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Get advice to save money and improve your traveling experience.

Discounted flights and luxury seats

Traveling with luxury is a pleasure, but it is also useful. Because the comforts help the person to have more assistance and so to be calmer and rested. You can find discounted flights and luxury seats together. The energy must be used to discover a place and its culture and not to solve diseases related to the accommodation or worst to the flights. Delays, not enough space in the cabin and so on can really destroy the good atmosphere of a holiday or also of a work trip.

It does not mean that all the time people must spend a lot of money for the journey. You can find, just searching online, thousands of solutions. A lot of discounted flights are waiting for experts. But some times you only see very high prices. Who can change the dates can find better rates. But to search for a plane and find the proper one is not so easy. You need to know what kind of parameters is necessary to use and to modify.

Discounted flights: the digital guide

There are many ways you can use to find the flight to use for a comfortable trip without to spend so much money. I learned it with some experience and also using the guide prepared by an expert. He was engaged for many years in the travel industry and he also spent many years going around the world. This traveler visited many different countries. Thanks to the huge experience he prepared a course, more than a guide. Following his instructions and advice, I had the chance to save a lot of money with discounted flights. Time to time to travel for free.

The websites are showing you the solutions based on your research history, so if you keep the way to find the plane for that destination you will only see the rate increase. Also, some sites are not the proper ones and a lot of influence is given by your booking zone. How to avoid all these tricks? Easy collect air miles with your daily expenses. The expert is going to tell you how to choose the best credit card and also how to handle the hidden airline loophole. A few secrets will make you happy. You will travel with discounted flights and luxury seats.

My experience

Once I needed to do a last minute work trip to a southern city in Turkey. Following the methods suggested by the course, I spent around 80% less. The normal price was around 300 euros. Imagine to reduce is for a so high percentage. Discounted flights are always welcome. I do not want to renounce to luxury, but if I can have it spending less money, why not use the chance? Don’t you agree with me? 

This course can teach you a lot and you can increase easily the number of trips. Explore the world just getting the maximum benefits from credit card bonuses. Improve your experience in flight searching. With the course, you will be able to get for free a lot of air miles. So discounts and free flights will become your hobby. You don’t need anything else to follow the instructions here. Then you will be able to cut your expenses to travel. Try discounted flights and let me know about your experience.

Here you can find the digital course.


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Cheap Skyscanner flights

Cheap Skyscanner flights are easy to find. But you can have even lower prices just applying a method during your search. My tips and tricks will guide you to the best deals. It is a proven way.

I have a dream and maybe it is yours too. Go to the airport and go on board, take off and arrive at your favorite destination. It is only a dream because in this case, the price is very expensive. Anyway, if you want to find the best deals I suggest you some tricks to get cheap Skyscanner flights.

The platform offers a lot of solutions and you can easily compare rates. If you are not aware of the process you might have some difficulties in selecting the best deal. What can you do? Nothing special, take your time and follow my steps. You will have the maximum possible results. It will help you to save a huge amount of money choosing the cheap Skyscanner flights.

6 tips about cheap Skyscanner flights

You are reading this post because you want to know the secrets to obtain a better result for your search. This is what you will have to continue reading. Before to tell you how to find cheap Skyscanner flights, let me explain something more.

This search engine for flights is full of options. This means that with simple criteria you get the results you are asking for. But if you use the tool differently, you access to the lowest rates. I don’t mean saving a little money. I mean the lowest prices you can find online.

1. Destination “everywhere”

The first step to do before to search your flight is to input as the destination “everywhere”. Yes, because so you will see a list of destinations with the best deals. How to select cheap Skyscanner flights with this method? If it is the first time you do it, you need to know the procedure.

  1. Open the homepage of the platform
  2. Select the option “everywhere” in the destination field.
  3. Write the period, selecting from the menu the month not the exact dates.
  4. Input the number of passengers and the class.
  5. Then click “search flights”.

These steps will direct you to a list of countries. Choose the one you like and then check out the cities list. You will see the airports and the best rates. In this way, it will be easier to get cheap Skyscanner flights. It’s possible to surf for offers and not for the exact connection you are searching for. There are more steps to be sure to take advantage of the lowest rates.

2. Alerts

The previous step is useful to arrive, through prices, to the flights you want. Anyway, as you know very well, the rates change fast. Following the procedure in advance, you will have all the time you need to reserve the seats and save money. So what’s the second step to do?

Once you found the cheap Skyscanner flights you like, there is one thing to do. Buy the tickets? No, you are not in a hurry, right? So, create the alert. Click the button and from that moment you will get in your email inbox all the updates. Every time the rate is going up or down, you will be notified. 

3. Discounts for your stay

If you reserve cheap Skyscanner flights you access to other benefits. Yes, the platform reserve for clients, who buy tickets, a variety of discounts for accommodation. You enter a list of B&B, hotels, resorts present at your destination. Each of them has a special price made by Skyscanner.  A way to save money.

