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Flyyou Napoli: 1 App for your trip advantages

Every time I go to Napoli I have the chance to save time and money. How? Using Flyyou Napoli, the App of the airport with the loyalty program. It gives me a lot of advantages. I am used to having different cards to get services in every airport where I fly often, but I have to say that this application is quite cool and innovative. Even if you are going to the city only once by plane, I suggest you install it. It is free and since the first registration, you can get benefits from it. You will have Napoli Airport in your pocket.

The official App of the International Airport of Napoli has an intuitive design and a lot of functions, including the live notifications during your stay at the terminal. The number of flights is increasing so there is a huge list of destinations connected with the city. This means that you can easily find a good offer to fly to Napoli from your place, from the closest airport. Let me explain to you something more and specific about the Flyyou Napoli App and its benefits.

Flyyou Napoli - Napoli Airport

Flyyou Napoli App for passengers

The App Flyyou Napoli is available for any device, you can download it for free and install it. Then you have to register to subscribe to the Fidelity Program FlyYou. From the beginning, you can have some exclusive advantages. The first one is the real-time updates about your flight. Aeroporto di Napoli is an application that gives you all the information on your connections to know delays and changes. Flyyou loyalty program is included. If you fly to Napoli Airport or from the city airport you can put data about your ticket and earn points that you will spend during your stay at the airport.

You don’t need any card, you will just use the App for any activity to collect or redeem points. Showing the code to the shops or to the staff you will be able to earn the points you need or use them for the services. It is easy and fast. You can have benefited since your first fly and if you have a return ticket it becomes even better. Yes, because it counts like two flights, so more points for you. As a newcomer in the loyalty program, you don’t need many points to have the first free services. That’s why I suggest you install Flyyou Napoli also if you fly to the city just once.

How the App works

You can earn points directly on your smartphone flying from and to Napoli Airport or parking in the airport. Every ticket has to be registered on the app, a few data are required. What can you get to redeem the points? You can get discounts for parking, offers in bars and restaurants inside the airports, access to the fast track, and the Vip Lounge. More times you fly using Flyyou Napoli or from there and you can take more advantages because you can improve your status up to Privilege. That means having many benefits added to the ones already given. But for the first time, you have opportunities.

The points with the App Aeroporto di Napoli can be collected also purchasing items in the shops. All of them will be used to have more services for free inside the airport. Every time you eat, drink, or buy a gift, you will earn points. You show the App or the code and the staff is going to register it, so automatically the number of points will be credited to your balance. There are no fees, so no added costs for you. Flyyou Napoli is convenient.

flyyou Napoli

Saving time and money at Napoli Airport

With your first flight, you can earn a good amount of points and use the fast track plus the Vip Lounge. You will go to the gate in less time because the fast track allows you to skip the queue using a dedicated line for security control. Then you can relax in the Caruso Lounge. A modern design with comfortables chairs and sofas, drink, snacks, newspapers will help you to relax waiting for the plane. There is also free Wi-Fi. The staff is kind and helps you with any need making your stay pleasant.

Imagine buying these services. It costs you around 50 Euro, but just downloading the App and registering your flight you can have them for free. Flyyou Napoli is convenient. A lot of comfort and time for yourself. From the city center to the airport you have to travel for around 20-30 minutes. Plus you have to calculate one or two hours before the flight to be at the airport.

Time-saving fly to Napoli

Imagine using the online check-in and the fast track of how much time you save. At least half an hour. Then thanks to the App you can also get all the updates about the flight. So you can know delays and reorganize your transfer. Download the airport App here. These luxury services reduce the stress of your trip.


Why should you download the app flying to or from Naples? Because you will save time and you will get a lot of benefits. Also, you will find all the last news about your flight and airport access. After Covid experience, we have learned how important is to know what are the documents and requirement to go onboard or even simply access the airport. All of them will be for free on your smartphone. You can activate notifications and be updated with all the information you need. Then you get rewards to skip queues or discounts in bars, restaurants, and shops. You don’t have any cost, but many advantages. Try to download it now!


Do you want to fly to Napoli Airport now? And of course, do you want to see the city? Find the best deals on the two platforms that I use to get my tickets: Infobus and Kiwi. Then check out my posts about Napoli in the destinations and reviews section. You can use Flyyou Napoli to get all benefits from your first flight.

Let me give you one more tip to book your flights. The best way to save money to fly to Napoli is to use all the tricks of travel agents. Read here how to spend less on finding the best connections and deals. 

The last thing: find a hotel through Booking, you will find great deals to save money.

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