your chances to get upgraded to first-class, this one looks tricky. But it works. The airline’s staff is sensitive to people who are traveling to celebrate some special occasion. That’s why I highly recommend you let them know it. If it is available they will arrange an upgrade. They will make your experience cool. And maybe not only with the upgrade but with a good treatment onboard. Maybe you will get an extra glass of champagne or something like that.
get upgraded to first class

Get upgraded to first-class: your experience

Have you ever tried these or other ways to get an upgrade? You can share your experience using comments, it will be useful and nice to know it. In the beginning, I mentioned that you can make happy your partner or your family. How can you do it if you should travel solo? This is one of the ways to get upgraded to first class. Well, I have one more option. The 8th tip. And be sure, you will like it!

Use the right platform to get upgraded to a first-class

There is an extra tip, you can use it from the beginning when you want to buy a ticket. Especially if you are not traveling alone, it is good to search for one more option. Airlines offer good chances to get upgraded to first class. CheapOair, the best platform to book flights, collects the best rates for first-class flights. This means that you can find cheap prices from the beginning or more opportunities to upgrade your ticket for a small amount. 

Conclusions to get upgraded to first class

Did you like my 7 + 1 ways to multiply your chances to get upgraded to first class? You can share this post to help your friends. They can benefit from these tips. They work in many cases and you will have surely more opportunities to improve your flight experience.

Airlines lost money because of Coronavirus, so they are more available to give better rates and treatments to their clients. So this is a unique opportunity to try tips and to find flights for your trips.

If you want to have more tips about flights and airports, explore my articles. I am sure you will enjoy them, especially because I made my guides to improve your trips. 

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