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Diet for weight loss: tips from a traveler

Explore the world is the most beautiful thing that we can do in our life. This is sure, but to get more benefits we need to open our minds and to forget our habits. Why? Because we need to keep in touch with local traditions and cultures while we visit a new place. To know better a country we have to live all the possible experiences, including food tasting. What’s better than a traditional recipe to learn about local people and their lifestyle. Well, how to manage the diet for weight loss? How can we stay healthy and lose weight? This is a bit hard, especially because traditional dishes are so delicious but quite heavy in general. But it is possible to learn how to lose weight while traveling.

Traveling often I can’t follow a precise diet for weight loss and also I don’t have the chance to go to the gym. The reason for my trips is mostly related to my job, so I have meetings with locals and they offer me very good meals. It looks almost impossible to be healthy. How can I say no to a special recipe? I admit it, I like to eat and to taste something new. Then going more times to the same country I start to like some of their traditional dishes and I search for them. This is not good for my body sometimes. So I need a solution. What I need is a diet for weight loss to keep in form.

Diet for weight loss: memories and calories

The most important thing, for me, about travel is the experience lived. I can have good memories of each trip and this is what I want. The attractions, the people, hidden pearls, some special moments. Everything contributes to living a nice time, also food. In this case, I also gain weight easily. Then I have maybe meetings and I stay seated for many hours and I can’t burn calories. Often I move between different countries and I can’t cook by myself for many reasons. So a diet for weight loss has not many chances to find space in my life. At least when I am out of the home.

diet for weight loss

To act better for my health, I try to follow some simple steps. It looks like a strategy, but it is just a few rules. Yes, I can take care of my body and health only by paying attention to my behavior. It’s a type of diet for weight loss, but it is not the only one I use. Let me explain the rules and then I will give you some more tips about my way of losing weight.

Diet for weight loss rules

How to lose weight while traveling? Here you can find the best answer coming from direct experience. Pay attention and follow the steps to succeed. 

1. Eat healthier

Are you having french fries and coke for breakfast at home? I think no. So why have it during your trip? In hotels, they have for sure some fruit. Eat it and you will feel better, your body too. I know, sometimes it’s hard. My breakfast is very basic, in the typical Italian style. But when I go abroad and I see something nice on the breakfast table I need to taste it. It can be raw fish or a sweet cake. Follow the rule, help me to not gain weight. Especially because the other day meals are part of work meetings. In that case, it’s harder to say no if someone wants to offer a traditional dish.

2. Drink water

During the day it is important to stay hydrated. Not with caffeine or alcohol. Neither with soda. Prefer something light and healthy. Water is always welcome by your body. You have to put liquid inside, not to kill your organism. Keep in mind: dehydration is worse than stress and jet lag. That’s why you have to drink all day long. Generally, you can easily find small bottles of water. Especially if you go to visit important attractions. It’s full of bars and water sellers around.

3. Walk or run

Sightseeing can be funny. Not only because of the art and architecture but because you can explore the place. Don’t use public transports or taxis. If the distance isn’t so huge, walk, or even run. It is like a workout and it helps to lose weight, the one you accumulated in your meals.

4. Do exercises

Your hotel hasn’t a gym so you can’t do anything. Hey, this is an excuse. You have a lot of exercises to do by yourself. So if the outside is raining, just stay in the room and do it. You can also wake up a little bit earlier to do it. What? You don’t know anything to do for your body. It’s plenty of applications for your smartphone. They will guide you as a trainer. Everything easy and free.

5. Be regular

When I travel I have a very busy schedule, but going into meetings helps me to plan the meals. Also because the people I visit have their meal habits. So I never skip lunch and dinner. The problem can be the hour, at least compared to my Italian habit, but this is part of the travel. I suggest you to not skip breakfast and to eat regularly during your holiday. For your body is important.

6. Move around the airport

If you go in advance, you shouldn’t seat. At least not for a lot of time. Walk, stay active. Your body needs it. Then the chairs are usually not so comfortable. This helps your diet for weight loss.

7. Pay attention to calories

Changing the country you find another hour, another currency, but calories are always the same. The value is equal. Try to avoid certain foods, especially on planes. Search for healthier products. Consider cereal, dried fruit. Taste what you like, but be careful, and don’t eat too many heavy dishes.

8. Be careful about the cocktail hour

If you go around for work like me, it is normal to attend some small parties. Or maybe to have a cocktail with other people after work or working. That’s great. Don’t drink too much, try to avoid alcohol. Don’t focus on the drink, but on networking. You will succeed in your work and you will keep the body healthier.

The diet for weight loss is mainly about rules.

How to act with the diet for weight loss

Follow the tips about how to lose weight while traveling. There are a lot of ways to follow a diet for weight loss. But the most important thing is to fix the rules. Don’t make them hard, because you won’t respect them. For example, decide to eat healthier or just to eat less. Put limits on the quantity of food. Because traveling you need the energy to go around. But you don’t need to be heavy. Otherwise, you will sleep and you will miss the visits. The real diet for weight loss is voluntary. Then you can add something that will help you to lose weight.

diet for weight loss

Rules must be clear, so when you start a diet for weight loss, you decide, you know what is it, and you have to do it. Without exceptions. Are you going to exclude potatoes? Never eat them. What I am saying? A diet helps you to be healthier, but only if you follow it strictly. If you think that traveling will make it hard, maybe you should think about starting it. It will be unuseful.  It’s like a trip. Do it if you like, if you feel good, otherwise, don’t do it.

Never Cheat

Since the diet for weight loss works only if you do it without exceptions, you can’t cheat. You won’t cheat the diet but yourself. Is this something smart? If you want to know how to lose weight while traveling, you need to be honest and fix your goals.

