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Dining in Budapest

Walking around Budapest during the night is quite relaxing and interesting. The architecture enlighted is more suggestive and the attractions are less crowded than during the day. As the Parliament. The visitor is totally alone and it is easy to notice the different elements and decoration of the palace. Before to start to walk it is always a good idea to have dinner, so the visit is an opportunity to digest before to go to drink something in a lovely bar.

I wanted to be in a local environment ant to taste the Hungarian cuisine, so I chosen the Rézkakas Bistro, located on the way between Erzsébet Téri Park and the Szent Istvan Bazilika. It is a fancy restaurant, with an elegant, but quite simple, setting. The young staff is very professional and they are ready to explain how the dishes are prepared and as well to suggest to the customer the best wine to accompain the recipe chosen.

The menu is quite large with a good variety of fish, meat and some particular food as the duck. A soup as first course is always welcome. There are many options also for vegetarians. Each plate is very well presented and it is obvious that the tradition meet the innovation to offer a modern gastronomic taste. The wine cellar count on many good brands and different types of bottles to exalt the flavor of the food.

I had a good experience and I recommend with pleasure Rézkakas Bistro to all the people who wants to have a luxury local dinner, meeting the dishes of the tradition.


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