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All the travel guides in PDF version to download and print as you want. They will be always with you when you need them.

Checklist for travelers

Another guide for you. My free checklist for travelers in a Pdf file. So you can easily download it. A short paper with the main tips dedicated to who is going to organize a trip for the first time. It contains basic suggests that are part of the traveler‘s duties. But who has no experience or not that much can benefit from them. I can confess that sometimes to have a checklist with everything written is useful for everybody.

It can happen to forget something. Once I was at the airport with a colleague and he had the passport expired. The staff at the check-in stopped him. He couldn’t live because of that. It wasn’t his first trip abroad. Just it can happen. That’s why a checklist for travelers is recommendable for everyone. I listed down the essential things that you have to do before to leave. In advance, when you are ready to book your flights.

Checklist for travelers: the guide

Inside my guide, you can find tips about the passport application, the insurance and some tips for your safety.  This checklist for travelers is what I prepared for myself some time ago and it is still valid. Take a look, read it and save it. If you like it and if you think that it is helpful. It is free and you can easily download it here. Then use it as you prefer and as you need.

Guide: checklist for travelers

I suggest you also to share it because it can be a good present for someone else. Maybe who needs help to organize a trip for the first time. You will make the people happy in giving it. If you want to share also some experiences or tips about traveling, do it. Use the comments below. When I will do some updates, I will keep into consideration your contribute and I will mention you.

Enjoy my checklist for travelers!

How to find cheap flights

This is a question that each of asked at least once in life. How to find cheap flights? I like to travel with comfort, but also if I choose business or first class why should I pay a lot? Online it is full of deals also for the first class. If you buy the right ticket you can save a lot of money. So now the question is: how can find the deals? Yes, mainly it is a matter of time. You will stay in front of your computer for hours. No, it is not necessary, just follow my steps.

I am here to cut all the question marks. The first answer is how to find cheap flights! This is what I am going to explain in my guide. You don’t have to search among a huge number of flights. Because they will recognize you. The first step is to browse in incognito, but it is not enough to save time. So? Get my tips and your cheap flights will appear to you in a while.

How to find cheap flights: all the tips in a guide

I am going to explain you everything. In a guide. Yes, exactly, I prepared a Pdf file with all my tips. You have only to read it and apply my suggestions. I write how to find cheap flights: website to use, timing, booking tricks, and much more. Just open the file clicking on the link under the Pdf image. It is easy and in a while, you will have it visible on your device. Computer or mobile.

Cheap flights guide

Save it, print it and share it. You can use the guide for your self, but also to give a copy, via email or via Facebook, to your relatives and friends. They will be happy to get some tips and learn how to find cheap flights. It is a way to make them a helpful present. If then you want to add something about your experience, write your tips in the comments below. I will be happy to update the guide mentioning you for the next version.

What are you waiting for? It is free, download it.

Free guide: get yours

I inserted a new category on my website called “Guides”. There are already two posts and soon there will be more. What is that? I am offering my free guide for you. Working on my tips I decided to realize some Pdf files for you. They include the suggestions dedicated to travelers that I share in previous months. Of course, I am updating them and also I will add some more.

You can find the free guide you need. Now there are already one with the travel planning tips and another one with the packing tips. I am planning to post more in the next days. According to my work and traveling agenda. It is easy to get them and they are completely free. Inside you will see also my email address. If you want updates, send me your email and I will write to you time to time. Don’t worry, no spam, but only an email when I post something new about travel tips and experiences.

Get your free guide

Do you want a free guide? It is easy. Go to the “Guides” category. You can find it on the right on the top of the homepage. Then you open it and you check the post titles. Each of them explains the theme. Choose the guide you want, open the post and download the Pdf file. You can do it for each of them and get all that you want. I am sure they will help you in the preparation of your trips.

The free guide in Pdf format allows you to save it on your computer or mobile, print it and share it. Via email or via the internet without any need to print it out. Don’t keep it only for you. It can be a present for your relatives and friends. Maybe the ones who have less experience in traveling. You will support them in all the stages. I will be happy also to read about your experience. If you want to add something, share in comments your tips. I will update periodically the guides mentioning your help.


Packing tips: a free guide for you

Have you ever forget the passport or the sleepers at home? Well, me yes. That’s why I prepared a checklist for all my trips. All the times I tick the items put in the suitcase. Do you want to see it? And avoid this bad situation? Get my free packing tips. It is a guide that I am sharing with you to help you in the suitcase preparation. It is a hard job that is why support is useful.

Then when you are abroad without a pajama or something important, you need to buy it. You maybe don’t find anything you really like. It is also a cost. With my packing tips, you will be safe. All that you need will be in your luggage at your arrival to destination. My suggestions come for my travel experience and of course by mistakes. Now pick your guide and list the items for your trip.

Get the free packing tips

What do you have to do? Nothing special, just click on the link and download my packing tips guide Pdf. It is free and totally ready for you. I want only to precise few things about the list present in the guide. Nothing special, but important. When you will read my list you will mainly find items for a man. As I am. So if you have to put something for a woman you have to change something, or better to add something.

Anyway, you can add what you need, personalizing the packing tips according to your needs. The free guide is anyway ready for you. Save it on your computer, print it, share it with friends. It will be useful when you have to prepare your suitcase and maybe it will be helpful also for your family and friends. Don’t keep it for you. My packing tips can become also a small present for someone.

Packing tips guide

Feel free to share your experience or to add something. You can use the comments below and maybe update together with you my packing tips guide.

Have a safe trip and have fun!

Travel planning tips: the guide

I already shared some travel planning tips in my posts, but now I want to try to be a bit more helpful. There is nothing new, except the format. In fact, I want to give you a Pdf guide with the main advice I wrote. This is a first free giveaway because I am preparing some pdf files with all my guides. Some with the tips already posted and some new. You can easily get your copy.

I am going to transform my travel planning tips posts into Pdf guides. So you can save them on your computer, print them or send them to a friend easily. It will be easier to prepare your checklist to organize your trip just using the parts you need. This is my goal and I have the hope to give you support. I spent a lot of time traveling and I remember my first time. It was a bit difficult.


Your travel planning tips guide

What to do now? Here you can find the Pdf and you only need to click on it and download the file. It is completely free. Inside there are my travel planning tips. They include suggestions about your preparation and also about your stay. If you follow the steps you will be ready to enjoy the trip. Also, you will avoid a huge part of the risks.

Going around is exciting, but there are many things to do. You need to pay attention to each stage. That’s why I wrote the guide. I am used to traveling, but preparing a checklist is my goal each time. In fact, I can forget something. With the travel planning tips, I am sure to organize a better trip.

Travel planning guide

Enjoy the guide and also your journey! If you want to add something, feel free to do it using the comments. We will update the guide together with you. Also, your experiences will be welcome in the comments.