Free flights: how to get them using a credit card

Would you like to get free flights for you and your family or partner? There is a hidden airline loophole that lets you book $1,000 flight for $20 or less. If you will pay attention to my tips and you will get a course you will have a lot of chances to fly for free.

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How to obtain free flights

You have the chance to go around the world paying only a few dollars for your tickets. Or also you can get them for free. How? Easy, attend the digital course, and learn how to select, obtain, and use travel credit cards. This is the best way to have free flights for you and your family, friends, or partner. Yes, because if you choose the right credit card, you will receive huge bonuses. The points will be redeemed with the airline you prefer. What about if you have credit problems. Don’t worry.

Thanks to the course you can double the chances to get the card you prefer. Yes, because the travel expert Derek reveals all the tricks you have to apply. It will be easier to get accepted by the card company. Then you will add points just using it. Don’t spend more, just pay with the credit card all the time. Do you know that you can pay the house rent with the card? Imagine the free flights for you obtained just with the house costs. You will travel often.

Why follow the course

To make you understand how to get free flights for you I explain the contents of the course. I am going around the world saving a lot of money, thanks to it. Only with the bonus get from the credit card subscription I had a return ticket completely for free. Then I can collect easily air miles when I put fuel in the car or when I go to the restaurant.

The first step I did it after I invested a very small amount of money to purchase the course, was the selection of the card. I could choose the one I wanted. It was the more convenient one according to my spending habits. Then I used it properly and I paid attention to flight reservations. Let’s see how it works.

Free flights for you are closer.

free flights

Part 1: credit score

It counts seven different parts, to give you all the details you need to get free flights for you. In the first part, you can learn how you can, through proven strategies, improve your credit score. Then the travel expert, engaged in the travel industry for years, will explain to you the 5 keys credit factors applied by credit card companies. So you will be able to scale the ranking and overcome your limited credit history. In a few days, you will bump the credit score up to 50 points. You will build your credit score history. It is the starting point for free flights.

Part 2: select the credit card

The second part focus on the 3 typologies of frequent flyer points. You will have some tips on the selection of the credit card and its application. Following step by step the course it is possible to learn how to maximize the bonus given by the subscription and the use. You will go through real examples and this will allow you to keep the track of the points earned. It is helpful for the redemption of the air miles.

Part 3: get in touch with the companies

In the third part, there is a special hint: the best time of the month to pay down the credit card balance. It has a huge impact on the credit score. Then the course reveals how to talk, and who they are, with the credit card decision-makers. They are in charge of the applications and they are responsible to say if your request is approved or not. This is important, otherwise, you won’t get free flights for you. You will learn how and when to apply.

free flights

Part 4: earn miles for free

In the fourth part, you will go deep into spending requirements. Usually to earn the initial bonus is necessary to spend a certain amount in around three months. This can be quite hard and especially this means spending more money than usual. The course tells you how to respect the requirements without buying more items or services that you don’t even need. Expert reveals you the secrets to gain miles easily and get free flights for you with credit card usage. There are also some tips on how to pay your house rent with the credit card.

Part 5: avoid costs

This part you will like a lot. Why? Because mainly it gives you all the tips on how to cut the credit card costs. Or better you will completely avoid them. Yes, you have read correctly. No annual fees, no commissions on fuel purchase. You won’t be charged either of the fees for the ATM transaction. Also, the foreign currency withdraws abroad will be without cost. Imagine how easy and pleasant it is to earn air miles to get free flights for you. Just attend the course investing a few dollars and a bit of your time. The benefits will be great.

free flights

Part 6: how to maximize the bonus

Here is the time to go deep into the reservation process. Yes, after the credit card use, you need to follow specific steps to book free flights for you. Learning when to book flights with miles and what websites use, you will save a lot of money. Some tricks allow you to use free miles even if you have no frequent flyer miles with the company you want to use. Then you can avoid also the taxes and the fees applied by airlines for the reservation online and for the fuel.

Part 7: flight booking with miles

In this part, Derek, the travel expert, will give you a lot of hints to spend miles. You will learn what are and how to use the tools that will allow you to find hidden flights, to prolong stopover, and how to customize the booking. This is the way to spend fewer miles and get the maximum advantages. You will have at your disposal a video tutorial. it will demonstrate how to book flights with miles. It is a step by step guide. That’s how you can get free flights for you.

free flights for you

The bonus

At the end of the course, you will have some more tips. A bonus is given by the author. You will learn how to have a free checked bag and free priority boarding. Plus you will know all the secrets to obtain free stopovers for your trips. In this way, you will explore more countries. In the end, there will be instructions to prevent air miles from expiring. You will become an expert and you will travel around the world spending a little money. Imagine yourself seated on a plane without spending.

Conclusions: do as I did

I bought the course and since that time, last year, I got around ten free return tickets. Then I am using good credit cards and I obtain a lot of benefits from the use. I am suggesting you this digital course because it made me a lucky traveler. Of course, I go around the world for business, but thanks to the tips of Derek, I spend less money. 

free flights for you

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