Fashion accessories for men how to dress like an Italian. Elegant outfit

Fashion accessories for men: how to dress like an Italian. Elegant outfit

Italians are elegant, trendy, fashionable, stylish. How to dress like an Italian? This is the question that comes from everywhere. Why? What do they have more than others? We have access to the quality materials as in other countries. In the main cities around the world men purchase “Made in Italy” textiles, but still, they don’t reach the desired result. Why? Because they give the task to prepare suits and clothes to local tailors. Discover the fashion accessories for men.

The difference is all about style. For us is natural to be fashionable on any occasion and with any type of apparel. Our elegant outfit depends just in part on the quality of materials and the ability of our tailors. Our approach to style has a big role. For us, it’s normal to use the art of putting clothes together, properly mixing colors and models.

Fashion accessories for men how to dress like an Italian. Elegant outfit

I am not telling you that we are special. We know how to do it. How to learn our style? Observing and copying. Yes, you have to pay attention to the Italian way to wear and also to choose the best fashion accessories. They can adjust any outfit and give a cool touch to be elegant and trendy.

Once I was abroad for business and I entered an office. Before the meeting, I had an informal chat with some local colleagues. Girls were looking at me like they saw the most beautiful man in the world. I am not. A guy approached me and he told me that I was elegant, so trendy. Then he added that it was normal, I am Italian and I was showing it. It is not the only funny episode that happened to me around the world. Anyway, I want to use my experience to give you some tips that you can use when you travel or when you are in your country. With my advice, people, especially women, will notice you. Yes, because elegance and style are highly appreciated.

How to dress like an Italian: always perfect

A few days ago I was joking with one of my followers. I saw some of her posts on Instagram and I told her that she was always perfect like James Bond. Also when she runs she appears without even a hair out of place, like Agent 007. You can see him during and after fights in perfect form, like in a fashion show. Well, that is the cinema and this is not my goal. I mean that with some tips you can be properly dressed on any occasion.

With proper clothes chosen for your business or leisure appointments and some fashion accessories for men, you will be a star. First, you need to understand the Italian men’s philosophy. Because our ability is something that we have inside. Let’s try t understand what does it mean to feel and dress like an Italian.

Pay attention to separates

Elegance doesn’t come from suit but the union of separates. We are used, most of the time, to balance our time between work, leisure, and rest. For any moment we have different options. The suit is perfect for the office. Anyway, other moments require casual clothes. We want always to be smart.

So we combine colors in the right way. For summer, it is cool to wear a linen or cotton blazer in pastel hues or navy. While in winter we prefer lustrous mohair or cashmere jacket, or one in a textural tweed. Italians consider trousers staple. At least men do that. In this case, we balance a bold and colorful jacket in connection with the summer vibe.

Wear clothes

I can see your face with a big question mark on it. This title concern one of the main assumptions of our style philosophy. Keep in mind this sentence. “The Italian man wears the clothes, the clothes don’t wear Italians”.

For us, a tailored jacket or blazer is a must. Everything has to be worn and look appropriate to the physique and style like a glove on the hand. Imitating the way Italians dress can appear clumsy. The style must be appropriated to show elegance, not copy. In short, you have to take an example and then give it a personal touch.

Accessories are useful and advisable, but they must never be excessive. So if you notice that something is wrong, it is better to take off and review the outfit. We don’t wear fashion accessories for the fun of it, but because they serve us to show our personality. You have to pay attention to the combinations. 

Remember: show the clothes who is the boss.

Fashion accessories for men how to dress like an Italian. Elegant outfit

Break down dressing formalities

A formal outfit requires pants and jackets, but in Italy, we have a passion for suit-ish items. It doesn’t matter the occasion. Our secret is to break down the traditional formality. It’s not just a matter of style, it’s our culture. We want to be friendly and open and we say it also with our outfit. You can always see something very formal like a pinstripe, a micro-check, or an all-black suit, but there is always something different, even a single item that makes the difference. We are not happy without restructuring the formality. It becomes like to break down barriers between us and others. A comfortable and relaxing style is part of us.

Most of the time we remove from jackets the padding and inner linings. No tie, unbuttoned collar of the shirt are common. And for business, we like to use a woven silk tie. Elegance is important, but never more than the personal style. Each outfit has a personal touch that can break the classic rules. Except when it comes to a very cold temperature, we don’t wear socks, either with double monk shoes. It looks funny or strange, but if you want to learn how to dress like an Italian, you need to take it seriously and write notes, you can’t make mistakes.

Perfection with imperfection, the secret for the elegant outfit

Have you ever heard the word “sprezzatura”? It’s like the base of the Italian style. If you don’t know what it is, it can be a bit hard to understand. Let me try to explain. We combine our clothes mixing elegance and our character expressed in fashion terms. We do it naturally, with no effort. The best part, related to this concept, is that we show it as something made by chance without thinking about it. Is it clear? Maybe not at all. 

Well, I try to use some other terms. Sprezzatura is about style. We use different accessories and we unconventionally wear them. Or it happens also to give a personal touch without wearing something. Like elegant leather monk shoes without socks. As Italians, we have the reputation of having an intuitive good taste, the spontaneity of the good figure, an innate style, which does not require a calculation. We add individuality to the outfit, that’s why we appear more original.

