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I hope you liked my last post about Stobi, the archeological site in Macedonia. I still have some other things about my trip to the Balkans that I want to share, but today I want to write something different. At the beginning of this week, I presented my new website and through comments and direct messages, some of you asked me more about my experience with a self-hosted website. I answered quickly to each question, but I think it is good to go a bit more deeply into the topic.

As I already explained my tech skills are on a very low level and for that reason, I got help from experts, but why I chose to “update” my blog? First of all with a real domain and now a WordPress one it is easy to be found by my readers. Of course, I could do it just using WordPress, but to customize my blog I wanted something different from the limited themes offered by WordPress.

Cattura siteground 1

I needed a different solution and for that reason, I asked for an alternative. SiteGround is actually the best way on the market because it is hosting for WordPress. This means that I can have more features and tools to improve my blog (I am working on it step by step) but using a system that I already know and that was my “mate” for 10 months. It is easier to prepare new pages but also to give a new dress to my blog and to connect my social networks.

When I subscribed to SiteGround I had the chance to find different plans, with various rates to arrange the service given to the real needs of the blogger. I am a beginner and my audience is not big, so I don’t need to pay for something that I can’t use. That is the first element that I noticed about the platform, but it is of course not the only one. There is a high level for the security of the blog, to prevent violations.

The staff is well prepared and it gives answers quickly, with support in different languages. It is also possible to export the blog from WordPress to SiteGround with a simple click and then everything is ready to work on the new image of the pages. Also, this is important for a blogger to help to increase visibility online thanks to the SG CachePress. The provide is a co-manager of the website and so guarantee high performances.

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This means to be fast during surfing the web and to be helped in Seo to be found by people during their web searches. To recommend SiteGround it is also WordPress, so this also convinced me about the value of the self-hosting platform. Anyway, it is not necessary to use WordPress, even if you have a blog with another provider you can get benefits from SiteGround.

You can use different plugins to improve the blog with other services as YouTube, Google Analytics, and many others, but the staff is always ready to give you assistance for any needs, not only related to the usability of the platform but regarding all the aspects. Of course for the implementation of this new form of my blog, I had the help of Self-Host.org, but now I am moving by myself and I can ask the SiteGround experts when I need some advice. Automatically the update of the plugins installed are made by the platform, so the blogger doesn’t have to do anything else or worry about it.

Thanks to SiteGround centers in three continents the quality of the service is always high also during the connection. You can try it and if you are not satisfied you can be reimbursed. This is another guarantee, as there is in the WordPress platform, that helps you to see if the service is useful or not and you will not lose the money. In case you already have your own domain you can just move it to SiteGround without any problems.

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The last thing that I want to “discuss” is related to advertisements. Some of your messages were mentioning this part. Of course, I like to grow with my blog, also because it means that people like what I write and share, and this makes me happy, but this is for me a passion, increased since the beginning, and not my job. So my goal is to write to you sharing my experience and opinion and not to become famous and rich (if this could be really possible for me as a beginner).

I will not avoid some ads, because I can maybe earn some money to cover the costs of the blog, of the domain, and so on, but this blog will respect you, you are my goal and you are important and precious to me. I am still learning and trying to do better and better step by step, but always with you, my dear followers and readers, in my mind.

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