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Freelance writer jobs online: 17 opportunities to earn money

Do you like writing? You can make it an opportunity to earn money to travel or to pay bills. I want to share with you some freelance writer jobs online. There are 17 platforms to help you to improve your skills. But especially to get paid for your articles and posts. There is no need to go out, you only have to use your computer from home. Keep in mind, anyway, that you need abilities because they want correct grammar and readable texts. 

Freelance writer jobs online to travel

Travel is an investment because it makes people rich in terms of culture and personal growth. But it costs. Also to go around the world as a backpacker requires some money. All the tips will help you to earn money to travel or to do whatever you want. I am here to give you an idea to get some extra income or maybe a new real job. It depends on you. Apply for freelance writer jobs online, and you will also have the chance to create a career. If you work hard this won’t be only a way to get some money to spend on your trips but your main sustain.

freelance writer jobs online

Surely you have to show some skills. If you want to be a writer or a copywriter a good knowledge of the language is important. If you think to have the writing competence, well, the first step is done. Easier! Hehe, that is the base to begin your new career as a freelance writer. Let me explain what you have to do to have success and earn the money you need to travel. It is full of freelance writer jobs online waiting for you.

Freelance writer jobs online: your new activity

It is your way to make money to buy your flight ticket, so proceed carefully. What should be your task? Craft texts for others, mainly companies who need to prepare articles and posts for their websites online. Maybe also some bloggers and privates will ask you to help to write some content. Doing freelance writer jobs online you will be their author so writing skills and creativity will be your tools.

freelance writer jobs online

How to find clients? This is your question now. I can suggest you start to work for a marketplace. They usually don’t pay a lot, but they have clients and you can explore this world. It is plenty of freelance writing jobs online given by proper platforms. And you can just search on Google. Then you can open your blog, using posts as the portfolio, and contact some marketing agencies and companies directly. Propose to them your competencies.

Thanks to the internet it is easy to find customers in need, so just catch the chance. You can write about a huge variety of topics researching some inspiration from other articles and books. Otherwise, you can work on specific arguments using your competencies. 

You not only need to be a good writer, but you should also know how to craft a proper pitch. A freelance writer can be paid $0.10 – $1 per word. It depends on the experience, the quality, the type of text, and some other elements. For each article, you can gain between $50 and $1000. You can find a list of the marketplace below.

The best platforms for freelance writing jobs online

I have listed 17 websites you can visit to find opportunities and apply. The first one won’t offer you any job, but you will attend the best courses and tutorials to get tips from experts. In this way, you will have the chance to improve your skills to have success. The others are instead the best around the world. I suggest you check the languages required. You need good knowledge to write.

1. Skillshare

This platform is dedicated to all fields. They include tutorials and courses about different topics, managed by professionals and experts. You can easily learn what you need and also get tips from people who have succeeded in their field. Following the videos, you will have step-by-step explanations so you can learn fast.

You have to subscribe to use it, but as a user, I can guarantee you that the investment worth it. I use it a lot also for blogging. Plus I can share a benefit: 2 free months of full access. You have only to click here and then register with your name and email address, nothing more. It is the first step to get freelance writer jobs online.

2. Content Marketplace ltd – Melascrivi

A UK company owns the website, and it is active in different countries. It counts on an important partnership with online brands. You have to pass a test to become an author and then you access various levels. This means to grow step by step, according to the evaluation of the clients. They include you in the authors’ groups and then they require articles. You have a certain amount of time to complete the order. Each level allows you to get better rates for your articles. 

Plus they offer more opportunities to earn money. If you have profiles on social networks you can connect them and share posts given by them. You will get paid. And if you share links to their affiliated shops on your social profiles you can earn a commission when your followers buy. There are multiple ways to earn money while you write. Click here to discover all the features and the chances. There is no fee to pay. You get paid each week if you reach at least 25 Euro. It is very good to explore the chances given by freelance writing jobs online. Don’t you think so?

