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Luxury shopping in Rome

Luxury shopping in Rome

It is a short guide for travelers who are searching for luxury shopping in Rome. In the post, you find advice also about the most trendy bars in the city.

certosa di pavia

Certosa di Pavia: 16 reasons to visit this beautiful place

Certosa di Pavia: an ancient monastery that shows one of the best combinations of art and architecture of Italy. Read the post and get inspired.

Italian Fine Art

Italian fine art: 1 cool way to discover Italy. Make your trip more amazing

Italian fine art: discover deeply the history and art of Italy. Get my tips and visit galleries and exhibitions. You will improve your Italian tour experience

8 enjoy autumn in italy, traveling to italy in autumn, autumn in italy, autumn in italy images,

8 enjoy Autumn in Italy: the best reasons to see it

The best season to visit Italy is Autumn because of events, prices, and much more. Discover the 8 reasons to enjoy Autumn in Italy and get all my tips to plan a visit. Plus watch foliage photos and videos.

Hundred horizons in Asolo

Hundred horizons in Asolo

Hundred horizons in Asolo with marvelous landscapes. The mountain setting and its view from the fortress. Get advice for your trip

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