Rules and adaptations

We have to bend the rules to create our elegant outfits. We know very well the rules to be smart and perfect on any occasion, but then, you know we are Italians, we need to do something a bit different. We respect the traditions and the common refinement principles, but it’s not enough. It is always important to personalize our image and we do it especially with fashion accessories. We like to bend or break the rules, it depends on each of us, but we do it properly.

I know, telling that, it looks like we are a bit crazy. Not a bit? Maybe you are right, but if you want to learn how to dress like an Italian, you have to understand the culture and the style. It is our way to act. It will be a hard challenge, but you can win if you follow some simple hints. We can become partners in crime. I will reveal something more about accessories, so you can start to try and find your personal Italian outfit. Being elegant is the rule you have, well, don’t throw it away, just get ready to make some adaptations. This is Italian.

How to use fashion accessories

What can make you more Italian in your outfit? Fashion accessories for men represent the best way to personalize the style and they are made to combine the elegant touch with the character expression. I mean tie, bow tie, pocket squares, scarves, and even masks. Yes, in 2020 we have learned to wear masks to protect us from viruses. Well, this function can stay together with the need to be smart and well dressed on any occasion. Again, it is a matter of style and fashion.

I mentioned the suit accessories because they are perfect for business meetings but also for leisure. The difference is made by you. Or better on how you wear them. To be classy ties and bow ties are required, but if formal events ask you to follow the main rules, you can work better on colors. Then be creative. The rule, in this case, is about color matching. Casual and evening events can become a good occasion to show a bow tie with a fantasy design.

Fashion accessories for men how to dress like an Italian. Elegant outfit

Pocket squares can give your suit a better touch. It is pure style. It is a way to show how stylish and trendy you are. How? Not only using it but choosing the way how to present it. This item can help you to dress up or dress down your outfit, keeping it alive. You can fold it in half and put it in your breast pocket leaving around 1/4 of it visible out of the pocket. Or you can fold it into triangles to obtain one, three, or five tips up. How to set it? It depends on the occasion, but never forget to mix the traditional rules of elegance with your mood and style. And keep in mind that if the woman you are with is sad, pocket squares are offered to the lady to dry her tears.

The scarf is good for cold weather but in this case, you have to show it uniquely. It helps to color your outfit and to underline your character. Makes it visible, play with knots. For example, fold the scarf in half and place it around your neck. Take the loose ends of the scarf and pull them through the loop, making sure not to pull it too tight. Then twist the loop and pull the loose ends through again. Continue twisting the loop with one hand and pulling the ends through until you run out of the scarf. This will be like wearing a tie. Anyway, it is just an example, remember to use your creativity according to the outfit.

What about masks? It is the last accessory we have to wear and surely we need to give priority to our safety. It is possible to combine it with fashion. Cloth masks are better because you can reuse them, they are soft for the skin and they help you to breathe better. But also they can be easily personalized, or at least to be more trendy with your outfit. That’s why on the market there are a combination of masks and ties or bow ties with the same design. It is one more option to express your style and to underline the outfit features. 

The best fashion accessories for men

As you noticed I didn’t give you strict rules to follow because we don’t have them. The first step you need to learn if you want to know how to dress like an Italian is: be creative, make your own outfit. It comes naturally, but you have to try a lot before to reach good results. Once you will be ready, you won’t need to think about it. You will open your wardrobe and automatically you will choose the best clothes and accessories for that moment. Never forget about accessories. Select elegant ones and then wear and combine them using your personal touch to be original and to give the right image of who you are.

I would like to give you one more tip. All the accessories you will use will make the difference but choose always quality and elegance, then you can focus the creativity on colors and also on how to wear them. I discovered a great producer, of course, Italian. It is a good brand, it offers superb products in terms of quality, but it has also affordable prices. That’s why I can often buy something new and add to my wardrobe a lot of possible combinations. Yes, because they have in their catalog also sets, it means mask and tie, mask and pocket square, and so on. I can have always something cool to wear and I save money.  

The online shop

The brand is Antica Seteria Comasca. It is based in Como and is one of the best expressions of the artisan tradition. They create accessories that last over time, enhancing Italian workmanship, which is unique all over the world. They have also a long experience in the field and their catalog is full of stylish and trendy items to make any men’s outfit always elegant. The tradition is combined with innovation and there are always new creations available.

Then I can explore the catalog and all their collections even when I travel because they have a shop online. Each item is well described and there are more pictures to see it completely. They conquested my trust after my first order. The price and quality, as I told them, were perfect, but also the service. The fast shipping and their support gave me the reason to buy again and again. I can express my personal Italian style everywhere and on any occasion. That’s what I like. You should give a chance to Antica Seteria Comasca to surprise you.


Are you ready to prepare your elegant outfit and dress like an Italian? I gave you some hints and you know that it’s all about culture and trying time after time. So let’s use your creativity and copy a lot. Observe Italians, try to copy at the beginning and when you feel sure, make your style. I am sure when you will be around Italy we will approach you directly in Italian.

If you want to plan a trip, let me give you some tips about places to visit and traditions to know. Read my guides about Italy. Share this article, if you like it, and then use the comments below to share your experience or ask something. I will be happy to answer.

Fashion accessories for men how to dress like an Italian. Elegant outfit

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