From Vilnius to Minsk by bus: 1 cool trip you should do - A herd of cows standing on top of a lush green field

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus: 1 cool trip you should do

Often I travel by plane, but if I have time, I like to use the bus. Why? I can enjoy more the landscapes around me. So I decided to move from Vilnius to Minsk by bus. It was an incredible experience. I loved it so much and I am completely satisfied with my choice. See the cities, the villages, and the countryside is marvelous.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus: trees

If you want to see those two countries, you should consider planning your trip between them and move by bus. The trip is around three hours, so not that much. Also, I checked the prices of the planes from Italy to Belarus: too expensive. There is no sense to spend huge money to fly there.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus - A house with trees in the background

It is easier and cheaper to fly to Lithuania and then use the bus. To Vilnius, you have a lot of different airline companies to choose and the rates are lower. Even if you want a business class ticket. Anyway, let’s go back to my bus trip. I am going to tell you about my experience, not only with the bus but also the one I had at the border and what I saw out of the window. Maybe you will be curious to follow my steps from Vilnius to Minsk by bus.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus- Cars parked in front of a house

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus: the departure

After a couple of days in the Lithuanian capital, where I have been several times, I left to go to Minsk for some meetings. I have been in the Belarus capital for about one week. Since I had time, I decided to dedicate it to enjoy the trip between the two countries. I could start buying the ticket at the bus station, but it was easier for me to check the timetable and to purchase the ticket online. I used Infobus. In a few clicks, I got the email with all the details, just to print it out to show the code on the bus.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus- A house with bushes in front of a building - Facade

A few minutes before the departure time I arrived at the station, which is close to the central train station. In a while, I found the platform. So my trip from Vilnius to Minsk by bus started. From the window first, appear the outskirts of the city and then some villages and a lot of green land and hills.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus- A house with trees in the background - House

On the way, before and after the border, the bus stops five times. It depends on the hours and the lines. According to this also the rate can be different. The one-way ticket costs 10-12 EUR. Keep in mind that there is WiFi on the bus, so you can use the internet. But it doesn’t work properly all the time, so it might happen to lose the connection, especially in Belarus.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus- A group of people standing in front of a building - Infrastructure

The border

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus requires, as I mentioned, around three hours. It depends on the line and the hour because the number of stops can be different. But there is also another element to consider. You can think about a Vilnius to Belarus day trip, but it can be risky and too much. You need more time, at least if you want to see the city.

They keep it in mind working on the timetable, but you never know about the border. Going out from Lithuania was easy, especially because I am an EU citizen and all passengers were living in the country. They came to the bus to check documents. They took our passports to the office meanwhile we went down to the security control for luggage.


I realized properly that I was traveling from Vilnius to Minsk by bus especially to enter Belarus. We were all invited to go down. Then we entered a small office where police were checking passports and suitcases. I immediately became famous. Visa was on my passport (don’t forget to check if you need it to visit Belarus or Lithuania, it depends on your country). I also had insurance, made properly before asking for the visa. So, why did I become the main character among bus passengers?

Easy! The authorities didn’t accept my health insurance. Don’t ask me the reason, I don’t know it. Everything was fine when I visited the Belarus Embassy in Italy. Anyway, the police took me to an area of the border. There were two small houses. One for each of the two insurance companies. One was closed, so I decided to enter the open one. Surely the best one. I am joking because, in the end, it was funny. A nice and pretty employee welcome me. She fulfills some paper and for 2 EUR I got my Belarussian health insurance.

The other passengers know how to move between the two countries. So with a bit of delay (sorry for the others who were waiting for me), I continued the trip from Vilnius to Minsk by bus.

Day trip from Vilnius to Minsk

The two cities are quite close, but of course, if you go by bus, you need to calculate almost half a day. Because you need to move to and from bus stations and then you will stay on board for three hours, more or less. Anyway, if you want to have a quick visit, you can do it. Just, check the bus timetable at the moment of your travel. It may happen that return trip isn’t possible for that reason.

You may go by taxi or car, but take into consideration eventual restrictions and difficulties. Also, the cost is quite high. Since I have been to Minsk, I suggest you to spend a few days or a week. There are many interesting to see and you should go a bit around the country. It is so interesting and beautiful.

Belarus and Minsk

Passed the border I saw many rural areas with some villages spread around. At least for the first part of the trip. The country deserves a visit. From Vilnius to Minsk by bus shows two different cities and common suburbs. Nature and agriculture are part of the landscapes in the middle. The Lithuanian capital shows a lovely historical center, with some buildings that remind the Russian pasts. On the other side, the Belarussian capital has a lot of buildings coming from the typical communist architecture.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus: 1 cool trip you should do - A tree in a forest - Mombacho
From Vilnius to Minsk by bus
From Vilnius to Minsk by bus
From Vilnius to Minsk by bus

There are anyway also some examples of modernity. New buildings are located around the center. It is interesting to see those huge buildings full of flats located in the outskirts of the city. Then going downtown there are the palaces of the institutions. It is possible to see glories of the past. The bus station is quite crowded, but you can ask the drivers if you get lost.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus

If you will go from Vilnius to Minsk by bus you will have a positive experience. Just keep in mind that in Lithuania young people know English very well, in Belarus it is hard. Most of the people don’t speak English at all, but they are kind and they try to help you.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus

Travel from Vilnius to Minsk

If you want to do a Vilnius to Minsk day trip, it is easy, but both destinations deserve more days. I found the travel on Vilnius – Minsk bus so cool. Do you know why? Because of people I met, the landscapes I saw and the different atmospheres, but magic, I met in the two places. Well, I should tell you that, having more time, it is a great idea to stop in every place to explore it.

Yes, at each stop of the bus, go down and go around. You can’t do it in the same bus trip, because it stop just for a while, but this means you need to dedicate a long time to Lithuania and Belarus. One more thing: not everywhere there is an accommodation available, so check the options in all the towns. The coach trips to Minsk will be more suggestive.

Bus tickets with Infobus

Prepare the trip on the Vilnius to Minsk bus in advance. Instead of spending time at the bus station, I suggest you visit the Infobus website. You can easily seat in front of your computer or mobile and search for the connection. The platform allows you to compare the different solutions and prices. In a few clicks, you book the ticket. On the top of the page, you select “bus” and then you digit the date and locations for departure and arrival.

The system shows you all the options. You can select the one you prefer. Following the instructions you insert your information, you pay, and you get the ticket via mail. At that point, you will be ready to travel from Vilnius to Minsk by bus. Don’t forget to pack before leaving. Would you like to know more about my experience with this service provider? Check out my post.

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus - Infobus

A tour with TEZ International GmbH

Do you want to travel between Lithuania and Belarus? A travel agent can help you. Professional staff will prepare for you a tailor-made tour. It can be good to use other’s experiences to live deeply on the journey. If you want an amazing trip, your partner is surely TEZ International GmbH.

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Check out the website before starting the trip from Vilnius to Minsk by bus.

Tezeks Many Geos

Enjoy your trip!

From Vilnius to Minsk by bus

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