Digital marketing strategy: 8 steps to do to have success

Are you searching for success online? Do you want to sell products and services on the internet? You need a digital marketing strategy. Get my 8 tips and start to consider attending a course. You will conquest the web.​

Digital marketing strategy: why it is important

Are you losing the competition on the internet? It’s normal especially if you have a small business or you are a total beginner that wants to work from home. In both cases, it is really hard to hire an expert digital marketer to keep up with the latest digital marketing strategy. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you can’t reach great results on the web.

Your weapon is your knowledge. What? You don’t know anything about digital marketing… That’s why you are here. Reading this article, you will get your weapon. You will win your competitors by setting a proper digital marketing strategy. 

Many tips are already spread around, but the ones you will read here are not known by most of your competitors. Why are these tips so important? Because they work very well. But only if you know how to use them.

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8 tips to set your digital marketing strategy

Now it is time to go deep into your new digital marketing strategy. If you will follow my 8 tips you will have success. Apply them to your case and you will start to grow online. The results will come. But nothing is magic, so you have to work hard on them.

1. Eggs In Too Many Baskets

Most of the entrepreneurs who want to work online do a big mistake: do all the steps in only one. 

digital marketing strategy

They open many social accounts, then they pay for the PPC campaign and they write blog posts. They don’t do any research about the target group and also, these entrepreneurs don’t have any experience in social media. Are you familiar with this?

If the answer is yes, stop doing it. Don’t lose another time. A lot of opportunities are waiting for you around the internet. You can make money online, but there are rules to follow. If you try to manage too many new social media accounts all at once, you won’t reach any goal. 

The first lesson is: less is more. Focus on primary goals. If you manage more campaigns at the same time the risk to fail will be high. Why? Because it will be hard to determine the single results and to correct them on the way. Your keyword must be: consistent.

  • Be consistent on social media to build a loyal following. 
  • Be consistent in blogging to attract customers and keep them. Step by step they will become clients, they will buy your product or service.
  • Be consistent in SEO to spend less and being visible online.

This is the first tip for an innovative digital marketing strategy, but if you follow these simple rules, you will be already ahead in your work.

How to Generate $250-$500 payments multiple times a day

2. Find Your Space in Social Media

You need a place on social media because most of your clients are there. But also your competitors are on social networks.

digital marketing strategy

How can you be visible among all the profiles, pages, and news? You have to be present and make your pages popular. Otherwise, it will be a disaster. Focus on the main social media platforms, don’t open too many profiles everywhere.

Then start to be engaged. But if you notice that a platform doesn’t work for you, stop. Pay more attention to the platform able to bring to you more followers and engagement. It has to be a combination of your work and social media features. You need likes, comments, and shares.

Never bother people who are not engaged with your content and never waste time on the platform. Find out what interests more your followers and publish related posts. People’s feedback is essential for you. The same tips work also for affiliate marketing, not only for companies.

3. Influencer Marketing

It is not important if you are a company or a single person. If you want to sell online you need to hire influencers or become an influencer. This type of marketing is not new, but it started to increase. Maybe your competitors know some about it but they probably use this in the wrong way. Competitors become part of your digital marketing strategy because to win on them you need to know better what they do.

Influencer marketing can be a very powerful tool when wielded correctly.

How does affiliate marketing works? A company finds out its target group and in that niche hires the most influential people. Influencers are the best referrals. So if you are a company they will help you to sell, to reach the people you are searching for. 

If you want to be an influencer or to sell online, you need to find a niche, attract followers on social media, and interact with them. Genuine engagement will be your passe-partout for the business. People and companies will trust you.

digital marketing strategy

A recent study shows that 30% of buyers online prefer to purchase products recommended by not famous people. So it’s time to be influencers or to hire someone out of the showbiz.  70% of consumers are millennials, they take decisions checking proposals on social networks. This means that the presence online for a company is the way to success. 

So what can do an influencer with a company? Most online businesses work on backlinks and guest blogging. That is already the past.

Google changed the rules and now it decreases a website ranking for promoted backlinks. Guest blogging to sell is an old practice and especially it is not effective. It gives the opposite effect to the one desired.

Do you want to be successful with internet marketing? These are the steps to create your digital marketing strategy:

  • Promote the brand
  • Build credibility by leaning on the shoulders of industry giants
  • Tap into another community

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4. Create an Email List

What is not changing in the years is the value of the mailing list. It is valuable and responsive. It helps to sell at least 3 times more than any type of social media post, blog article, or landing page.

digital marketing strategy

Then when you collect email addresses, they are yours and you can promote all your products or services. As a company or as an affiliate. Many companies have mailing lists, but most of them are asking specialized services to send their messages to the third-party list. This is a mistake because they get unsubscribers and not buyers. You need your list.

You need strong social media to help you to collect contacts to have effective internet marketing. Add a subscriptions form on your blog or website. Prepare and send periodically a newsletter. It is one of the most important parts of a successful digital marketing strategy.

5. Content is the king

There is a rule that says that 80% of your success becomes from 20% of your efforts. This can be applied also to the content you create. You can use videos, texts, slides, webinars, and much more. 

