Smart Marketing Stories

Smart Marketing Stories

Smart Marketing Stories

“A Collection of Little-Known Smart Marketing Stories and Examples”

Here’s something to ponder over: If you take nothing else away from this page that’s fine, but consider this. When I first started in online marketing (coming up to seven years ago now) there was a group of 20-30 of us looking to hit it big that all started at the same time.

Only two of us made it.

Only two of us, including myself have to this day reached a point at which we’re happy and we’ve achieved our hopes dreams, quit our jobs, and have a bunch of free time to play with however we want. It feels good, it feels great in fact.

Something very predictable happened though…

We were talking about this the other day, and since we hit the big time (or what feels like the big time anyway, probably just from the freedom it brought us) our old contacts started coming to us, asking us all sorts of questions about how to do this, and how to do that. We were only too happy to answer and help them out of the course and give them all the advice we could spare. Before long though, it started taking up a large amount of our time (in fact we would have had more free time going back to our jobs).

Something had to be done. Here’s what we did.

We came up with a manual drawing from the 15 most hard-hitting and profitable lessons we’d learned on our journey to a successful online business.

It was the least we could do right?

I mean, they’ve been through a lot with us from the very start, and this might be business, but we care about these people. It wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t take the crowd we’d been dealing with for near 12 years of combined time with us on the road to success. That was our aim with this manual, and lo-and-behold it worked better than we could have hoped.

Here what we told our good friends, what it did for their businesses, and what it can do for yours…

“I wish I’d have started buying your stuff when I first got into online marketing. I spent almost $30,000 and 5 years of my time trying to figure out what you just told me in your course”

K. Krys

Over A Decade Of First Hand Experience At Your Disposal

Learning on your own is expensive. Testing out a bunch of different marketing methods that are costing you $100, $500, $1000, or more at a time when you can’t even be sure they’ll work hurts your pocket. That’s why we’ve put together this manual containing the biggest five aspects of online marketing that we see people slip up on every single day. Things that you could be slipping up on right now. There’s a fine line between achieving your goals and failing.

I have seen no more than 5% of my contacts become successful since my career started back in the late ’90s. Those that made it were doing just 2 things differently from those that didn’t. 2 little things that are totally free and take no longer than a minute per day that every successful person I’ve met has learned to do without fail! I’ll show you how to utilize these two critical aspects that in my experience, you cannot succeed without.

Do you know how the successful view those that haven’t reached their goals yet? If not, then you’re missing out on important ingredients that will allow you to mix with and make deals with the high earners. I’ll show you exactly what they think of you, why they think it, and how you can use this to get your hands on their huge lists often packed with tens of thousands of targeted marketers ready to buy your products every single time you launch a product.

Progress is something we all desire. Whether it’s about more money, a better lifestyle, more free time, or just some sort of forwarding movement where you can say to yourself ‘yes, I have achieved everything I could ever want to achieve’. The majority of people that I meet find themselves sitting in the same chair, doing the same tasks for little in return, and every year they ask themselves ‘why am I still here?’. I’ll show you 1 simple method that defines progress in business, so you’re not the one sitting in that same chair in a year. (unless you want to be of course, in which case, you’re in the wrong place).

How long does it take you to create and launch a product? Did you know that this very site and every single one of the products you see before you were created and refined in less than a week each? That’s 52 products every single year. Imagine the cash you’d rake in with that many products under your belt. It’s easy when you know how to do it, and I’m going to show you exactly that.

I’m going to show you what it means to work smart and not hard, so you can finally stop sweating to get things done at ridiculous times of the day (or night). I’m going to teach you something I learned very early on. Get double the results for half the work. The little-known methods of efficiency and progress.

How to make a string a high of high earners come to you instead of you having to approach them all of the time to strike deals. I’ve made some mistakes in my time and had to learn fast. As a result, not a single contact that I’ve made and done business with has lost contact with me. I’ll show you exactly how this is done, step by step.

What if you could strike up a measly five joint venture deals for every new product you created to guarantee a conservative estimate of 25,000 initial circulations for your ad, all to targeted buyers, ready to hand you their cash for your product? Now, what happens if you can use the same five with your next product, but add another five to the list? I’ll leave you to work out what kind of circulation and how many contacts you’ll have after launching just four products.

Never have to buy information again. It’s all available right now for free if you know where to look. It’s such an obvious place I have a feeling that’s why many miss it. Don’t miss out, save yourself a bundle and learn from the pros for free all at the same time.

“Finally! For 9 months I’ve been scouring the net, reading all the info products I could get my hands on, and not until today when I read yours did I actually increase my income from one within 24 hours of my purchase. It’s worth ten times what you’re charging for it if you ask me..”

M. Cook

“I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t need your course, because I’ve got all the successful tips and tactics that I need, and I’m already making enough money. What I did get though was a great spark of inspiration from what you’re writing. It was a very refreshing experience indeed”

T. Rieper

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Smart Marketing Stories

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P.S. Everything you’re about to read is tried and tested material. This will apply to your business not just once, but for many years to come. It’s an investment not just for today, but far into the future.

PPS. Still not convinced this is for you? Well, it is your choice of course, but if you do go ahead and grab your download while we still have some copies left, you could well be one of these people in a few short weeks:

“Wow. I thought I knew it all until today. I learned something on every single page, and hey, here I am 3 weeks later using your tips that for once do exactly as advertised and really did double my sales. That’s proof you know what you’re talking about. Expect more sales too, because I couldn’t help myself and went ahead and told all my contacts about your products”

M. Veil

“That had to be the most down-to-earth read I’ve had this year. You really do tell it like it is. Blunt, easy to understand, and information that doesn’t contradict itself every two lines. That’s a rare gem of an info product in my experience. I’d buy it a hundred times over”

C. Tin

“Phew, and I glad I bought your book before I decided to launch my product. I was heading for disaster just like you said. I can’t afford to be sitting here with the same income next year, and by the looks of my sales figures after just a week of putting your knowledge into action, I won’t be”

D. Pepper