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How to find cheap flights

how to find cheap flights

This is a question that each of asked at least once in life. How to find cheap flights? I like to travel with comfort, but also if I choose business or first class why should I pay a lot? Online it is full of deals also for the first class. If you buy the right … Read more How to find cheap flights

Free guide: get yours

free guide

I inserted a new category on my website called “Guides”. There are already two posts and soon there will be more. What is that? I am offering my free guide for you. Working on my tips I decided to realize some Pdf files for you. They include the suggestions dedicated to travelers that I share … Read more Free guide: get yours

Packing tips: a free guide for you

Packing tips

Have you ever forget the passport or the sleepers at home? Well, me yes. That’s why I prepared a checklist for all my trips. All the times I tick the items put in the suitcase. Do you want to see it? And avoid this bad situation? Get my free packing tips. It is a guide … Read more Packing tips: a free guide for you

Travel planning tips: the guide

Travel planning tips

I already shared some travel planning tips in my posts, but now I want to try to be a bit more helpful. There is nothing new, except the format. In fact, I want to give you a Pdf guide with the main advice I wrote. This is a first free giveaway because I am preparing … Read more Travel planning tips: the guide

Checklist for travelers

checklist for travelers

Checklist for travelers: get a free copy of my guide with the tips that will help you to prepare your trip. You will travel safe and without mistakes.

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