Educative Summer Vacation

Educative Summer Vacation: Tips for Parents

You are a parent and you know how education is important for your kids and also that any occasion can be part of it. Schools are closed during summertime and it is time to improve informal education chances. While kids are focused on fun and entertainment, you need to think to transform also holidays in a way to learn and grow. They surely need a break from school, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t experience something useful to get knowledge for their life. It is essential to take care of that aspect. So, if you want to keep the learning experience alive during the summer, you should consider planning an educative summer vacation with your kids. 

The main wonder of parents concerns the real possibility to incorporate education into a vacation. Of course, you can. It doesn’t mean to plan a boring trip, but just balance fun and excitement with learning. They can coexist, but also be totally united. There are many ways to improve knowledge by having fun. The first important step is to choose the right destination and of course to search for some educational activities.

Interactive museums, park excursions can be a small example. Everything depends on the place and the program. Imagine a cool guide that tells stories with some important information inside. It can entertain kids and at the same time teach them something useful.

Educative Summer Vacation

How to plan an educative summer vacation

I mentioned interactive museums, some of them are really a paradise for kids, but they are only one of the various types of attractions. Parents, generally, pair education with museums. Nothing more wrong. In every place, you can find science museums, history museums, and art museums and most of them are surely educative, but it can be hard to keep the attention of kids if there is not something thought and made for them to explain the things. Traditional ways become boring for them. Anyway, you can schedule a visit, but it will need only a few hours, what to do for the whole summer. And the museum tours are not the best idea, at least it’s better to mix them with something else.

You can select several museums to visit, picking the ones on your road and enjoy them together. There is also the option to join a group tour, but for kids, it can be hard to survive and if in the group there are other kids they will have fun together, but the risk is to lose their control. Even traveling with many other people by bus or train, especially if the journey is long, they will get tired soon. If you think about museums, well, you should consider selecting different museum styles.

Education and fun

Education is not the opposite of fun, they can come together. So if you want to add an educative experience with fun, excitement, and thrills you can consider a vacation to a theme park. Of course, amusement parks focused on a precise theme contain interesting workshop where the learning process is the protagonist. A good example is Sea World, well known for its aquatic shows and underwater aquariums. Kids can learn a lot of fishes but also be amazed by them.

Sea World is just one, but there are also other places like Bush Gardens, a park with an educational activity. The theme is animal safari. They offer several thrill rides and safaris teaching about animals. These adventures can include onsite zoos or other animal safari museums. It will be fun for kids and they will learn a lot, also in connection with something they studied at school.

Educative Summer Vacation

Family tours

As I mentioned the guided tours can be a bit tricky, but you can consider those small ones dedicated to families. It is a popular choice for parents who are vacationing with their children. They are available in a huge variety of destinations, especially where are present state parks, animal sanctuaries, and historical landmarks. In the United States, educational guided tours can be found at the Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and in the Adirondacks Region of New York. As well in Europe, there are many interesting places with this type of proposal.

To be honest, the guided tours are popular among families because of fun-filled vacations, so the educational ones are not much crowded. There is a decline in that type of guided tour, but you should be happy and surely don’t worry. Why? Because you will have the opportunity to get discounts and then also to enjoy more privacy. Fewer people are better to stay with your family and see better the things, while kids will pay more attention. Not only you can take advantage of cheap admission fees, but you can also add online coupons for guided tours to reduce more the price. Many summer vacation destinations, museums, and theme parks give them. Explore GAdventures offers, I am sure you will get inspired.


An educative summer vacation doesn’t limit you, you can choose among many destinations and even plan to have some time to do something you like. Around worldwide popular places, there are, to a short distance, several facilities hosting activities and events for kids, taking care of the learning process. So they can have fun and learn together, sometimes you will have fun too, but especially you will save money. Are you ready for this type of vacation? I am sure you will enjoy it a lot and then the time spent with your children will be valuable.

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Educative Summer Vacation

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