You don’t have to do anything if not check out and use the solution you fit. This tip doesn’t take you to the lowest rates, but it helps you to save money for your journey. Remember that prices of hotels are lower because of an agreement of the various structures with the platform. Plus there are discounts offered in combination with the ticket purchase. Find cheap Skyscanner flights is even more convenient. Don’t you think so?

Of course, you need to reserve the hotel room on the platform to get the discount. The validity of the offer for all the time of your stay. If you buy a one-way ticket the discount expires after 30 days. You have to book accommodation for the destination where you are going. If you make the reservation not later than 24 hours after the ticket purchase, you get one more guarantee. 

It will be like a connected tourism package, so Skyscanner will be responsible for any step. If the hotel will be closed, it won’t give you the room, and so on. The staff will assist you and will solve any type of problem. This is one more benefit for you. That’s why you should properly use the platform.

I have more tips for you.

4. Newsletter

If you are at the beginning of the planning activity, you can take advantage of the platform‘s newsletter. Skyscanner sends you a weekly email with the best offers. It will be a chance to get news once they are available and be among the first ones to get them. This way allows you to book using the special prices proposed before they grow.

Cheap Skyscanner flights are available if you don’t have already fixed destinations. I mean with the freedom to choose among the offers sent you via email you have more opportunities to save money. You should subscribe to the Skyscanner newsletter in advance and keep it. You will travel again and this will inspire you.

5. App

If you prefer to use your mobile device, you can download the Skyscanner App. It is available for Android and iOS. You will be able to use completely the tools of the flights’ search engine and get notifications with last offers. The difference is only the technology used. 

Cheap Skyscanner flights will be always in your pocket, everywhere. Maybe it is even faster than the email, so you take immediate advantage of the proposals clicking on the notification. The features are the same already described in the previous point. 

6. Social media

If you want to be always informed about all the solutions, you have to follow Skyscanner on social networks. The platform has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. They charge news very often, more times a day, so they post continuously every option and especially all the offers. 

To save money and find the best deals for your cheap Skyscanner flights you should use all the tools. Yes, because time is important in the booking. As soon as possible you can reserve a ticket and lower will be the rate. So observe the prices, see the offers and pick the one you like in the proper moment.

If you follow these tricks your wallet will smile at you. In your pocket, there will be more money for souvenirs and fun. These steps are essential to use properly Skyscanner and get the maximum benefits. Click here and try now, you will have great results immediately. If you want more tips, explore my blog.

My flight search: 1 way to save money! Follow my steps now

When I need to plan a trip I always pay attention to the flights. My flight search is important because visiting places for work reasons I need to have a safe and comfortable journey. Also, I don’t want to spend more than what is enough for a seat. That’s why I compare a lot of offers. I surf the internet using the flight search engines and also the official airlines’ websites.

I compare the prices, always using the window in incognito. Otherwise, the system recognizes me and it erases the prices. Of course, I compare also the conditions. When it comes to using low-cost companies you need always to add services. You pay extra for baggage, seat selection, and so on. Then you don’t have the right either to have a glass of water. It can be a solution, but how much do I spend in the end? The basic price is very cheap. But then I need maybe to add something more and the rate is not anymore low.

My flight search: offers

If I don’t have a strict need about dates, I start my research from offers. It’s full of deals, not only for my work journeys but especially for the holidays. That is why I need inspiration and good offers. My flight search is based on listing the promotions. I can benefit from some discounts. Airlines give low rates in certain periods. The dedicated platforms and the official websites always put offers in evidence. It is easy to reserve various stages of travel. Because sometimes you don’t find only a ticket, but an entire package for holidays.

In this way, I found great ideas. Especially because it is possible to search among different categories, starting from prices, passing by trip type, to arrive at airline companies. All this on travel websites. In particular about rates, I can say that my flight search is divided into a couple of days. The first one to find promotions and the second one to book. If you use the research by deals and you have the opportunity to change dates, you can save a lot of money.

There are a lot of offers, for example, the ones under $49. You can fly for a very cheap price. But don’t think only to economy class. Why? You can travel with more comfort for a price just a bit more expensive. You can in some cases bid to transform your economy ticket in a business or first class one. Almost all platforms propose all types of tickets.

I invite you to check them because you can have better seats and services at an affordable price. The travel websites allow you to reserve all that you need for your journey. Also, the ones of the airlines give you the chance to find everything. Including the car rental. Keep in mind that airline companies earn more from those services. So compare the prices. Anyway, when you will land the car rented will be ready for you. In a while, you will get to the hotel, where you will enter the room you booked.