3. iWriter

This is one of the best platforms for freelance writers. It is easy for beginners to find clients. To join the service you have to fill a form and then write two 250-word writer prompts. If the result is positive, they will select you for writing jobs. So you will start to find clients. The standard level won’t pay you a lot, but you can increase levels and earnings by getting positive feedback from clients. 

The initial test is not so hard, but pay attention to grammar. There are minimum requirements, you have to show that you can write in English or the chosen language. When you finish writing the text read it, so you can correct mistakes if it is the case. It is the way to start and get paid.

freelance writer jobs online

4. BloggingPro for freelance writer jobs online

This site helps to find freelance writer jobs online. There is no access test because they collect the best offers from blogs that need someone to write one or more posts. Also, the subscription is free while businesses pay $30 per month to offer tasks. You can search into the database all the proposals and choose the ones you fit more. Pay attention to requirements.

There are a lot of bloggers who need help to update their sites. So they want professionals to edit and publish articles about different topics. When you find a client you have chances to build longer cooperation. That’s a good opportunity to increase your earnings.

5. The Writer Finder

This platform was created to help business owners to connect with freelance writers. They accept all skill levels, so even beginners can join it and find opportunities to work online and get paid. You just need to signup and become part of the database. The staff selects the tasks according to the experience and the abilities and proposes them to you. 

This means that you don’t have to bid or search for the offers. Anyway, you are free to accept or not. Freedom is guaranteed, you have obligations only for accepted offers. They do the work for you. So focus on articles to realize.

6. Constant Content

This is a writing agency that has a goal for the support of companies. They find writers to create web content. It means social media posts, product & services descriptions, or blog articles. In their database, there are more than 100,000 professional writers and more than 50,000 businesses.  Imagine the potential of freelance writing jobs online.

You have to prepare your profile underlining past experiences and skills. Then you can start to apply for projects. You have to choose the niche and the rate. Getting positive results you build a reputation, that is useful to set long-term cooperations with brands. Your career depends on how and how much you work.

7. Textbroker for freelance writer jobs online

For freelance writer jobs online Textbroker is one of the best agencies. You can join and find clients. There is no fee and you will access thousands of tasks to apply for. Through the dashboard, you can check earnings and manage easily payments to get periodically the money for your completed works.

On the site, you have at your disposal many tools to improve to make better your work. While you start to create contents you can improve your skills and your career as well. To grow you need positive feedback from clients. This is like an evaluation that makes you go on higher levels.

8. Writer Access

The website is for companies that commission content. They count on the cooperation of more than 15,000 writers to ask for case studies, blog posts, white papers, social network posts, and so on. For businessmen and companies, there are tools to find the right keywords and web design. 

Writer Access is now active for residents in some countries: United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. So it is for English-speaking people. If you are in these states you can create a profile and take the writing test to show your abilities to them. The experts will verify it and if you are proficient in their requirements, you will be accepted.

9. Self Publishing School for freelance writer jobs online

If you want to build a career in freelance writer jobs online this school is the right support. They help writers to become self-published authors. You can write a book or prepare texts about the topics you are an expert in. Step by step you will improve your skills with their guidance. It is not just about writing competencies, but you will also learn about book production and marketing to promote it.

You will become a professional. They give you all the tools you need to create your book, starting from the title generator. It is also possible to calculate the royalties. Attend the free workshops and try to write your first novel.

10. Upwork

It is one of the most famous online marketplaces. They work on many categories, but one of the biggest is focused on freelance writer jobs online. Writers can bid on projects, then the companies decide through your rate, skills, and experience. There are short-term or long-term arrangements. The site is easy to use and you will use your first works to build a reputation to find more clients.

In the beginning, be patient. You will find some opportunities, but their number and quality will grow according to your abilities and results. So work hard and you will increase your chances and earnings. Fix your hourly rate and start. I suggest you make it average, take a look at the others to not be out of the market.

freelance writer jobs online

11. SolidGigs

This website offers a selection of the best offers for freelancers. You pay $19 per month and you get the chance to find clients. If you work well after a bit of time you can get fully booked. They pick the best gigs on the internet to put them to your attention so you can catch the contact and find a deal. 