What does it mean to apply the 80-20 rule? It’s easy: 80% of your content has to communicate value, and 20% of it must be focused on promotions. The valuable content is original, unique, fresh, relevant, understandable, useful to answer people’s needs. Your audience can solve a problem with it.


Only 20% will be dedicated to promoting a product or a service, but 80% has to be the engaging part. People will be attracted by 80% of the work and they will buy thanks to the other 20%Most of the bloggers and the companies do the opposite and they don’t sell anything. Don’t you believe it? Just one piece of information for you: bloggers who work on their content sell 67% more. This means more money. A great way if you also want to make money from home.

Why should you have a blog for a good digital marketing strategy?

  • It helps you to get more targeted traffic.
  • The human value will be added to your digital marketing proposal, interacting with people who read and follow the posts.
  • The cost is low and the engagement is high, it is better than many paid campaigns.

How to Generate $250-$500 payments multiple times a day

6. When to Rely On SEO

Business owners and affiliate marketers are still in trouble to handle SEO. It looks hard and the rules change quite often. It is not important what you think, but surely SEO is still the best way to drive free traffic to your website. Just writing in the proper way your business name can get traffic and influence the ranking in the search engines. 

To be visible you need to be on the top of the search lists, so SEO it’s the way to get the best positions. SEO isn’t an alternative to digital marketing strategy, but it is part of it.

 digital marketing strategy

SEO it’s better than any PPC campaign. But now let’s focus on why you should use a long-term SEO strategy?

  • It optimizes the website.
  • It optimizes pages.
  • It helps device optimization.
  • You get credible backlinks.

Using keywords you can easily optimize pages and subpages. This is the way to visibility. Google now doesn’t show in research results at all if a website is not SEO responsive. If you can’t see the pages on all devices, you can’t see them at all.

You don’t need to learn all the SEO strategies and secrets, you need to get the main features and also to use some plugins. You can hire a specialist, but the cost will be higher and you can save that money just by working on it by yourself.

One more thing: SEO it’s a long-term strategy, so don’t expect to get traffic immediately. 

For example, you want to know how to sell an eBook. You will search that query on the net. Among the top results, you will see all the websites that have related keywords more times in the text. It has to be quite long, and unique.

7. When to Use Paid Advertising

PPC campaigns are the best choice for many companies and affiliate marketers. They are convinced that spending a lot of money will bring a lot of traffic.

If you don’t have a funnel strategy and an SEO plan, you will never get positive results. This is not a digital marketing plan. And you need one if you want to sell. Imagine that you want to sell eBooks online. More traffic doesn’t mean more sales. So what to do? If you pay for each click and you don’t sell anything, you will just lose money, because you will pay just for visits. No conversions but a lot of costs. Keep in mind that any digital marketing strategy has a funnel to increase results.

You need a marketing funnel to convince people to buy. What to do? Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Create relevant content and add some free giveaways. For example an eBook as an introduction to the one you want to sell. 
  2. Write great website content.
  3. Build targeted PPC ads to get people to your site.

Remember: visitors of your websites are not buyers, they will become clients after some time, so try to collect their email and post frequent relevant content.

How to Generate $250-$500 payments multiple times a day

8. Improve your readers’ experience

Enhancing the user experience is part of your strategy if you want to sell online.

How can you do it? Use some of the best elements: 

  • Create good content.
  • Use proper communication channels.
  • Use an intuitive user interface (UI).
  • Speed your website’s loading.
  • Design and intuitive navigation menu.
  • Use chatbots to assist in communication.
  • Prefer a simple tone for your content.

Study your audience and ask them questions, also through surveys, so you will have direct feedback.

digital marketing strategy

The key digital marketing tips:

  1. The content has to be informative to create engagement.
  2. Manage your customers, interact with them, create a relation between them and your brand.
  3. Use video marketing. Live streaming is truly appreciated by people. You can use social channels, most of them allow you to show live streaming. Some of them: Youtube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat Stories to engage with your audience.

Learn the basics

You only need a digital marketing course to get your knowledge. Invest in your skills to have success online.

The best way you can get ahead of your competition is to use the tried and true ways of digital marketing properly.

Let your competitors keep on making the same mistakes, while you’ll be sidestepping landmines and growing your business with these 8 digital marketing tips.

Now you have the tips, what you need more? A free webinar with an affiliate marketing course. You will discover more and especially all the secrets of the selling strategy.

Digital marketing training is a chance for you to get precise notions:

  • video marketing;
  • the way to communicate with your potential customers;
  • monetization process;
  • video software and the types of hardware to choose from;
  • how to fine-tune your products. In other words, how to choose where you spend your most time and money (especially if you end up moving into utilizing paid advertising).

Subscribe now to the affiliate marketing course here. Reserve your webinar just by writing your name, email address, and select the date for the free online course. This is the best step for people who wants to create a successful digital marketing strategy.

How to Generate $250-$500 payments multiple times a day


Now you have all that you need to start and to be successful. I give you one more bonus tip. Check out here the free webinar held by an expert affiliate marketing. He also does courses. You will get the basics to set up your strategy. Plus you can invest some money in his lessons to go deep. There are no obstacles to reach a profit, just follow the right steps and save time. Any small investment required for courses will be repaid in a very short time.

For more blogging tips explore my posts.

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