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Flight discounts with Infobus

Travel, travel, travel, I like it so much. But this means always search for flight discounts. Luxury and comfort can cost less, so I surf the net to find new deals. Among the platforms, I like to use to search for transport connections, there is Infobus. If you already visited my blog, maybe you remember it. This cool tool has some deals that I discovered during my reservations. Are you going to organize our holidays or a trip? You should check out the website. I selected 7 options that maybe you are interested in. Because you can find the best offers and gain more discounts.

Imagine seeing a cheap price, to have in front of you the lowest rate available and reduce it a bit more. This is what happened to me on Infobus. Let me give you some more details about my experience. And then to list the deals the company offers to its customers. You don’t have to do anything special, just register on the portal. Then to research for the planes. You will get flight discounts and you will also find solutions for trains and buses. So you can plan an entire trip to the destination you prefer.

My flight discounts

For my recent journey to Lviv, I was searching for flight discounts. I needed a short, comfortable, and cheap flight. Going on the platform I could easily find a long list of possibilities. No direct connections from Milan, I already knew it. And many proposals with different airlines and prices. The date and hour were really important to me. Then I looked at the prices. There wasn’t a huge difference between the cheapest proposals. According to my comfort, I could even spend a few Euro more. But why? Why do I have to spend more than enough?

I discovered that by registering to the platform and opening a free account I could benefit from some discounts. So the better prices, the less the discount. That was good. This opportunity made me consider other options. It’s like when you have to similar items and you have to choose. The main difference is the price. You will select the cheapest one. This happens also if you have flight discounts. I made it and my wallet was smiling. Me too because I saved even more money than I expected. Infobus remains one of my favorite platforms. It works also for bus and train tickets.

flight discounts

The deals on Infobus

Searching for my flight discounts and exploring the platform, I learned about the deals. What are the offers prepared by Infobus? Let’s go-to list them. 

To the customers is reserved the 10% off. You only have to register on the website and the discount will be applied to your flights. Click here to start. 

Up to 50% discount on a return ticket. This is one of the best flight discounts you can find online. Imagine saving half price for your trip on the plane. You can choose better flights according to your agenda. Select your flights here and get a discount.

flight discounts

Credit cards payment commission-free. This is unique on the internet. When you pay with your credit cards other platforms add a commission. Infobus cut it for you. No extra added costs. Isn’t it great? With this offer for my trips by bus and train, I save a lot of money. In a few months, I can buy one more return ticket just with the money saved from card commissions. This is valid for all bus and train tickets. Click here to purchase your ticket and to know all the details. 

No commission for buses and train tickets. As you know most of the time if you buy online those types of tickets they apply a fee. Infobus doesn’t do that. So you will pay only the ticket cost. Click here for all the details and to buy your ticket. 

Some more offers 

There are also some specific offers. So not only flight discounts, but also buses and trains deals. Check out these opportunities!

flight discounts

Travel from Prague to Krakow for only €13. Among the best rates proposed by Infobus, you can find some great rates like this one. Don’t wait, click here to buy your ticket and explore amazing cities.

Travel to Europe from €5. This is the price applied for trips by bus or train around Europe. There are a lot of very cheap solutions waiting for you. Organize now your trip by clicking here

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