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This page includes all my articles and guides about the travel destinations I have visited. Step by step I add posts to share my experience and to help you. Yes, here you can read my review and get inspired. If you are searching for an idea for travel or some information about a place, you will find the answers.

You just need to scroll down and browse continent by continent and countries in alphabetical order. There are details about the history, attractions and much more. But not only, but you will also find my impressions. The goal of the articles is to give you concrete support to live a better experience around the world.

I am writing keeping in mind different needs, that is why the contents include luxury and budget trips. Then you will get information about the culture, people, local life… Everything you want to know.

Plus there are curiosities, facts, and news that will help you to know better the countries. If you are a traveler you can benefit from all the types of information. Explore a place is not only to go around between museums and attractions. This means to get in touch with locals, to know more about their life, some history, how the local society is growing. Anyway, I will update the blog with different contents and you will choose the ones of your interests.


Here there are the continents and the countries. Focus on the continent you want to explore, then find the country and click on it. You will access the list of the articles I wrote about destinations I have visited in that country. 

Once the page of the country will open you will see titles and excerpts of the articles, so you will have only to click the one you want to read and proceed. 

I try to be complete in my guides, but if you want some other detail of personal impression do not hesitate to contact me. Use the contact form or send me an email with your questions and I will be happy to answer and to tell you more about my direct experience.

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I have more articles to write and also more places to visit. So if you don’t find the country you plan to see, stay tuned. I am going to add more posts. Trip after trip.

I suggest you surf the content to get inspired. You may find some ideas or some inspiration to organize a journey. My tips can be useful also to plan your travel. I have a good number of destinations that are increasing. Traveling often I can write something new every week, so this page will never remain the same and there will be more countries. 

Then check out the other sections to read specific reviews. I write also about hotels, restaurants, transports, and all that I try during my trips. In this case, you have the chance to have a complete overview. Not only to see a country but also to get advice on choosing accommodation or a place where to eat. My travel blog becomes your travel mate. 

If you want to share something after your visits, feel free to do it. I will be happy to read them and through comments, you can leave your impressions on a destination. It will be useful as updates to inform other readers.

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