Eat in Malmö

Eat in Malmö: what and where

I love to taste local food when I travel. To eat in Malmö has to be an experience for me. Of course, maybe I have some limits, but in general, I need to taste the specialties. In Malmö, I did the same. As a traveler, I ordered the traditional recipes, especially fish. Because I live close to the mountains and if I go by the sea I want to fish. Cooked in Swedish style. Anyway, what to eat in Malmö? Let me say something about traditional food. So after the hotel, I tell you about my culinary experience.

The modern cuisine is continuing research of a new taste, cooks do experiments with the ingredients. This is good and the city offers that, but there are also traditions. The new dishes are sometimes great, but they are not part of the local culture. For me, eating is getting in touch with the culture of the place. That is why I search always for traditional food. Not always it is the best choice, but in many cases yes.

Traditional dishes

Malmö has the best version of the Swedish Aggakaka, a recipe invented in the Skane region. The dish is Scottish, but in the Scandinavian country, they made some changes. To the egg cake with pork meat is somehow classical, but in Sweden, they added lingonberries. With this ingredient, there is a more sweet flavor to the recipe.

 Eat in Malmö

For meat lovers, there is Venison tenderloin. It is superb meat served with lingonberries, chanterelle mushrooms and a cider sauce. The recipe is quite simple and healthy. Gåsamiddag is another meat dish, in particular, it is the roast goose. It is a tradition to eat it on 10th November, during St. Martin’s Eve. Of course, in this case, I have to say, I tasted it also if it was not the proper day, that it is not for a light meal.

Eat in Malmö Eat in Malmö


Where is fish? I mentioned it at the beginning and now I explain to you how people eat in Malmö. Ålagille is a smoked eel. The eel and the recipe are local. It is an uncommon flavor for me, but good. Smoked fish is typical in Sweden, so if you enter a fish shop you can find a great variety of prepared food. I did not have time and it wasn’t the right period, but I would like to buy something in the shop and eat it in the park on a bench. Maybe you can do it during your visit to Malmö. I think it is a good experience as they do in the local style.

Eat in Malmö

There are many more traditional dishes, but I haven’t the chance to taste them and neither to get information about them. There is one more recipe that I want to mention in my post: Spättekaka. It is a dessert, so now the meal is complete. When they bring it to the table, a tower appears and you start to think about what happened. Don’t worry, there are no mistakes in the order. The ingredients are eggs, potato starch flour, and sugar. Everything is rolled onto a skewer. It is quite sweet but good. It comes from the regional tradition of southern Sweden.

The restaurants

I wrote what you can eat in Malmö, but you want to know where. In my short stay, I just tried some, but I want to recommend you the bests, according to my standards. The city offers a great variety of places where to taste almost any type of food. Just keep in mind that in the northern countries they have dinner quite early in the evening. So if you are used to eating at 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. there is the risk to don’t find many restaurants available.

Elegant restaurants

In Malmö, a good restaurant to try is the New Savoy Grill, inside the hotel Savoy. It offers the cuisine of a popular and able chef that proposes especially superb fish recipes. The setting is elegant as the service, provided by a professional staff that works on a high level. More for new experiments in the kitchen is the restaurant Vollmers. It is the perfect Michelin Guide example. Young chefs create traditional dishes with modern techniques, to renovate the flavor and take the typical food in contemporary time. Highly recommended.

Local cuisine

Eating in Malmö means to follow the Scandinavian habits. So from time to time, it is better don’t follow the most elegant restaurants, but to prefer the best local cuisine. Bastard, despite the name it is a cool place, is a trendy place for who is searching for good local food and also a low price for a huge quantity. The chef has the creativity and he prepares many meat proposals.

For the evening the combination of Swedish food and music is the best. That is why I suggest you book a table at Malmö Opera Grill. In the theatre, you can attend to contemporary dramas and find in the restaurant pre-show menu. There are two options: the buffet or the table service. After the performance, you can go to the same place for a drink. There is a good variety of food and quite low prices with classic dishes. If you like a simple design with wood benches and tables choose Saltimporten Canteen. Inside it is quiet and it offers a great view because it is located at Malmö’s port. You can go for lunch e let the chef surprise you with original proposals, mostly unexpected.

Now you know what and where to eat in Malmö. Enjoy!

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  1. A lovely commentary Asana. Your write-up flows so well and the pictures make me think I am following along as you show me the sights. I enjoyed the food but still hungry so I must look further. I look forward to more as time permits.

  2. Thank you for your comment and for the questions, that give me the chance to share more info. As a blogger I am still a beginner, so sometimes I forget to mention some details. It it possible to find menus in English, but in some places there are only the names of the plates. In those cases the staff is always ready to help and to explain each dish. About the prices are generally well proportioned to the service and the quality. To say if it is cheap or not we need consider different factors. First of all I can say that the ”elegant” restaurants are quite expensive as it happens more or less in all the countries. Then I have to say that in Scandinavia the prices are generally more expensive than in Italy. Said that the three restaurants that I mentioned for the traditional dishes they offer the food for quite low prices, according to what I wrote.
    I am happy that my post made you hungry, somehow I reached the point, since I was writing about food 🙂

  3. Many thanks for your comment. Your positive feedback is important because it means that my post was clear and also it went strict to the goal 🙂 I hope you will enjoy also my next posts. I have some other trips in my agenda and I will try to write me feelings and my impressions about the places.

  4. Great! I should certainly pronounce, impressed with your website. I had no trouble navigating through all the tabs and related information ended up being truly easy to do to access. I recently found what I hoped for before you know it at all.

  5. Thank you dear! I am really happy that you enjoyed my blog and that you found easily interesting infos

  6. Ah, Sweden… It has always been near the top of my list. My father was Swedish. Here in France, dinner is from 7-9 pm which means the first hour is devoted to an aperitif and the next several hours to serious eating. Dinner commences somewhere between 10 and midnight. What are the chances of eating vegan in Sweden?

  7. Sweden is really a beautiful country and you have also one more reason to visit it. In Italy we have the same habits than France according to the meals’ hours, but Sweden is different. You should have dinner around 6 pm. I am not vegan, but as I noticed in Malmo it is not difficult to find restaurants and shop for vegans. The same for the biggest cities. In the northern of the country it is a bit more difficult because meat and fish are the main ingredients of the traditional recipes.

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