My flight search: opportunities

What about to check out the “air miles price”? No, I am not suggesting you buy them, but to use them. Oh, you don’t fly often. Have you ever checked your credit card balance? It is possible that you have some point earned during your shopping. If you have them you can convert that amount in miles for discounts or free flights. Not only. You can use those points also for hotel booking for example. 

That’s why my flight search is always based also on air miles. I have some airlines’ fidelity cards, but I count more on my credit card. Because for each Euro I spend, I get some miles for my travels. What? You don’t know how it works. No problem, I prepared a guide for you. Click here to get all my tips. You will be able to select a travel credit card and to maximize the benefits. Just for the subscriptions, they give you a huge amount of miles. Then I suggest a digital course. Click here to learn how to get a lot of free miles paying with your credit card.

Free Flights: 1 tool, huge air miles. Use it!

Travel is expensive, especially because of the plane costs. There is a way to get free flights, or with a discount of over 90%. How? Using travel hacking. It is a system that allows, legally, people to use some secrets in their research. Online there are a lot of opportunities to find a very cheap flight, but they are hidden. In fact, the way to earn money for airlines and flight search engines is to monitor the behavior of the traveler. Once you start your search, they erase the price step by step.

This is only one of the obstacles that we have in front of us when we check the options for our journey. Get free flights with travel hacking! This is the solution. It is not hard to do it, just follow some simple steps. There is a course online that I recommend to you. The “teacher” is a professional travel blogger, with a huge experience made in many years of world exploration.

Free flights: the benefits of the course

Why should you follow the course? Because you can pay only $20 for a flight that usually costs $1000. You invest less than $50 and a bit of your time to learn how to find the best deal, when you should book and travel, how to earn and redeem your miles, and so on. All the tips will take you to discounted prices, to very low rates. You will become a hacker, but not out of the law. You will act legally just using all the hints to move online. Get free flights or very low rates will be a brainer for you.

I don’t want to consume your time, so I let you see the video. Clicking here, you will be redirected to the page with some tips and the explanation of the course. Now I know you have one more question? Why are you saying this? Because I always search for more convenient deals to fly. Get free flights, or almost free, it is my goal. Because I can use the saved money for something better during my trips. The benefits of the course are a lot. I also used what I learned for my recent trip to Vienna.

The course is here.

Tool contents

This course is a useful tool for you. How? Well, you will attend a digital lesson that will give you the procedure to apply for travel credit cards. Then you will learn all that you need to obtain free air miles. The result is simple. It will allow for getting free flights or huge discounts for your journey. Even if you have some bad credit story. You will also discover air loophole. It was discovered by a worker in the travel industry and he wants to share it. Obviously, he does it through the course. That’s why you should follow it.

It is a direct experience. You have access to a strategy. So, you will apply it each time you want to book a flight or to reserve a room in a hotel. This way will give you the chance to save a lot of money. The journey of your dreams is behind the corner. It’s up to you to catch it! Don’t miss the plane, go on board for free. Let me give you some more tips about how to get free flights or a huge discount.

Attending the course you will go into different parts. In the first one, you will learn how to obtain a high score for credit card application. This will make you free to choose the best credit card for yourself. Especially to receive a huge amount of free air miles. Bonuses open the way to free flights. The second part is made to explain to you how to get and use the air miles. It’s a way to discover also when and where to redeem them.

Parts three and four will be extremely valuable. First, you will go deep into the credit cards’ companies requirements. So it will be easier to apply and respect the rules. It is a unique way to be approved. Then there are the direct contacts of the offices and responsible persons of those companies. You will be in touch with decision makers. Of course, the contacts are updated periodically. As soon as you will get the course, as soon you will start to get benefits and free flights.


Luxury miles

Travelers know very well the frequent flyer points, they can collect miles each time they book seats with their favourite arline company and with its partners. It is a good way to get some extras for free, like better class on the plane, free tickets, nights in a hotel and so on. Each company has its own miles collection, but today the news are coming from Quantas, the Australian airline.

The cangaroo airline established a partnership with Luxury Escapes in order to give the chance to it client with the Quantas Frequent Flyer card to receive points for each luxury holiday booked with the famous brand of the sector. One dollar spent means one mile collected, but to spend them the customer can choose among a ticket with Quantas or a new trip with Luxury Escapes.

According to the number of points raised it will be possible event to use the miles just to upgrade the room in the hotel or ask for a specific service, dealing with the offers proposed by the tour operator. This new agreement is perfect for the traveler that can find a flight connection with Quantas to go visit some new destination meanwhile to organize all the journey including transfer, hotel and excursions.

Quantas and Luxury Escapes is only the last opportunities settled up for the airline clients, infact the company count on many other cooperations to help travelers to earn miles to have some free benefits. Among the partners of the Australian enterprise there are Deliveroo that brings meals at home, some restaurants as Rockpool group and also BankWest that dedicates a particulare treatment to Quantas frequent flyer customers who decide to open an account and save money in the bank.