The payment means that you won’t have any other charge on your earnings. I know, at the beginning it can be hard to spend money without know exactly how it works. That’s why the platform proposes a 1 monthly trial for $2.

12. FlexJobs

This platform is dedicated to different online tasks. But there is a huge section for freelance writing jobs online. As the name suggests the keyword is flexibility. According to your skills and your experience you can choose the more fitting offers. There are opportunities to grow as much as you work and getting good results. Plus you can propose yourself to clients through your profile.

Since it is more a site for matching requests and offers you have to pay a subscription. It is not high and it allows you to apply for job offers. So you can earn to repay your small subscription fee and gain money for yourself.

13. Airtasker

Do you want to succeed as a freelance writer? Well, visit the platform Airtasker. Why? Because it offers you the opportunity to propose yourself to people and companies in need. Then you can also find a lot of requests from them. You only have to apply to get the job. It can be an article or long cooperation. That is what you need to earn money to travel. This is what you are searching for. But I can tell you something more.

freelance writer

Airtasker gives you complete support. By completing tasking you can earn up to $5,000 per month. You can decide when and how much work. The payments are safe, made through the platform that will guarantee your money. You will never lose them after your task is finished and approved. Plus there is insurance to protect you.

Inside the platform, there is a list of rates divided by the type of profession and tasks. Then there is a tool to help you to calculate the average monthly income according to your engagement. What are you waiting for? Click here!

14. Guru

Among the marketplaces for freelancers, this is one of the bests. The platform offers opportunities for many types of tasks, but a huge section is dedicated to writers. You can create a profile by adding your portfolio if you already have one. It will be used by businesses to find and choose you. Companies are different, so you should be ready to write about various themes. You can select your rate, a standard one. Then you have the chance to deal with different prices according to the project.

Put in evidence of your skills and expertise, because it is like a window on you. They search for freelancers using various criteria, so keep in mind to be specific to help the right people to find you on the platform.

15. Freelancer

The job board is open to businesses and freelancers. There are businessmen and large corporations in need to hire people for various tasks, from data entry to writing. They post projects and you have to bid, competing with others. Then they select the best offer according to the rate and the skills of the freelancer. You can find short-term or long-term opportunities. So you can easily manage the various offers about freelance writing jobs online.

It is also possible to get hired for long cooperation after one single task. They give different membership levels, the basic one is free and it has limits on bid quantity. Then they charge you a percentage on the earnings, at the time of selections, so it is better if you ask the companies to pay a part in the advance to cover that amount.

16. People Per Hour

The website allows freelancers to sign up and create profiles with their competencies. You will get help to make easy the process for the system and the staff. Bids and offers can be simply reviewed. As you understood, this site works with a bid competition among freelancers and that is the base for companies to select workers for their projects.

This platform allows short and long-term projects, you can find any type of cooperation. Then you can build your career inside the site or even outside working on your own with the best clients. It is a good way to increase earnings and opportunities.

17. Craigslist freelance writer jobs online

Use it as an opportunity, but it is not a dedicated platform. It is not a high-quality job site. But if you are patient you can build connections and find writing gigs to pay your trips or your bills. You won’t have help to avoid scams. Build your portfolio and search for writing gigs. Also, this way can support you in finding freelance writer jobs online.

You should consider it as a window on you, to show to the world your competencies. There are a lot of users from all around the world, including businesses in need of cooperation for writing projects. You will need to work on promotion and wait some time to get results.


Your writing skills can be really helpful also for marketing. That’s why you should consider working as an affiliate marketer and earn good money from your activity on the internet. You won’t write for others, but for yourself, to promote products and services and get a commission every time people purchase. You just need a strategy. Click here to attend a free webinar and then consider following the expert’s courses. The fee is not so high and you will get it back with your first sale. Try it without any cost starting from here.


Now you know how to earn money to travel through freelance writer jobs online. This is an idea for you to help you to find extra money to travel, if you search for other opportunities, check my tips. Then I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter. You will get updates and also some special content, not shared anywhere.

Will you start to write? What are your plans? Feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comments below.

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