From Europe to Zimbabwe

It is time to rediscover tourism. We need to reinvent the way to travel, especially after the bad experience we all lived with Coronavirus. Slowly we go back to reality, we have to face some problems and solve them. But we are starting to travel again. That’s why I want to share with you some data and thoughts. From Europe to Zimbabwe is a new way to discover the world. A place that is changing and ranking high in the list of trendy destinations. This is not only about Europeans, but all the world should also consider the African state.

from europe to zimbabwe

From Europe to Zimbabwe: tourism trends

Africa is becoming part of the investor’s destinations. Because the predictions for the growth are suggesting to create new business in the continent. Not only money makers are interested in Africa, but also tourists. The offer is increasing, not only by quantity but in particular by quality. Among the countries, Zimbabwe is one of the most advanced states in the tourism sector. It can attract around 2 million visitors in one year, but from Europe to Zimbabwe, they are only 10% of that amount and 3,5% from Italy.

Generally, Italians are going abroad and they are quite willing to explore far and exotic destinations, so they should be perfect tourists for Zimbabwe. Of course not only them, because a lot of Europeans can discover the country and its beauty. There are many infrastructures dedicated to travelers, but also great attractions as the national parks and Victoria Falls, one of the biggest and one of the most famous in the world. It is also quite easy to reach Zimbabwe thanks to direct flights from Europe operated by KLM and Emirates.

from europe to zimbabwe


The hotel’s offer is various to satisfy even the demanding guests, the ones who like luxury as well. But of course, the reasons to visit the country are not only related to the services. Why do I want to suggest to the people and Europeans, in particular, to spend their holidays there? The Unesco World Heritage Site of water cascading is itself a very good reason to visit the country, because it leaves the visitor breathless, as many of the landscapes of the area. Traveling from Europe to Zimbabwe it is not hard to match with high expectations.

Zimbabwe is a safe country and the people are really friendly, the hospitality is a value. The guest is always treated with respect and warmly welcomed. The customer service is genuine in all the hotels and restaurants. Tourists can experience the Safari to take pictures and see animals and unique wildlife and this aspect is incomparable with any other continent except Africa and its cost is cheap compared to European standards.


It has to be mentioned that the guides, the drivers, and the staff who provides services during the safari and not only are experts and well prepared. So each guest can feel safe in all the situations. For those who are searching for luxury features, Zimbabwe is a great destination because it is possible to find five stars hotels very well equipped. And when it comes to the moment to compare the rating, the standards of the accommodation are on the same level as Europe and North America.


Last but not least the culture. Another reason to visit Zimbabwe is related to the important heritage. The country can offer a collection of rock art from 3,000 years ago and many ancient finds as the ruined city of Great Zimbabwe. The tourism for the country is becoming year after year more important and that is also why they can propose a perfect holiday for Europeans, keeping their genuine spirit. It is a pleasure to go from Europe to Zimbabwe to discover another culture, rich in history.

from europe to zimbabwe

Conclusions from Europe to Zimbabwe

I have been to Zimbabwe, from Europe or better from Italy, many years ago for the first time. I was so pleased to discover a country not so much known by tourists. Two things impressed me at that time. What? Genuinity and marvelous landscapes. Now the country is continuing to grow and it is ready to welcome people from all over the world. There are marvelous places where to see and to feel nature. Every time I go somewhere I like to find genuine people. I can renounce to luxury but not to this aspect. That’s why I recommend to travelers to visit Zimbabwe respecting the locals and their culture.

We all can learn a lot from Zimbabwe and start a new way to travel, respectful of the environment. The trips can be tailor-made, but more focused on the most important things to discover during a journey. Are you ready to explore the country? Check out the flights and the accommodations.

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