Fashion restaurants, the new luxury business

Anasa few days ago wrote about the new Osteria opened by the fashion luxury brand Gucci in Florence, but it’s not the only one. LVMH announced a new shop for food in Paris and Tiffany’s & Co opened in New York its Blue Box Cafe. The companies are following the expenses of the consumers and in this moment people are interested in quality food and beverage. Bar, restaurants and shop in the sector can increase the financial income of the brands.

The experts and the analists extimed an income of 120 billion euros for the luxury market of wines, alcohol and food in 2017. The growth was by 6%. All around the world there are a lot of examples, but from Italy there are already a lot of experiences. Armani, Dolce&Gabbana, Trussardi, Bulgari have their bars and restaurants in the fashion neighborhood in Milan. One of the last news from the sector comes from Prada, the famous company bought the pastry making Marchesi, with different bars around the city.

The offer from fashion brand is of course on high level, with great chef and staff, with a lot of competences and experience, to give a luxury experience to the guests and they are well connected with the trends and the innovations. Hospitality is the new business of fashion as well. Armani and Bulgari are the best examples on how to establish also successful hotels chains


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