Cook for yourself

When you travel surely you are used to going to restaurants. This is normal, but there is a chance to cook. If you rent an apartment or a house, you can easily do it. Also because meals are not included in the rent. Go to a grocery and buy the ingredients. In this way, you can eat more healthily.

Plan your trip

Of course, you always prepare for your journey before leaving. Are you going to check the food traditions? Maybe not. It is not common. But it is useful. If you want to follow a diet for weight loss, you need to be prepared. Why? Because if you want to taste something, you can decide if it fits your diet or not. Check the dishes and their ingredients, so you will be able to accept or refuse, to order or not certain food.

Share with your travel mates

Are you traveling with someone else? Inform them about your diet. I am not telling you to explain it, but just to make them aware you are on a diet. Because you need to plan your meals to answer to your needs without obliging them to eat the same food. Let them free to choose from. Never force others to follow your diet for weight loss. It’s yours.

Food and transfers

Your trip includes some transfer on planes, buses, trains and so on. In all the situations, waiting in airports and stations, or being on board you won’t find healthy food. That’s why you have to put in your backpack or suitcase something prepared by yourself. So you will be sure about the quality and you will continue your diet without any problems.

Food preparation

For your health, you have to take care of the quality of the ingredients. So if you want to keep your diet for weight loss, eat only the dishes made in front of your eyes.

My advice

Learn how to lose weight while traveling using the best solution. I already wrote it, I am a traveler and I go around to the world mainly for work reasons. This means to be engaged in meetings and with not much time for visits and to organize my meals. Also, I like to taste traditional food, so my diet for weight loss is without rules. It is not a diet. So, how can I solve the problem? How can I keep my shape or lose weight? I use another system that helps me to stay more healthy and to fix my fat belly. You want to know it, maybe because you think that my tips are useful, but it will hard to create and follow strict rules.

diet for weight loss

Before revealing my recipe, let me give you some more advice. First of all, if you feel not be able to follow a diet during the journey, don’t do it. It’s better because if you apply the rules only sometimes you won’t get any benefit. Also, you can make damages. And don’t focus only on food, you can’t ruin your holiday only because of diet. It doesn’t make sense. You need good memories. You have to explore the place. There are other things than meals. Travel is made of many things.

Diet for weight loss and local cuisine

Local cuisine is certainly a cultural experience that you have to live in. Why limit it? The food expresses the main aspects of the country, so why don’t you go deep into gastronomy? There is always time for a diet. Sometimes joking I say, maybe you know this thing, I will start on Monday. Who knows what Monday?!?!

You can also ask experts to help you to find a proper diet for weight loss, but I say don’t do it. Forget it while you travel. Of course, this works easily if you travel once per year, if you do like me, you need to follow my other tips. Yes, you will need my alternative. Because I spend a lot of time out of the house and this makes it impossible to be in form without help and diet for weight loss.

Diet for weight loss: the flat belly fix system

Now it is the moment to tell you about the method I use to lose the weight I gain during my trips. This type of diet for weight loss is easy. It doesn’t require effort and also it can be done during the trips. You can lose 1 lb per day. If you use it, you won’t renounce to any food. It’s good and all that you have to do is to drink it. Ok, your curiosity is now very high and I am going to explain something more.

I found Alpha Nation. They have many different programs to help people to lose weight and to keep the body in form. Since my problem was to gain weight during my trips, I wanted to recover easily and fastly my shape. How to do it without the gym and a strict diet? It’s hard, but then I have read about their Flat Belly Fix System. They promise to lose 1 lb a day for 21 days. Without any effort. I thought that was just marketing. But I made research online, discovering the power of Cayenne Pepper. This is the magical ingredient.

Diet for weight loss and Cayenne Pepper

I won’t go too technical, because I am not that expert too, but The Flat Belly Fix System uses this way. They consider the scientific fact that the white fat can become like the fuel for a car. Meanwhile, the brown fat works like the engine for the car. In this case, thanks to uncoupling proteins, it is possible to burn fat and sugar. The goal is to uncouple brown fat mitochondria. Cayenne Pepper helps this process and makes it faster. Anyway, there is a problem. It is very spicy, so it’s hard to eat it.

The Flat Belly Fix System propose a similar spice, with the same features, but a bit less spicy. You can use it while you drink your tea in the morning. It works very well. I admit that the taste is not the best one, but it is great. I had the desired benefits. This spice transforms the bad fat into Good fat, or better in energy ready to be used and burnt. Day after day the belly becomes flat. This is my new diet for weight loss. I can easily lose weight got with the delicious traditional food around the world.

The Flat Belly Fix System: diet for weight loss

Your question now is surely this one: what is the system? How does it work? I explained briefly the mechanism, but now I am going to tell you what Alpha Nation gives to you. The experts give you a guide with the unique techniques you have to follow step by step. They explain how to use the ancient spice, combined with the tea. The important thing concern the rapid weight loss system. They offer the Flat Belly Fix Tea, to be prepared in the kitchen. In a few minutes, it will be ready and your body will become…sexy.

The ancient spice substitute. You can drink it when you want everywhere. This will be your travel diet. You will prepare your tea all around the world and eat whatever you want. I invite you to visit the website of The Flat Belly Fix System to know more and go deep into the opportunity. You can satisfy all your curiosities and start to lose weight. I am sure you will be satisfied as I am now using it.

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  1. I usually give up on keeping track of my diet when traveling. It feels too much of thinking.

  2. I did it too in the past, especially when I was traveling to Turkey and Balkans (the food there is so delicious). But spending a lot of time abroad, if I do that, I need to reserve two seats on planes. That’s why I think about it and I found a solution.

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