fun in Prague

Fun in Prague

Art, architecture, history. These are the keywords for the capital of the Czech Republic, but you can also have fun in Prague. Culture includes food, drinks, and entertainment. This is part of the city. You can find great places where to eat superb dishes and also where you can enjoy life and meet new people. I am not going to write about clubs, but about some bars and restaurants where you can live a curious experience.

From luxury to the innovation, this is fun in Prague. The city is very elegant so it is common to find places where tradition, luxury, and ambiance offer a time trip. But Prague is also full of young people and tourists, so bars and restaurants try to offer something new and original. That’s why it is possible to find proposals for each taste. I want to focus, in this post, on a couple of places where you can eat and drink great food.

Fun in Prague: the beer arrives with a train

You already know that the Czech Republic has a long history of breweries. The first one was made in 993 in Břevnov Monastery. One of the oldest in Europe. Today the beer consumption is huge and the country is considered on the top ranking. That means also that the product is good. It is an ingredient of the fun in Prague. There is a place where you can get a glass of it by train. What? Yes, it is the same question I did when a Czech friend of mine said it to me.

Close to Wenceslas Square, there is a restaurant called Vytopna Railway Restaurant. It has a window with a small train visible from the street but when you enter you can see something very innovative. Small railways everywhere on the ground and the first floor. It is possible to stop for a drink or also taste good food. They have traditional and European cuisine. You have only to seat and order what you want. Drinks arrive on a small train to your table. But be quick, because the stop of the train is not so long and it will start again to bring drinks to other tables. The setting is quite traditional, but nothing special. The simple furniture is anyway not so important, because the train and the good food are the strengths.

Luxury fun in Prague

I already described one, in my opinion, of the best cafe in Prague in a previous post, so now you have another review. Here I write about Cafe Slavia, also known as Kavarna Slavia. It is the most famous cafe in the city. Fun in Prague, at least during the day, includes a stop for a coffee. I like when I go abroad to see people seated in a bar to have a coffee for at least half an hour. Because they drink and chat. Drink coffee in Italy requires less than a minute. People have it standing and without chat. A pity…

They opened it before the turn of the 20th century in the Old Town. Among the guests in the years, they count a lot of artists, writers, and dissidents. For them, it was a hotspot. The most famous client is Vaclav Havel. He was going to have his coffee in this place before to become president of the Czech Republic. But Cafe Slavia has now the same reputation, so it is common to meet a famous Czech person also now. It is close to the main attractions and you can see them from the big windows: National Theater, Charles Bridge, and Castle Hill. Here you can enjoy the daily fun in Prague.

In a luxury setting reminding the opening time but well kept, you can find a great variety (coffees, beers, sandwiches, pastries). You can enter to relax during your trip and enjoy the rhythm of Prague. If you are searching for fun in Prague and you are going to book your stay, plan a visit to this cafe.

fun in Prague
Beer is on the way. 

Beer is closer
Beer is almost here
Yes, beer is here
I can have finally my beer

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  1. I am trying to share all my experiences and make some changes in my posts. I am happy that you like it. If you go to Prague, don’t miss that place, you will enjoy it surely 🙂 Then in Czech Republic there are a lot of breweries, so you can taste a lot of beer

  2. Yes, Prague is just great, my hometown! I just finished a post about Czech food and where to eat in Prague so you might know some of the places ✌thanks for keep sharing nice posts about Prague.

  3. It is really amazing, I love your hometown. That is great, I go to read your post immediately, Czech food is really tasty. Thanks for your comment and for reading my post.

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